Second Mecca conference held in Baghdad in order to effectuate the first paragraphs of the conference, which has remained a dead letter

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Second Mecca conference held in Baghdad in order to effectuate the first paragraphs of the conference, which has remained a dead letter

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BAGHDAD - Iraq Press - February 21: A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on Tuesday, "A delegation from the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs held today a series of discussions and official consultations with the General Secretariat of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in Jeddah in preparation for the Mecca Conference second Pencchth after first it was held under the auspices of the OIC in 2006 between the scholars and clerics , both Sunni and Shiite, in which the parties involved Maaraf adopted at the time (b Mecca document).

He said ministry spokesman, Ahmad Jamal, in a press statement, said that " the Iraqi Foreign conducted Magesat with the General Secretariat of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation on the holding of Mecca II Conference, it was agreed to take place in Baghdad , " adding, "it was agreed that the main objective of the conference is the second Pencchth to activate and develop the decisions of the first Conference of Mecca in order to achieve societal reconciliation generally terrorism within the framework of the new law and the political system , "he described.

It is said that the Mecca document was signed at the conclusion of a conference held on Friday night / Saturday 21-20-2006 in Mecca next to the Haram al - Sharif and included senior Sunni and Shiite religious leaders in Iraq on the initiative of the Organization of the Islamic Conference , represented by the Islamic Fiqh Academy , where he was during the meeting , the signing of the text of the document Mecca targeting Muslims for bloodshed in Iraq and the consequent "sectarian strife" and acts of "displacement and intimidation."

The text of the document Mecca at the end of the first conference in 2006, which did not do and has remained a dead letter:

First: The Muslim is the witness that there is no God is not God and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, which this certificate Iasm blood and money and honor only the right and on the account of God. That includes all of the Sunnis and Shiites, and commonalities between the two sects times the areas of difference and its causes. The difference between the two doctrines wherever it exists is a difference of opinion and interpretation and not essential differences of faith , nor in the pillars of Islam. It may not be religiously for one of the two has to atone none of the other sect. To tell the Messenger of Allah , peace be upon him , "he said of his brother , O faithless lost B by one" may not be legally condemn the doctrine of some of his followers because of crimes.

Second , the blood of Muslims and property and honor them is haram. God said , "And whoever kills a believer intentionally , his recompense is Hell to abide therein , and the wrath of God upon him and prepared for him a great punishment" Prophet , peace be upon him, said "every Muslim is a Muslim haram blood and money and honor , " and it is not permissible exposure to a Shia Muslim or Sunni death or abuse, or intimidation or aggression on his property or incitement to none of it, or force him to leave his country or place of residence, or taking of hostages kidnapped from his family because of his creed or doctrine and who does it acquitted him of all Muslims edema mentors and scholars and common folk.

Third: the sanctity of places of worship. They include mosques and Shiite mosques and places of worship of non - Muslims. It should not be violated or confiscated or taken a haven for acts against Islam and must be that these places remain in the hands of their owners and re them what had raped them and all that pursuant to rule jurisprudence Muslim when doctrines all that "Endowments what Achtrth owners" and that "standing requirement as text street . " The rule that "conventionally known Kalparwt condition."

Fourth: The crimes committed on sectarian identity , as is happening in Iraq is corruption in the earth , which God forbade him and his wife in the verse , "and if he sought in the ground for mischief therein and destroy crops and cattle , and Allah does not love corruption" and not embrace the doctrine, whatever it may be, justified killed or committed aggression even some of his followers something that requires punishment as "no bearer of burdens shall bear another."

Fifth , you must stay away from raising sensitivities and differences sectarian, ethnic, geographical, linguistic, and should refrain from name - calling and the launch of the offensive qualities of each party to the other, the Quran describe such behavior as depravity he says , "not Tlmzoa yourselves nor Tnabzoa titles evil name fornication after faith and does not repent , they are the wrong - doers. "

Sixth: It must stick with it and do not waste it, unity, cohesion and cooperation in righteousness and piety , and this requires the face of every attempt to shred the Almighty said , "The believers are brothers , " he said , "and this is your nation one and I am your Lord Vatqon" It is appropriate , it should be precaution all Muslims from attempts to corrupt including the construction of classrooms and the creation of sedition for corrupting the souls of some on others.

Seventh: The Muslims of the Sunni and Shiite Aoun for the oppressed Lloyd on the unjust, working words of Almighty God , "Allah enjoins justice and kindness , and kinsfolk , and forbids indecency and evil and oppression admonishes you may recall , " and for that must work to end the grievances, particularly the release of innocent kidnappers and hostages Muslims and non - Muslims. And return the displaced to their places of origin.

Eighth: Scientists Iraqi government recalled its duty to establish security and protect the Iraqi people and provide a decent life for him in all denominations and sects, and the administration of justice between his sons, and the most important means the release of innocent detainees and bring from the right forensic evidence to prompt and fair trial and the implementation of its verdict, and Business strictly to the principle of equality among citizens.

Ninth: scientists from the Sunni and Shiite supports all efforts and initiatives to achieve comprehensive national reconciliation in Iraq pursuant to the Almighty , saying , "The Magistrate good" and said : "Help ye one another in righteousness and piety" .xa: Sunni and Shi'a Muslims will thus stand as one to preserve Iraq 's independence, unity and territorial integrity ; and the achievement of the free will of the people; and contributing to the construction of military, economic and political abilities and work to end the occupation and the restoration of cultural and civilizational role of Arab, Islamic and humanitarian Iraq.

She concluded the document as "the signatories to this document , scientists claim to scholars of Islam in Iraq and abroad, to support the contents of the statement, and abide by, and urged Muslims in Iraq on it. We ask God in his own land, to preserve the religion and that all Muslims believe in their home countries, and that Iraq is a Muslim out of his plight and end days calamities that befell his family temptation, and makes it a shield for the Nation of Islam in the face of its enemies. And Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds" . Ended O.h


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