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Meetings of the Council agenda Sticky

Post  Admin on Thu Feb 23, 2017 9:34 am

The meeting's agenda No. (12) Thursday 23 February 2017
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First, read verses from the Koran.

Second: The vote on the formation of the interim parliamentary committee about the port of Khor Abdullah.

Third: the first reading of the proposed first amendment to the Political Parties Law, Law No. (36) for the year 2015.

(Legal Committee, the Committee on civil society institutions). (3 items).

Fourth: the first reading of the bill abolishing the dissolved Revolutionary Command Council Resolution Act (1631) for the year 1980.

(Legal Committee). (2 items).

Fifth: the Health and Environment Committee 's report on radioactive contamination in the slaughter area and thirst (Pacific) market.

Sixth: an oral question addressed to the Minister of Oil. (MP Abdul Kahar Samurai).

Seventh: The questioning of the prime CMC. (MP Hanan al).

Eighth: report and discuss the draft provincial elections law and district councils.

(Legal Committee, the Committee of the Regions and governorates not organized in a region). (Article 53).

Ninth: quarterly activity report of the Integrity Committee.

Session starts at: eleven in the morning.


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Re: Meetings of the Council agenda Sticky

Post  Admin on Thu Feb 23, 2017 9:48 am

House Lehne read the bills and postpone the questioning of the prime media and communications
In February 23.2017 65 Views

He ended the House of Representatives at its twelfth ordinary, which was held under the chairmanship of Dr. Salim al-Jubouri, head of the Council and in the presence of 219 deputies on Thursday, 02/23/2017, the first reading of two bills, while futures questioning the President of the media and communications.

At the outset of the session MP Abdul Kahar Samarrai, read out a statement alive the victories of the Iraqi army to liberate the land from Conception organize Daesh terrorist expressing his pride the martyrs of Iraq, including the martyr First Lieutenant Abu Bakr Abbas al-Samarrai, who triumphed over his executioners and Arabhm Bahamth proud, pointing out that despite the difficult circumstances Abe martyr al-Samarrai, but continues to perform his duties at the border guards and refused to leave until the mission was kidnapped and his throat in Nikhaib.

Also he delivered MP Mohammad Naji statement ZF where the martyrdom of Abu Taha Nazareth Gen X is in the popular crowd in the ongoing battle against terrorism, stressing continue to sacrifice for Iraq.

The Board voted to approve the proposal of President al-Jubouri, the nomination of six MPs from the committees on Foreign Relations, services and legal, as well as three deputies representing the province of Basra to the membership of the interim parliamentary committee about the Khawr Abd Allah channel after he was refused a proposal to form a committee comprising 29 members.

The Board completed the first reading of the proposed first amendment to the Political Parties Law, Law No. (36) for the year 201 and provided legal committees and civil society organizations in order to make way for a larger segment of the community to participate in political work and the embodiment of the principle of personal punishment and to ensure equitable distribution of the financial aid granted by the State to political parties to maintain the independence of the independent Electoral Commission.

For his part, Mr. President of the Council drew the committees of civil society and legal institutions to take into consideration the comments and proposals submitted on the proposed law before it is submitted for the second reading.

It ended the first reading of a bill abolishing the dissolved Revolutionary Command Council Resolution Act (1631) for the year 1980 and presented by the Legal Committee.

In another matter, President al-Jubouri decided based on the consent of the MP Hanan al Her motion to question Mr. Safa al-Din spring head of the CMC to postpone the questioning absentee process to the session on Thursday, March 9 for not attending a meeting today in order to keep the measures taken by the Council and not challenged, stressing the legitimacy direct the Council to exempt any executive in the event of his absence for interrogation session.

After that began MP Fatlawi Introduction questioning request questions about asking interrogators inquired about the reasons not to provide any official to hold a license for mobile phone companies in 2007 despite demands from the tax department to deliver a copy of it and the reasons for non-payment of the three companies for mobile phone amounts licenses, amounting to more than a billion dollars and procedures and taxes and delay penalties owed by companies since 2007.

The MP Hanan al voiced no objection to the proposals of some MPs to postpone the interrogation process, noting that the absence of the questioner for the meeting that will be determined will make fixed guilty.

Prior to the decision to postpone the questioning Mr. Speaker stressed assume the presidency of the Council for a book from the media and communications indicates that the head of the body is going through a health crisis forced the track to travel outside Iraq and had surgery and was still lying in the hospital so far and is ready to attend the interrogation if he recovered and returned to the country .

Mr. Jubouri to draw that interrogation is the trial and the right of the interrogator to defend himself and could be tried in absentia, explaining that the presidency of the Council inquiries to the Federal Court made not to attend the interrogator and the interrogator of office of acting without being voted on in the Council

For its part said MP Hanan al on the legal non-starter for the book sent from the CMC being linked to the Council of Representatives and the vacation for President of the Commission on the approval of the President of the House of Representatives, pointing to the existence of formal aspects of the book of the media and communications.

Turn between Mr. Torhan Mufti representative of the Council of Ministers that the President of the CMC is in a state satisfactory emergency, a proposal to postpone the questioning session for the President of the Commission with bringing all necessary archives to prove his illness if his presence-to-date new questioning, pointing out that the head of the CMC agency is highly Director Public .

Then I decided to health and environment committee Cancel read the report on radioactive contamination in the slaughter area and thirst (Pacific) market, after the establishment of the executive bodies to address pollution days ago.

Regarding the question of oral submitted by MP Abdul Kahar Samurai Mr. Kazim Laibi Oil Minister, Mr. President of the Council pointed out that the Oil Minister sent a letter to the House of Representatives apologize it for the audience to ask oral directed him to its association with a session of the Energy Committee, noting that he will select a new deadline and Mr. oil Minister commitment to attend.

Council and began reading the report and discuss the draft election provincial councils and district and submitted by the legal committees and regions and governorates not organized in a region on the law to be completed in a session on Saturday.

In the interventions of the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives MP Riad Ghraib district councils that have become redundant rings in the provinces, which requires resolved in the absence of the possibility of a constitutional cancel, calling to be a member of the provincial council he obtained a bachelor's degree.

He MP Ammar Tohme to the importance of providing opportunities emerging political forces to enter the sources contributing to the decision and conduct reform and change and work to ensure the distribution of seats according to the system to achieve equal opportunities for participants.

He pointed deputy Niyazi Oglu that reduce members of the provincial councils will affect the work of the committees in the Council.

I suggest MP Ahmad electrodes to apply multiple departments election system in the province to achieve justice in the representation of citizens.

MP Hassan Turan pointed out that the percentage of St. Lego law proposed rate would weaken the representation of small lists, calling for the integration of provincial elections, elections of the House of Representatives to time constraints.

For his part, MP Ahmad al-Jubouri ruled out the possibility of holding elections in Nineveh province during the current circumstances, and expressed his support to reduce the number members of the provincial councils in accordance with the mechanism agreed upon and determine the age of the candidate for 25 years.

MP Mahmoud Reda to be right for the House of Representatives in consultation with the Council of Ministers and the Electoral Commission to postpone the provinces and the province and district council elections, and urged that minorities be a separate log for records of voters and that one time the public and private voting.

She suggested that the MP Birwan Khilani resorting to electronic voting in the elections and to rely on the national card in the voting process.

He called Mezni Mazen to form a special committee for the elections under the control of the House of Representatives and submit periodic reports on the elections.

The MP said that the music of Alhmosa inadmissibility of the extension of the election will affect them, which requires the development of specific conditions for an extension.

She suggested the MP Sabah al-Tamimi Cancel district councils after he canceled a bill boards respects.

He noted Attorney Joseph Salioh that the bill in its current form is unfair to smaller parties being dependent mechanism ascertains interests, calling for making Iraq a single constituency.

Then decide to adjourn the meeting on Saturday, 25.02.2017.
The information department
Iraqi Council of Representatives


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