Consultant Abadi: next month will be resolved dues Contractors Exchange

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Consultant Abadi: next month will be resolved dues Contractors Exchange

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Since 26.02.2017 at 11:09 (Baghdad time)

Confirmed economic advisor to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, Sunday, that some of the projects delusional retard dues Contractors Exchange, noting that next month will settle the matter.

Saleh said, L / balance News /, said that "Contractors rights are protected and reserved for the government," stressing that "the state is keen on their rights."

He said economic adviser, that "the delay in financial dues Contractors Exchange, due to the lack of scrutiny of the previous construction is completed," pointing to "the existence of fake Contracting, in Baghdad and various provinces last year."

He stressed favor, that "the next two weeks will be resolving the issue of contractors, and the payment of their dues."

The past few days the protests and demonstrations in a number of provinces carried out by a number of contractors due to delays in disbursement of dues by the government more than two years, although their achievement all the projects assigned to them.

Dozens of contractors today in front of the Green Zone in central Baghdad to protest the lack of Msthakathm.anthy 29 / A 43 Exchangeمستشار-العباديالشهر-المقبل-سيتم-حسم-صرف-مستحقات-المقاولين


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