The meeting's agenda No. (14) Monday 27 February 2017

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The meeting's agenda No. (14) Monday 27 February 2017

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In February 27.2017

First, read verses from the Koran.

Second: The vote on the proposal of the Fourth Amendment to the law of the Journalists' Syndicate Law No. (178) for the year 1969. (Committee on Culture and Information, the Committee on civil society organizations, the Legal Committee), (9 items).

Third, report and discuss the bill to cancel the Revolutionary Command Council Resolution Act (dissolved) No. (1631) for the year (1980). (Legal Committee), (2 items).

Fourth: oral question addressed to the President of the board of integrity. (MP Hanan al).

Fifth: The general topic for discussion about the abuses taking place on the property and state lands. (MP Nazem al-Saadi).

Sixth: quarterly activity report of the Integrity Committee.

Seventh: quarterly activity report of the Commission on Higher Education and Scientific Research.

Session starts at: eleven in the morning.جـــــــدول-اعمـــال-الجلســـــة-رق-13/


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Re: The meeting's agenda No. (14) Monday 27 February 2017

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House of Representatives voted to amend the law of the Journalists ' Syndicate and the hosts head of the Integrity Commission

House of Representatives voted at its fourteenth regular, which was held under the chairmanship of Dr. Salim al-Jubouri, head of the Council and in the presence of 175 deputies on Monday, 02/27/2017, on the Fourth Amendment to the Law of the Journalists' Syndicate and finished the second reading of the law, in addition to hosting the President of the Commission on Public Integrity to answer oral questions.

At the outset of the meeting President al-Jubouri confirmed the exposure the House from time to time for the campaign to diminish and scalable legislative role and oversight, explaining that what is traded on the nominal salary of a member of the House of Representatives is nothing but fabrications media, noting that a member of the House of Representatives of PhDs was paid based on Resolution 333 salary nominally reach 4 million and the allocation of 100% and receive 9.22 million dinars and master's 8.222 million dinars Higher Diploma 7 million dinars and 422,000 dinars and a bachelor at 7.022 million dinars and the campaign Institute certificate 6000622 and the campaign of junior high 6.222 million dinars.

Mr. Speaker, and pointed out that the objection received the distinction between the House of Representatives and the decision came 282 were deducted ratios related assignments from 50 to 45% and totaled a net salary for MPs now after reduction and equal testimony to 7.2 million dinars, according to a dedicated budget for 2017 and without any increase salaries, noting that the number of holds a doctorate degree from the ladies and gentlemen of the House of Representatives and 46 deputy campaign master's degree and a certificate of 39 deputies Higher Diploma five deputies and a BA 177 deputies and 19 deputies certification Institute graduates of junior high school and 42 deputies.

Mr. President of the Council pointed out that the Presidency has received requests on topics several of them irregularities within the Integrity Commission and solving Council Muthanna province and the abolition of all positions and appointments that took place according to political quotas and the formation of an audit committee of state funds and the subject of a trench and the wall of Baghdad and recommendations on displaced persons and evaluate the performance of the institutions Alhhdeddae, prisoners and other alluding that the requests have been forwarded to the relevant parliamentary committees in order to resolve them.

Council finished voting on the proposal of the Fourth Amendment to the law Journalists Syndicate No. (178) for the year 1969
submitted by the committees of culture, media and civil society institutions and legal to modify some of which included the journalists from the provisions of the law and to make them consistent with the new and responsive legal system to the requirements of modernity and aspirations of journalists, and the organization of administrative and legal conditions in accordance with the contents of journalistic work and organization in the Arab and international unions.

Council completed a report and discuss the bill to cancel the Revolutionary Command Council Resolution Act (dissolved) No. (1631) for the year (1980) and sponsored by the Legal Committee.

In the interventions of the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives on the bill MP Najiba Najib confirmed the presence of the resolutions of the Council of the dissolved Revolutionary Command relating to the governorate of Kirkuk and farmland need to be presented to the Council for its abolition.

He MP Abbas al-Bayati said Iraq is passing through a difficult circumstance security testifies for thefts and robberies noting that the cancellation of the decision needs to be clarified in the case includes severe penalties being or not being in need to such sanctions.

The MP pointed out that the Muthana Amin theft in Islamic jurisprudence to Atcod the death penalty and such a violation of the law of sanctions adding that severe punishment who did not get to the point penalty.

MP Mutashar al-Samarrai presented the resolution to the Committee on the legitimacy competent to issue a decision in this regard.

He noted MP Mohammad Taqi Mawla to the existence of doctrinal texts and one among Sunnis and Shiites relating to theft and corruption on earth.

He said MP Ammar Tohme that autocracy has ruled the social and deed his last judgment, noting that the interest of the community takes precedence over the individual interest.

She drew MP Ghaida Kmbh that Iraqi law did not resort to the implementation of this resolution, which requires overturn it being a violation of the constitution and Islamic principles.

In its reply to the interventions relevant committee confirmed and should be abolished dissolved Revolutionary Command Council resolutions and in accordance with the Constitution, noting that the Legal Committee holds committee mini addressed all ministries to confine the dissolved laws for the purpose of abolition, adding that Iraq is going through the conditions of security difficult requires the adoption of tough laws to combat thefts, indicating that stay or cancel the decision is up to the House of Representatives.

In another matter, President al-Jubouri, welcomed the guests of the meeting of the top students in the Faculty of Law and Political Science Iraqi university.

For his part, President of the Board directed the relevant committee to resume debate resumes Parwq Aleghanton and submit the final version to vote

This was followed by the Attorney Niazi architecture statement alleviate the suffering of motorists between Tuz Khurmatu and the road to Baghdad appealed because of the backwardness in the checkpoints for long hours under the pretext despite Report competent authorities unsuccessfully to meet tax wages of goods, surprising the government's inability to find a mechanism to facilitate Ansabih walk without delay citizens, demanding the House of Representatives set up a committee to enlighten the facts and the Ministry of Construction and Housing to rehabilitate roads and service projects.

Mr. President of the Council and expressed his thanks to broach the subject, Muaza and defense committee and competent executive and security committees to follow up the subject being the practice of extortion and Ataaot citizens of operations.

Mr. President of the Council noted that the Presidency will determine the evening hours of interrogation requests while maintaining the schedule in coordination with the executive.

In another matter, the Council hosted Mr. Hassan Yasiri, head of the Integrity Commission to answer an oral question by MP Hanan al.

President al-Jubouri and welcomed in the name of the House of Representatives, Mr. Chairman of the Integrity Commission to attend the meeting to answer the question as a single oral supervisory practices contained in the rules of procedure in order to question about a specific topic.

The MP Hanan al inquired about the fate of the Ministry of Defence files, and the resolution of the investigation regarding the licensing rounds Online Oil Company as well as the action on the abolition of the economic committees of some parties.

In replying to the President of the Commission on Public Integrity he said that his presence was a desire from him, despite the reservation to answer any verbal question that the point of the body of investigative work under the supervision of the judiciary to investigate issues of confidentiality, adding that the legal forms existing in the presence of the House of Representatives session, especially given that the Integrity Commission resolved within a year in 2016 more than 18,000 communication News and hauling more than 8600 cases and more than two thousand accused to justice.

And between Mr. Yasiri Integrity Commission referred the after irregularities and Department of Defense contracts with Samsung's in-depth study of the monument communication system and the contract with Bulgaria on the import of automatic weapons and the cause of the plane loaded with weapons and contract carriers signed with the Ukrainian company to the judiciary and the investigation is still going on about it.

And the head of the Integrity Commission that the news reported to the Integrity Commission on suspicion of corruption relating to a transaction concluded by the Southern Oil Company had no relation to the rounds licenses, prompting the body integrity to move and the investigation of the case by the judiciary in the province of Basra, which may dismiss the claim for non-conviction information explaining that the body formed an investigative team with oil company and request permission to inspect the company's headquarters in Baghdad and after the inspection did not find an impact and the team is still deeply engaged on the completion of the investigation in cooperation with Interpol, noting that the Commission addressed the United Nations to help them send experts international investigation in order to reach some international information, as experts are still pursuing investigations into Australia and Monaco.

And between Mr. Yasiri field teams problem of the Integrity Commission sort of problem faced in some ministries by the economic committees of some parties, noting that the members of the economic committees of the parties in the ministries is a ghost can not uncover them not to leave any evidence indicating that the Integrity Commission was unable to find a legal basis which allows for the integrity Commission accountable members of the economic committee, which invited us to demand that all parties to cancel the economic commissions, indicating that the integrity Commission submitted a proposal to Mr. Prime Minister and includes modifying the political parties law to allow for the election commission to take a pledge of the political parties not to acquire them economic committees and the integrity to follow up party body in the future.

For its part, said the MP Fatlawi the answer on the Ministry of Defence files where many contradictions and unacceptable delays which demonstrates that the Integrity Commission and the offices of inspectors of public redundant loops in the body of the state, which requires abolished, noting that some media pointed to the involvement of some senior officials with the company online oil in a large file corruption has not been decided to inquire about the integrity Commission to investigate oil company accused of file characters, indicating that the integrity Commission has not taken any real action on the members of the economic committee of the parties.

In response to the intervention of Mr. Hassan Yassiri he said that the Integrity Commission does not have the jurisdiction on the issues raised in front with the exception of the investigation and inquiry, pointing out that the oil company the issue is still pending before the judiciary under investigation for making the right decision, which is linked to the procedures of the Integrity Commission, referring to the lack of legal cover empowers integrity Commission to pursue members of the economic committee of the parties.

President al-Jubouri, and he thanked the head of the Integrity Commission to attend the parliamentary session concerning oral question.

On the other hand, the Council discussed the abuses taking place on the property and state lands at the request submitted by MP Nazem al-Saadi.

Attorney-Saadi Services Committee Chairman and reconstruction to draw that some property owners have changed the sex of land to residential without the legal regulations and official approvals for the construction of houses and services to these areas, which led to the Ashwayat and overtaking on state property and Baaaha without legal right, stressing the need to activate the laws to limit abuses the private sale and rent sale of state land law, calling for the confiscation of land that has been overrun by without formal approvals and the need to ask the municipal departments and the municipality of Baghdad vacations building by the Urban planning disciplined and accountable land owners who are doing cutting and sale of agricultural land in the wrong way and compel the cabinet issued a decision to solve the problem of squatters on territory.

In the interventions of the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives of quitting MP stressed that some of the squatters were involved control of the properties for the state the property of the former regime's presidential palaces and through the cooperation of some of the staff Real Estate Department with some officials calling for the recovery of land and property of the state.

He called MP Hassan Turan to encourage others not to waive the state property through land titling and work to address the problem of squatters.

MP Mohammad Allkash expansion in the distribution of land to the citizens in order to address the housing crisis and the phenomenon of trespassing on state property.

He noted the MP Hassan Salem that the state is responsible for the spread of slums failure to distribute land to the poor and the families of martyrs, pointing to the importance of legislation strict laws to counter the gangs that trade in land and property of the state.

I suggest MP Mutashar Samurai distribution of land to citizens and the equivalent of giving information about the presence of bypass on state property, as well as issuing a tough resolution against the squatters to deal with irregularities.

The MP pointed out that Joseph Salioh political parties in Iraq was behind the abuses and some of them for the purposes of demographic change.

MP Mahmoud Reza adopt the Commission services and the reconstruction of the proposed law includes addressing violations and abuses recorded.

She noted the MP Sabah al-Tamimi to the existence of obstacles to the work of the Municipality of Baghdad in the sort of land owned by the citizens, calling for the formation of a parliamentary committee to address the problem of abuses.

In turn, Mr. Jubouri face Bandaj Committee on the reported remarks in the report about the abuse on state property.

Then decide to adjourn the meeting on Tuesday, 03.07.2017.

The information department

Iraqi Council of Representatives



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