Frank26 and KTFA Members Early Tuesday Afternoon 2-28-17

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Frank26 and KTFA Members Early Tuesday Afternoon 2-28-17

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Frank26 (From Monday night CC ) Notes Link

10 things that prove Iraq is stepping on INTERNATIONAL ground:

#1 – IBAN...every bank has IBAN numbers – allows them to transfer money in/out

#2 – SWIFT CODES...these numbers...part of the international world

#3 – MASTERCARD...(and Visa)...they are all over the place in Iraq

#4 – CHAPTER 90% gone. The other 10% is the RV of their currency.
#5 – NO PROGRAM RATE on CBI SPREADSHEET...for about 2 months now


#7 – IRAQI STOCK EXCHANGE...keeps proclaiming they are going international

#8 – WTO ASKED THEM TO JOIN...spells international

#9 – finally catching up...(website finally updating)

#10 – bonds...two of them

I just gave you 10 reasons WHY Iraq is international … not counting eDinars.

Here is #11 … which will start the internet to start talking about it.

#11 – INTERNATIONAL AIR STRIKE on SYRIA … Iraq did an air raid across their borders … and we allowed it!



Fenway: Very true JJ! Between this morning's waterfall of news articles (faster than a lava flow) and Frank's revelations last night, we're going at the proverbial speed of light now.

The #11 indication of International given to us by Frank last night is underscored by Walkingstick's several articles this morning on Iraq chasing ISIS over to Syria. They can run but they cannot hide, as Reagan used to say. This is shaping up to be a terrific week for our investment!

Frank26: Good Morning FENWAY ............. BECAUSE IT IS !!! ........... .......... Ask me on tomorrow W CC Why........


James743: Can anyone tell me what significant role Maliki plays in the Monetary Reform?

Frank26: IMO ........... 3 years ago M and o ................ Stole it from and for the rest of the World. History Rerecorded it.


Walkingstick: Switzerland , has repeatedly stated....since 2003... They, will only release, the frozen funds... to, a legitimate government in Iraq.

Notthe1: But,,, Swiss Government .. didn't you listen to Frank's CC last night.. He gave you 11 plus reasons why the GOI is recognized as international. Now isn't that saying we are Legitimate!!!! ImO

Walkingstick: of Iraq , calling for the launch of his money is estimated at one billion dollars frozen in Swiss banks

one hour ago

Twilight News / Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, the Swiss banks to release frozen Iraqi funds has since the seventies of the last century, with an estimated one billion US dollars.

According to a statement issued by the Information Office of Jaafari responded to Twilight News, said last met Didier Burkhaltr Swiss Foreign Minister on the sidelines of the Human Rights Council meetings that are held its business in the Swiss city of Geneva, and discussed with him bilateral relations between Baghdad and Byrne, and ways to consolidate in the framework of strengthening joint cooperation Between the two countries.

Jaafari called on the Swiss side to activate the agreements signed between the two countries in 1977 economic agreement, Switzerland and the opening of an embassy in Baghdad, and demanded the estimated one billion dollars frozen in Swiss banks Iraqi funds.
He stressed that Iraq insists on openness and consolidation of relations, and benefit from the experiences of others, and looks forward to strengthening cooperation in the training of Iraqi diplomats, and to facilitate the granting of visas, "Visa" between Baghdad and Byrne, directed invitation to his counterpart to visit Iraq in the framework of strengthening relations between the two countries, valuing positions Switzerland Besides Iraq, and support.

For his part, Swiss Foreign Minister Didier Burkhaltr: assure our solidarity with Iraq, and we stand with you, and I congratulate the victories achieved and the courage of Iraqis in their war against terrorism, saying: What is important is how the reconstruction of Iraq, and to help achieve security and stability, adding: Switzerland sends humanitarian aid through UN United, we have experts working in the United Nations organizations in Iraq.

And called for the importance of developing a new business plan, economic development, cooperation and investment between the two countries, noting: that the Iraqi delegation that visited Switzerland earlier this year discuss the security cooperation, counter-terrorism, and to increase the security and intelligence coordination which will contribute to facilitate the granting of visas, "Visa" between Switzerland and Iraq.

Jaafari calls his Swiss counterpart to visit Baghdad and asking him to launch frozen funds estimated at one billion dollars

After 13 years .. Iraq Switzerland demanding one billion dollars

Aggiedad77: Let's see if the Swiss will follow through from their end of things....that is something I've see the demands being made for some of this "frozen" money or assets.....but seems we rarely see an announcement of it ever being could sure help Iraq though. Aloha Randy

GreenClan: In my humble opinion......they need to first put on their big boy pants and finish with the MR and become international.........There is still many billions still out there and if they use this as their piggybank, they will drag out the MR and International project.

Don961: From the CC .... for study purposes ....

The government obliges the Ministry of Finance not to fund any contract for the import of materials or devices manufactured in Iraq

The government obliges the Ministry of Finance not to fund any contract for the import of materials or devices manufactured in Iraq

Twilight News

Twilight News / announced to the Economic Affairs Committee of the Iraqi Council of Ministers on Wednesday for forcing the Ministry of Finance not to finance any contract for the import of materials and devices manufactured in the country.

According to a statement issued by the Committee responded to the Twilight News, he said the committee was chaired by Minister of Planning and Salman Jumaili Chairman of the Committee and the membership of ministers (Oil, Finance, Industry and Minerals) and the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq and the head of the national economic investment to the Prime Minister, agents and ministries of planning, trade and industry and minerals.

The statement added that he has discussed during the meeting a number of topics, files and has taken many decisions of an economic and financial nature, which would move the wheel of the Iraqi economy.

The statement pointed out that he was directed Ministries (Planning and Industry and Minerals and internal) on the prevention of the entry of plastic pipe products and objectionable multi Iraqi specifications, in addition to forcing the Ministry of Health to purchase all their requirements of medicines and medical supplies from the General Company for the manufacture of medicines and medical supplies as well as to oblige the Ministry of Finance not to finance any contract for the import of materials or devices manufactured from the outside as it was manufactured in Iraq.

The statement continued that the committee committed by the General Company for Construction Industries creation of laboratories for the production of the pipes as the Ministry of Electricity Commission has committed to purchase all their needs, from Diyala Company and General Orr.

Don961: Looks like Iraq wants to protect and use their own manufacturing capabilities .... and their own products help build and strengthen their own economy ...... Made in Iraq .... for Iraqis .... first .... IMO


Frank26: Don't walk past this again FAMILY ............... Read it.............. Understand it.
Don961: U.S.-backed Iraqi forces close in on IS-held Mosul government buildings

U.S.-backed Iraqi forces on Tuesday battled their way to within firing range of Mosul's main government buildings, a major target in the offensive to dislodge Islamic State militants from their remaining stronghold in the western side of the city.

Terrified civilians were fleeing the fighting, some toward government lines, often under militant fire. Others were forced to head deeper into Islamic State-held parts of the city, straining scarce food and water supplies there.

Iraqi forces captured the eastern side of Mosul in January after 100 days of fighting and launched their attack on the districts that lie west of the Tigris river on Feb. 19.

If they defeat Islamic State in Mosul, that would crush the Iraq wing of the caliphate the group's leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declared in 2014 over parts of Iraq and neighboring Syria. The U.S. commander in Iraq has said he believes U.S.-backed forces will recapture both Mosul and Raqqa - Islamic State's Syria stronghold - within six months.

"The provincial council and the governorate building are within the firing range of the Rapid Response forces," a media officer with the elite Interior Ministry units told Reuters, referring to within machinegun range or about 400 meters (1,300) feet.

Taking those buildings would help Iraqi forces attack the militants in the nearby old city center and would be of symbolic significance in terms of restoring state authority over the city.

U.S.-trained Counter-Terrorism Service (CTS) units battled Islamic State sniper and mortar fire as they moved eastwards through Wadi al-Hajar district to link up with Rapid Response and Federal Police deployed by the riverside, in a move that would seal off all southern access to the city.

SlappySquirrel: wow Frank! only 1,300 feet to go!! Lol, maybe by this afternoon we will be across the street from the center.

Frank26: M and W CC from LAST WEEK and yesterday's M CC said ................ In ABOUT two weeks.

Said last night that 2 weeks ends this coming Friday.

Miles into Feet into Inches ................. IMO ................... Done.

They tell You at THEIR calculated release of info on the enemy.

We are............... By The Grace of God.


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