Prime criticizing the integrity of Parliament: you enactment of laws that support the fight against corruption

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Prime criticizing the integrity of Parliament: you enactment of laws that support the fight against corruption

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The head of the Integrity Commission Hassan al-Yassiri, to the importance of placing national regulators backing of everyone, noting that corruption has become a global scourge threatening the future of the peoples of the whole world, without exception, which makes it imperative for all nourish and support the organs and institutions Almtsidih these serious lesion segments of society.

He Yasiri in a speech initiated by the facts of the educational seminar organized by the Iraqi Academy of anti-corruption in the Commission in collaboration with the University of Baghdad, that "the citizen is the main focus and most importantly in the system of the fight against corruption, warning of turning corruption into a social phenomenon through people abuse him without feeling "pointing out that" countries that desire to fight and eliminate corruption should start from the bottom up and not the other way; because the citizen is the one who has the responsibility to choose the righteous and not others. "

And select Yasiri obstacles which stand in front of the fight against corruption to "the weakness of some of the legal texts Almtsidih for corruption offenses," stressing "the need to emphasize at times, and the introduction of new sanctions required by the circumstances of the country present at other times, as well as other obstacles identified vest positions away from professional and depending on affiliations partisan and the issuance of the amnesty law, although his inclusion on corruption and intercepting body crimes of this paragraph of the specific law, and some Rcn to raise the slogans of the fight against all corruption through the media without a real will to do so, and try some uncles recipe corruption at all state institutions and their employees, without exception. " .

The head of the Integrity Commission the fight against corruption to be followed mechanisms, noting that it "may be social, such as the need for the inauguration of the righteous without other government positions and attention to educational and awareness aspects and to develop programs to fortify the community of defilements corruption, addressing the clergy and employers platforms for mischief through awareness Bouktarham imminent on the future country, "pointing out that" the legal aspects that contribute to the fight against corruption must be poured in to support regulatory, not a claim solve them, and to find legal provisions to ensure deter spoilers and squatters on public money, "and put an end to disregard some of this money, which should be Massana; being people's money ".anthy 29 / d 24رئيس-النزاهة-منتقدا-البرلمان-عليكم-بتشريع-القوانين-التي-تدعم-مكافحة-الفساد/سياسية


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