Randy Koonce Update 3-1-17

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Randy Koonce Update 3-1-17

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Randy Koonce Update

Randy Koonce To Wayne How are you makin it. Wayne

I am adding a date to archive.. Wednesday, March 1, 2017

How is Everyone in Dinarland Makin' It? I bring you greetings from the Nigerian beaches, where I am baking in the sun, because I did win a mountain of money in the Nigerian lottery.

However, because the exchange rate is so low, I am stuck here, drinking coffee because that's all I can afford, and waiting on the Dinar to revalue so I can go home. I have not sent out an updated report in a while because I have been waiting for another good window to open up.
It looks like we may finally have one. If you have been watching reports from other gurus in Dinarland, you know by now that everyone seems to be gathering on the same page, once again. I want you to know that it does appear that conditions are coming together that are favorable for the RV to occur, hopefully for the last time.

My various contacts are all telling me the same thing. We are very, very, very close right now. I would encourage you, before accepting any guru's announcement of a revaluation, to take the time to check at CBI.IQ to confirm that the rate has actually changed. You are looking for something along the lines of .289 in the dollar grid. If it says 1166 - No RV. You are still poor.

However, if a decimal number, such as .289 or .256 (examples) appear - then you too have finally won the lottery!! At least, that is what you are going to feel like. If that is the case, please take a moment, or a day or two, and Breathe. Everyone needs to be watching events in Mosul.

As security improves with the continuing advancement of Iraqi forces, and the liberation of Mosul announced officially by Abadi, that will be when our window is the Best.

Iraq is looking for security from ISIS, along with the US advisors that are there. Security and stability really are the keywords. And based on recent news on Mosul, it is getting closer.

Everyone thought we had a good window from November - December. And we did. But's let just say that when it came right down to it, Abadi and Obama did not see eye to eye on the situation, and let's leave it at that. ÂIt might work out better for us anyway. Maybe.
​So, to repeat: We are watching for an official announcement from Abadi that Mosul has been Liberated. Based on the information I have right now, once that happens, it should not be but a matter of days. Everyone with a say in the matter wants this to happen.

Breathe. Have your plans ready. Take a day or so to let the new reality sink in. It has been a long journey, and you deserve a vacation. You may want to consider someplace other than the Nigerian beaches. Randy Koonce We are close.. Every large bank will exchange..

RELAX the RV is coming... Breathe,,, Check www.cbi.iq every day to see if it has changed... do not take a guru or a post about in country RV or any thing else do not be fooled just check the CBI Do not let your emotions get to you. Randy


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