The competent committees of community reconciliation in the liberated areas

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The competent committees of community reconciliation in the liberated areas

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Tuesday, March 7, 2017 - 8:50

It revealed the National Reconciliation Commission in the Office of the Prime Minister, the formation of specialized committees in the liberated areas to start firing and social convergence between all the parties in those areas programs, at a time when society organizations recognized the importance of rebuilding the political system.

Tasks and challenges, said Director of the Bureau of International Organization Affairs in the reconciliation committee Prime Minister's Office, Aqeel Salman, in a statement »Sabah» on the sidelines of a seminar hosted by the Iraqi Center for negotiation skills and conflict management: The «ad hoc committees formed in the liberated provinces and areas of Baghdad belt, functions to communicate with elites and community leaders and to provide their views and contribute to the return of displaced persons and restore the fabric of Iraqi society to normal and to promote tolerance and peaceful co-existence and the creation of a community-based approach believes in tolerance and put pressure on political blocs to believe in these principles, as well as coordination with the local government to create a relationship between them and the central government and the identification of displaced requirements and the distribution of roles each according to its competence, and coordination between the security agencies to improve the relationship between citizens and ensure construction of a well and the exchange of information and streamline procedures for returnees and displaced people to their home areas ». Salman explained that «the most prominent challenges facing the displaced people return to their places of residence are political interventions and negative statements», praised the World Bank's decision not to give money for the reconstruction of liberated areas unless it is the development of programs for reconciliation. And that «can not for international organizations to rebuild the province without receiving messages that there is a willingness of the displaced to return to it and provide a safe environment for them».

Achievements for his part, announced the reconciliation program in the affected areas, the center manager, Osama Zaid, during the seminar, which highlighted the obstacles to the return of displaced persons, the existence of «plans of the Centre for the displaced people and to achieve national reconciliation in those areas». He »Sabah» that «those plans targeting the sons of the tribes and the heads of administrative units and members of provincial councils as a liaison between the government and the executive authorities and the citizens», stressing at the same time achieving excellent strides in this area. While the Diyala provincial council member Sadiq al-Husseini, the importance of rebuilding the political system and reconsider the remarks. Husseini said in a statement »Sabah», that «politicians should replace the current ones send their statements of optimism and confidence for all the people, and then work on the return of displaced persons and infrastructure reconstruction in those areas so that it touches the citizen.»

Mosul .. unity worker In the same context, he drew political analyst and confident Hashemi said «Mosul will be an important factor for the unity of Iraq after its liberation». Hashemi added that «reconciliation projects since 2006 and has so far were not the level of ambition despite the huge sums exchange them», indicating that «there is plenty of Almarqlat facing the reconciliation project in Iraq, the mismatch What political or tribal and need to deal better with by the government international organizations and more concessions by all parties concerned. » Hashemi said he was optimistic that there are many plans for reconciliation in the liberated areas, warning that «Mosul will be a factor for the unity of Iraq after its liberation from the clutches of« Daesh »and not, as many people mentioned that it would be a factor for the band».


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