KTFA Friday Member Comments 3-10-17

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KTFA Friday Member Comments 3-10-17

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KTFA Friday Member Comments 3-10-17

Faithprevails:   Frank.  Of course it is going to get worse, as the Bible says FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD. I don't think any student has not prepared for last minute shenanigans coming from many fronts. If world changes are among us then the evil one will lurk along with our enemies.

We need to focus on final articles upcoming watch dates and ignore what Frank told us not to bother with. The positives are clearly undisputable. The rules are there are no rules when it comes to Iraq.

Mosul is liberated
Trump and Abadi speak/ Invitation granted
IMF scolds CBI
Indicative rate shows up at PR.....
Cousins EU makes major commitment to save themselves based IMO on call from T......get in the game or else you become Italy and Greece

Iran flexing muscles with Ban.....No threat
Syria allows Iraq in their airspace

USA building bases to protect borders of Iraq
USA building 1.5 T embassy ( mini pentagon ) IMO

Maliki non issue
USA debt ceiling out of control
Long lines waiting in wings

We need S/S IMO and need it now.......IMO Isis stronger than anyone anticipated , open for any and all feedback if you want to add, comment, critique, all is welcome.

Believer63:   Family just My Opinion but also maybe some truth.  I dont know but that video just gave me all kinds of peace.  When you are in the EYE of a hurricane is it not quiet?  But then once you pass through it does it not get worse?

Then in the blink of an eye it is gone and onto new and brighter days......just my opinion but I think it is true of what Frank said in the video.  You know once the Eye passes it will get worse and then the storm is gone....WORSE equals AWEOME in my book

Militia Man: Faithprevails, Well done . Put one of those next to just about every item the imf, UN and many other two and three letter agencies have had for Iraq to complete. Abadi coming to see president Trump in the coming days and then on to the Dead Sea. Let's see if he brings a rate to D.C. Or brings one home this month when he gets back..

DLR:    "You can be wise and happy or stupid and miserable. The choice is yours." —Gordon B. Hinckley

Stephenmac63:   Left Hand-Right Hand Syndrome,
OK, been mind bending this all along....... the rates on the CBI that have been gone for over 60 days and a portion has reappeared...CBI has to be in contact with the IMF at all times because it is those two that are the major players in this game.

CBI has a website online that gets nailed with thousands of hits each day, Im sure the HIT Counter rolled over a few times with DinarLand being the major cause. Its easy to see where the hits are coming from on their control panel of the website.

They know they are being watched by speculators, so they use this to their advantage, I think the CBI has another website, one for the Iraq Banks to sign on and not have to deal with "public information". The only information an Iraqi Bank needs is issued to them, from the CBI. This particular website could also be accessed by IMF at all times to see the rate of progress.

So while we are critiquing every single move, they realized that they needed to give us a 'bone' to chew on while they do their thing without interruptions.

I think the move was made right after the information was removed from the public site without realizing the ramifications so they had to do something for the speculators......and they did,

they put old numbers back up on the public site.........which is why we cant actually see if they are floating to parity, ect.  Along with Media censorship the world will never know exactly what is going on when and by who.

Franks has the opinion that it will get "worse".... well yeah, the CBI will put up more bogus info on the public website that we keep checking..................oh this is gooooooood

Cleitus:  Stephenmac63,  I like that, Stephenmac63!   Also, Iraq continues to receive "goodies" that were ordered by Iraq (see your previous post) not to mention other recently signed contracts. I find it very hard to believe that the IMF would allow this with a program rate. Yeah..., two sets of books is very possible!

JAY:    Hi Frank. Great video. What did I get from it?  For those that got somewhat twisted over the indicative rates being post with the PR. If that bothered u then when this over you will be more stressed.

The reason why???   IMO

The management of our new found wealth will be MUCH more stressful and MUCH more challenging.  You will look back on all the worrying you did about the RV process and say PFFFFFF that was nothing compared to managing the money.

Is a Kuwait/china syndrome possible to see???...Of course. But that's not what Frank was referring to Imo.

Breath Family. Take it to GOD. And watch our lives change right before our eyes.
Paraphrasing Frank.... Because that's when the real challenges happen.

To quote the Late and Great BIGGIE SMALLS... (hip hop artist of the 90s)   MO MONEY, MO PROBLEMS.    GOD BLESS OUR  FAMILY.

PS. The reason I see it this way is because Frank WOULD NEVER laugh at anyone's misery. He was down right giddy. Why?...because Imo he was thinking about our blessing that we will be seeing in a short time from now.

COLE:   I'm looking for:  denial articles from "the powers that be"
More articles indicating Mosul is liberated... (already been implied in articles imo) with university opened back up, govt buildings captured with flags over them... etc...

Abadi and Trump meeting
anything that comes from the mouth of the IMF

PAY ATTENTION TO FRANK.... can I repeat it? Imo, Frank really does say things with a purpose... for a purpose... on purpose...
(this one is kind of a joke... but kind of not!!!)
HUBBYS... what do you do if your wife catches you with your hand in the cookie jar? DENY DENY DENY... and deny again!!!!!! Hey Iraq watchu doin? DENY DENY DENY... HEY Iran, yeah you numbskull, did you fire that missile? DENY DENY DENY!!!! Hahahaha

and finally... a new rate... imo!

all I have to say is that the Writing is on the wall... (forum) (final articles) (cc notes) (opinions and speculations) COME ON!!! What are we worried about?

Sure times are very financially tough... but the release of Kingdom Funds are coming soon... and they ARE indeed coming.

The funds are just about here. Look at security and stability. Look at anticorruption... look at deals... look at the wealth in natural resources... look at the support from world powers... look at the hottest chick in the ball... WOW... until then, we have manna, and it always comes somehow. Right now I am financially in a dire financial situation. I can never make enough.

I make 4K one month, and I end up with 20 bucks at the end of the month. I make 6K another month, I still end up with 20 bucks at the end of the month. It doesn't matter how good I am at budgeting, either way, I'm stuck at 0 with my manna and My Jesus.

And that's all I need in this desert. But family, we can see flowing water and grass and plentiful crop with vacant houses we have not built... don't grow weary now......... I send each one of you my love... hoping it provides strength for your spirits. I love you all, family. True and pure Aloha!!!

Stephenmac63:    I think I found something.........

The country of Iraq has an "intranet' system set up and yes, the Central  Bank of Iraq is connected!!!    LINK

The link demonstrates the connectivity between the various ministries and the CBI but I found it encouraging that the CBI would do the same for all of it's banks under it's wing.

This might explain my theory of the CBI having a private website all along while most folks are looking at the Public Website and being discouraged when the CBI put the old numbers back up..........the action of replacing the old numbers was to discourage speculators, IMO.

For the longest time most of us were looking at the English side. It wasn't until recently that I started to look on the Arabic side of the CBI website.

If memory serves me, the numbers were dropped from the English side first and when the cbi website discovered that the Arabic side was also being watch they dropped the numbers from there at a later time. I heard that it is illegal to have rates gone for an extended period of time.

Sure, if they are officially announced as International maybe. But that hasn't happened yet so I think there may be some leeway in the meantime. They may be putting on the Big Boy Pants but it doesn't make them a Big Boy until it is declared.

If this is the case, then its safe to assume that ALL Central Banks have an Intranet system that is totally separate from the websites the public can access. Perhaps the CBI has notified all other central banks to not even bother with cbi public website, just use the intranet. Maybe they do anyway.

In the meantime, remove emotion, look at the who, what, when, why,where and how of any situation. In Iraq's case, be sure to add a grain of sand with anything thats published in the media. I find it easier to concentrate on what they do, not what they say. Don't be discouraged, this is good. Why?

Well, there is only mysterious activity that some of us do not understand, doesn't mean there isn't a logical reason behind it. Most of us that are watching a country's financial system being born have never seen it before....this is exciting


Crystal:   Does anyone know what month the Dow first hit 20k jan....right?   Nevermind....i used Google....lol January 25th was the date.

Samson:   The dollar, its highest level in seven weeks

The dollar, its highest level in seven weeks  03/10/2017 15:28

The dollar rose to its highest level in seven weeks against the yen on Friday as investors awaited US jobs data which is likely to reinforce expectations of a rate hike next week.

The dollar rose about half a percent to 115.495 yen , its highest level since Jan. 20 , and up about 1.5 percent for the whole week.

And stabilized the dollar index , which tracks the US currency against a basket of six major currencies at 101.80. The index tends to rise for the fifth consecutive week in the best wave of gains in eight months after it went up a quarter percent this week.

The euro climbed 0.3 percent to the highest price in four days at $ 1.0618 , benefiting statements of the European Central Bank President Mario Draghi yesterday on Thursday that the opinion of investors predict that it may tighten monetary policy.


Cletus:    Backdoc, the British pound is losing value just as you stated. Been keeping and eye on it for months.  Today it's 121.640.  Amazing!!! Just as you said "around the middle of the month".

I also noticed the euro is dipping as well.  Today 1.0559.  Love to hear your take on the recent events around here.
​Lavender:   Does anyone know how long after the RV we would be able to cash in? (hours, days weeks etc.)

7-FA:    It would be exchange not cash in also imo it would be best after exchanging a small amount that you wait 70-80 days before you exchange the largest part.... All IMO

CBgolden:    I remember Delta saying the dinar notes would be good for 10 years.  The rate will change, of course, during that time.

Optimistprime:    Frankie told us to wait 72-78 days after initial change... unless you do a very small amount to get you through.. then I believe he came back and narrowed it down to 76 days if im not mistaken? family.. does this ring true?

Doodle Bug:   Lavender,  My understanding is that it will be up to the Banks when they start exchanging that.  Not every bank exchanges all currencies, they determine which ones based on supply and demand.

We IQD holders most likely will change this thought process but I can't see them taking too long to make this decision (if they haven't already). So if this comes as a surprise to them, exactly how long will it take for the approval to exchange the IQD at headquarters for it to make its way to the branches?  I don't know, but I do know this... "time is money"



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