Important decisions in the Cabinet meeting for Tuesday

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Important decisions in the Cabinet meeting for Tuesday

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BAGHDAD - Iraq Press - March 15 / March: The Council of Ministers approved, on the development of a thousand degrees and careers rank soldiers and 250 officer for counterterrorism forces device, as the face of the Council reduced the number of holidays and the agreement on a national holiday by one day.

A statement by the prime minister, said that "approved during its regular Tuesday headed by Haider al - Abadi, the introduction of a thousand degrees to volunteer soldiers and 250 degrees officer owners counterterrorism device to support a device that achieves victories with the rest of the squad and is one of the most powerful agencies in the region , and today 's decision in order to support and raise it more. "

The statement noted that " the meeting included a vote on the draft law of the Iraqi National Oil Company and forwarded to the Parliament, and the anti - terrorism bill and forwarded to the Parliament."

The Council and the face of "reduced the number of holidays and the agreement on a national holiday by one day and be the powers of local governments specific provinces to disable always as the holidays should not include the Ministries of basic services , " pointing to "vote on the issuance of financial disclosure for officials instructions."

He briefed the Cabinet statement said "the measures drawn up by the main Rafidain and Rasheed banks and the Iraqi Trade Bank and the Authority for national investment to facilitate the sale of apartments in Basmajh especially lowering interest rates and through standardized instructions adopted by the banks."

And search "through the report was presented the priorities of implementation of water and sewage projects in Baghdad and the provinces , according to the comprehensive plan that the face of the Prime Minister their numbers, according to the schedules and extended time completed in 2017 and provide the funding for it , " noting that " the face of funding a number of other projects that require completed in subsequent years , and securing adequate funding to 2017 to ensure the continuation of work to accomplish. "

The statement concluded that "voting was the Japanese Bank for International Cooperation loan (JBIC) to finance the Ministry of Electricity projects, and has approved the allocation of funds for the provision of textbooks." Q ended


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