Iraq affirms its commitment to the success of the Mecca 2 Conference

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Iraq affirms its commitment to the success of the Mecca 2 Conference

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari of the Director of Organization of Islamic Cooperation Office of the Iraq's desire to ensure the success of Mecca 2 conference.

A statement by his office and agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today that "al-Jaafari, received here today in favor of poetic Director of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Office, the meeting reviewed the progress of the Islamic Cooperation Organization work, and their role in supporting Iraq in its war against terrorist Daesh gangs, and efforts in Mecca conference held 2 to support the security and stability of Iraq. "

The statement quoted al-Jaafari said "rests with the great responsibility of the Islamic Cooperation Organization in the shed light on the face of the Orient Islam, and to address a campaign that seeks to distort the image of Islam, stressing keen on the success of the Mecca 2 Conference; all that would contribute to the achievement of security and stability."

"The Iraqis are responsible for countering terrorism in defense of themselves and on behalf of the peoples of the world", praising the parking organization along with Iraq, and to provide support for displaced people, "calling for" work to dry up the sources of terrorism, criminalize Takfiri thought. "

He stressed "the most expensive Shi in the war against terrorism is the blood, and the people of Iraq did not donating their blood to liberate their land from the grip of terrorists Daesh," adding, "Iraq's power is the power and support of the unity of the Arab and Islamic nation, and protect the security and stability of the region."

For his part, praised Saleh poetic Director of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Office in Iraq to "the courage and sacrifices of the Iraqis in their war against Daesh gangs terrorist, indicating believe that Iraq has made significant progress in its war against terrorism, and that the end is imminent in Iraq, and will go toward security and stability." .

He noted that "the joint committee between Iraq and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation was an important meeting, it was agreed on a lot of things for holding the Mecca 2 meeting in Baghdad with the participation of the people of Iraq of different affiliations, adding: All OECD commends the development of Iraq's relations with its Arab neighbors, and regional and international ; this will impact on the whole region. "

The poetic "multiple meetings with the Islamic Development Bank study, and found they have a great desire to support Iraq's humanitarian and Khaddmaa, and provide funds for the implementation of the reconstruction of liberated cities projects, he returned: that the Islamic Development Bank expressed its readiness to train Iraqi cadres, support, and rehabilitation of Iraqi banks."

And disclosed by saying the OIC support for Iraq in all fields, and the wheel of cooperation with Iraq began to spin the right way, "stressing that the victory of the Iraqis is a victory for all Arabs, and the Islamic nation, and we see that Iraq has a very big future consciously sons in the face of challenges."

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation, held earlier in the session consultations with the Iraqi official delegation, in preparation for the second Mecca conference for national reconciliation in Iraq without setting a date for him, after he organized the first 2006 conference was attended by scholars and clerics from the Shiite, Sunni and issued a document Mkh.anthy


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