Kirkuk governor: committed to the oil agreement with the Oil Ministry

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Kirkuk governor: committed to the oil agreement with the Oil Ministry

Post  Admin on Sun Mar 19, 2017 11:32 am

The news agency Buratha 31 2017-03-19

The governor of Kirkuk, Najm al-Din Karim, Sunday, his commitment to the oil agreement signed with the Ministry of Oil, while the new stance toward the pro fly the flag of the Kurdistan region above the county departments in the side of the Iraqi flag as part of the disputed areas.

Karim said in an interview for a number of media that "the administration of the province is committed to the oil agreement signed on the tenth of the month of January last," stressing that the "oil-processing is a continuous process and all your skis refinery processing as well as to start the processing Giwan refinery."

He added cream, "he telephoned the oil minister for the purpose of full application of the recent oil agreement to ensure the expansion and development of the Kirkuk refinery."

The head of the Energy Committee in the Kirkuk Provincial Council Ahmed al-Askari, confirmed on Sunday (February 26, 2017) to find new export outlets for oil preservation should be by agreement between Baghdad and Erbil, noting that the Constitution grants provincial councils allocations of petrodollars and contributing to the development of oil fields decades through specialized committees.

And on raising the flag of Kurdistan, said the governor of Kirkuk, said that "the province is one of the disputed cities and fly the flag territory will be with the Iraqi flag," stressing that "the Kurdistan flag raised in a number of countries, including Ankara and Istanbul, and why does not raise in Kirkuk, which defended forces Peshmerga and made sacrifices, which is aware of not only the Kurds, but is of the Turkmen, Arabs and Alcaldoa Achuren. "

He added cream, that "the general commander of the armed forces, the Prime Minister when he visited Kirkuk and lose the battle fronts was aware of Iraq and the Kurdistan flag is brought in the fronts of the Peshmerga," calling for what he described as some of the voices that objected to "consider carefully the need of the citizens of Kirkuk."


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