Newspaper: the liberation of Mosul depends on Trump's strategy (details)

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Newspaper: the liberation of Mosul depends on Trump's strategy (details)

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Eastern News -

There is no doubt that the process of liberating Mosul has come to an end as the US-backed Iraqi forces are combing the areas around the country's second largest province following media reports that leaders of the terrorist organization have fled the city, The military.

The success of military operations in Mosul is evidence of the determination of Iraqi forces to liberate the country through intensive urban military campaigns, according to the magazine Foreign Policy.

While US President Donald Trump welcomed Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abbadi at the White House, both sides encouraged military forces to participate in the battlefield, but given the challenges ahead, not the current Trump's administration sees as the easy part.

The Trump administration will face new obstacles in the process of liberating Mosul, which is to maintain stability and security within the province, as well as political changes that Iraq may face outside the battlefield as the parliamentary and regional elections approach the fate of US troops at home.

"Iran, Turkey and Russia will certainly intervene in the electoral process," the magazine said, without explanation of the type of intervention.

"Will you be able to develop from its military strategy 'inherited from the Obama administration' to preserve the city of Mosul or not? ', One of the lessons learned from the campaign against the organization is that the United States - with its proper presence and wise practice - has established stability and cooperation Among the Iraqi factions.

The magazine pointed out that there are three obstacles to prevent the Iraqi army from the success of its tasks to eliminate the organization calling for terrorism, the first: 'non-investment in non-military tools to promote the gains of the battlefield', and the second: 'choose the wrong struggle to sacrifice the stability of Iraq', and the third: Iraq is using wrong policies and American forces are getting out of it. '

"Trump inherited America's portfolio in Iraq in a relatively strong position, characterized by the military momentum and unprecedented cooperation between the Iraqi army, the Kurdish peshmerga, and local Sunni forces. As the ongoing military progress has shown, Trump's criticism of the president's campaign Obama in Mosul was largely fake.

She noted that 'Trump' if he continued to avoid the advice of his advisers will hinder the success of the elimination of an advocate, but it is possible to lose the battle.

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