.Frank26, Delta and KTFA Members Sunday PM 3-26-17

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.Frank26, Delta and KTFA Members Sunday PM 3-26-17

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Frank26:  What will happen to the MR once Mosul is delivered by A ?

At what Speed?

When does A say he will give You Mosul?

Cause it is no longer a matter to Liberate Mosul .......... Is it?

What Tree?

What does it do ?


TY......Aloha to You too my Beautiful KTFA FAMILY .........(wink)

There are only two ways Abadi is going to pull this off. Quietly or Not Quietly. Let's see what he does.


Cleitus:  Frank, I have a ?  Can the "Rider"( to increase the rate ) still be invoked when the RV is activated?  Or, am I off somewhere?  

Frank26:  The RIDER i SHARED is not for the RATE ................ It is for the HCL that requires a new rate. 



Preliminary Agenda

10-11 April 2017

Improving the business environment & strengthening the economy

Opportunities and reforms needed to enable strong economic growth and a well-developed financial system

The establishment of a National Investment Fund (NIF) to support Iraq’s private sector: reality or illusion?

Governance issues: tackling bureaucracy, Iraq’s complex political situation and legacies of prevailing state intervention

Accounting / Auditing: developing skills to IFRSA desired standards and increasing the number of trained Iraqi accountants

Eliminating exchange restrictions

Transparency: ensuring transparency in the banking sector; mechanisms for banks to identify creditworthy clients

Improving the regulatory framework to protect investors and ensure a fair, efficient and transparent market

Expanding bilateral investment agreements

Implementation of effective risk management procedures in the Iraqi financial institutions to achieve organisational objectives and long-term superior performance

Insurance: new models and requirements

Measures against money-laundering and corruption


Risk1:  As you've said many times...It's all about freedom and movement of capital...The've been talking about it for years, I believe this time is different...imo

Cole:  Mmmmmm elimination of exchange restrictions...

Frank26:  Kicked Out !!! .......... Booted ............ Removed .......... Disintegrated  ............. Incinerated.......... Pulverized !!!

Frank26:  This Was ................ Should be .............. And Now is OLD NEWS ............. Ah?........... IMO of course.......



Frank26:  Talk to me DELTA ................. QT: .................. What You doing this summer.......... Or next month? 


Frank26:  It is over two feet long now ............

Frank26: Good God Almighty ...................... i like this article !!!

Jay:  noting that the timing of the visit , which coincided with the imminent victory and the liberation of Mosul ,   Me too...

Walkingstick:  Lawmakers: Abadi returned from Washington B {package} Achievements

BAGHDAD / Shima Rashid   received the visit by Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi to the United States of America praised by members of the House of Representatives , as confirmed that theprime minister returned from a visit to "package" of the achievements and benefits, the most important continuation of Washington 's support for Baghdad in the war waged against " Daesh ", and the reconstruction of areas that have been devastated by terrorism, and to work on the re - population of displaced people, noting that the timing of the visit , which coincided with the imminent victory and the liberation of Mosul , was very important.

A spokesman for the mass citizen MP Habib Terminal: " The Abadi 's visit to Washington, was successful by all standards , especially in these articulated Iraq 's history stage." He explained the terminal, in an interview with the "morning", "

The visit was a good time in terms of Iraq will eliminate the entire Daesh and regain the whole of its territory, and that America is a partner in this case and that there are advisers before it on the ground in Iraq." He added Terminal that "there is a political, military, financial and moral benefits must be clear , " noting that "between Iraq and America 's strategy for the security situation, education and infrastructure agreement which must be clear, as well as the fate of American advisers after the completion of Daesh." When she saw MP Amal Mari - Bayati said the visit Abadi to the United States is gaining importance in activating the strategic framework between Iraq and the United States , which must take its natural role in supporting Iraq 's security and economically, especially that America is the pole that governs the world today in the Convention.

Said al - Bayati said in an interview for "morning": that invite Trump to Ebadi in this circumstance and we are about to end Daesh file is a very important step that could be used in the reconstruction of the liberated cities and to increase Iraq 's support in bringing aid and international grants giant loans and support stability. " It said al - Bayati said "Abadi 's visit to Washington give the impression to everyone that there is an interest by the United States to Iraq," noting that " the stability of the situation in Iraq means the stability of the entire Middle East."

for his part, Rubaie said this confirmed a very important visit between the two countries to renew emphasis on the fulfillment United States of its obligations in combat Terrorism and restore infrastructure. According to al - Rubaie, in an interview with the "morning", that " the United States has obligations imposed by the strategic agreement signed between the two countries in 2008 and that it requires the development of infrastructure in Iraq and support Iraq in agriculture, health, education, security, intelligence and border protection and the protection of water and airspace of Iraq. "

in turn, MP Jawad al - Bolani said that the world in which an international coalition to fight Daesh and so there must be an international coalition parallel to the reconstruction of areas ravaged by Daesh gangs and support strategic projects in the country, noting that the relationship with the United States affected the Dah important relationship Iraq must obtain from which the benefits of the benefits.

He explained Bolani, told the "morning", that Iraq was able to obtain funds through the New York conference in support of the liberated areas , which today need to activate this initiative and demand from the US president to be a sponsor of donors for projects and urges the reconstruction of areas, less moral humanitarian situation that an official the direction of Iraq , which stood up to terrorism. "

Meanwhile, he drew former member of the House of Representatives Talal Hassan Zubai to the importance of Iraq for America in the next stage, calling to exploit this for the benefit of the country. Zobaie said, in an interview for" morning ": that" America Iraq wants to be an ally so gaining g Wara Prime Minister of great importance put Iraq 's role in the region , not least the role of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , "noting that" the visit was preceded by indicators , notably the lifting of the ban on the entry of Iraqis to America, something is in the interest of Iraq and its capabilities in finding security stability drives investment  within the country. "


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