.Highlights From Wednesday Night KTFA CC 3-29-17

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.Highlights From Wednesday Night KTFA CC 3-29-17

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FrostyTheSnowman:  Here’s tonight’s HIGHLIGHTS …

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice!  We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***
Frank26:   Greetings family … welcome to another one of your conference calls here at KTFAlways.com!

Today is Wednesday, March 29, 2017.

Monday, we told you that Iraq was RE-BRANDING itself.

They have a new mindset … new logo/symbol for the CBI website … new coin to replace the 3 zero notes.

Do you understand RE-BRANDING?

A “notice” was also sent to the bank … and DELTA has another “notice” that he wants you to take notice of.

We talked about an article … (LOGO/COIN) … and an advanced auditing system that is going to take over.

The banks know they will be audited monthly – no more money laundering.

No more money to be channeled to other countries that we don’t trust.

I saw your questions … question about “if we knew when the auditing started – that would help us.”

When will the AUDITING END?  How long will we have to wait? 

In my opinion … if you are reading about it … it’s because it’s already happened … and you know that.

Audits don’t take that long.

About 106 banks in Iraq were shut-down – that’s amazing!

Banks now realize that they must begin to operate under INTERNATIONAL standards.

Non-compliance is not an option.

I told you on Monday, that the “announcement” on the CBI website was old … a mandate from the IMF.

IMO … these audits are done … and that’s why they are telling you about it now.

Many meetings … you know that … on both sides … don’t you think those audits were done then?   The 106 banks were eliminated because they were AUDITED!  TA-DA!

Unfortunately the Internet took the announcement and made a mess out of it.

THINGS ARE PICKING UP SPEED … so much is happening … lots of files … and certain things I won’t be able to share with you tonight.

ARTICLE – came out yesterday … interesting … on Monday we told you … if you see the article where the General from the Iraq Army was telling everyone that Mosul (military campaign) was over and done with.  I told you that was 100% false. 

Then … we see an article that came out 24 hours later that tells you that they have 93% of Mosul.  That General did says that it had to do with sporadic gangs that are causing trouble.  Who are they?  Who’s causing the trouble?

I told you on Monday that the article is false because … IMO … they are about to lay the hammer down on Mosul.  I said 95% … the article said 93% … but something else is going on … because they are stepping on the gas … unfortunately there was some collateral damage – part of war. 

You saw a picture of a child who was dead with father crying.  Mosul is soon to be released.  93%???  Only 7% left?  Really?  This ugly collateral damage is due to Maliki and his supporters.

Maliki and his Iranian friends … they both have to leave.

The citizens of Iraq agree … Maliki is NOT their leader … tell the Iranians to go home.

While this was going on … something MAJOR happened … something VERY, VERY GOOD … VERY POWERFUL HAPPENED … without violence.  An amazing accomplishment in the Middle East.

In America … Martin Luther King said that good things could happen without violence.  Change could happen … not overnight … without violence.  Change was made!

The “proud son” (Kurds) – who is 3-5 years in advance of Baghdad … they decided to do a “sit-in.”  They went into Kirkuk and made a stink … and by doing that … it caused a few to get angry.

Iran does what it does … instigate. 

A flag was planted in Kirkuk … that flag went past Mosul … planted to draw attention.

They said (Kurds) … “Brazani said we could” – but you’re not allowed too … Kirkuk is not yours.

What do they want to leave?

They want 17% of the budget … they fought and scratched for that.

Rumors are … we are right at that last step … and when you talk about RECONCILIATION … they want ARTICLE 140 to be applied into the HCL … including the 4th part.

April 4th parliament is supposed to vote for it.

They claim that they will leave … if they pass the HCL.

The country Turkey … (who has no right to open their mouth) … should have locked and secured their borders.  They are in trouble. 

This region … President Trump wants it fully secured.
The new mission is to have RECONCILIATION in the entire Middle East.

Could this also be to segregate Iran?

How about the IMIS?  They came in on their own to help the Peshmerga Army. 

Could they be the next terrorists?  They are causing trouble.

They claim that Kurkik is their business.

Iranian influence MUST go away in the region.

All of this is POLITICAL – has NOTHING to do with the monetary reform.  Nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Honestly … we shouldn’t even be talking about this.

What is happening right now with the IMIS has nothing to do with the RV.

The IMIS must go home … even if they are in Iraq to help kill ISIS … they cannot get to 2nd base in Iraq. 

IMIS and Mosul … I think will be resolved within the next few days.

93% huh?  Only need 7%?

No wonder the MR has picked up so much speed.

We told you … Mosul would be a “turkey shoot.”

The citizens are being used by ISIS as shields – unfortunately was too effective.

There is NO more waiting … NO more delays … NO more fat-lady … but we do have terrorists with hostages.  We’re still going to drop the bombs.

I gave you 95% on Monday … they gave you 93%.

IMIS could leave in a few days … which would give them the goal to finally liberate Mosul to the world.

You don’t think President Trump got this report?  (93%) 

When this area opened about a year ago … intel was collected … about Maliki and the popular crowd.  This intel gathering … wasn’t physical (like combat) … but when the Fat-Lady was in the way … this intel was too important to ignore.  So certain people in Iraq started to dress in “all-black” so that intel could be gathered.  A lot of bad people will pay for what they’ve done.

This is why you saw extra troops pouring into Iraq … to get a hold of Iraq.

The HCL and the Kurds … it’s a BIG move!  It’s not the MR process … the HCL is a cousin of the MR.

The Kurds want to make sure that their people GET their fair share of the budget.  They want fairness … hence the “sit-in” reform. 

On April 4th … they want to trust that Parliament will vote on it (HCL) … but they don’t trust them.

I hope they don’t take their flag down family.

I feel that the good-guys will protect that flag … because they want the MR for Iraq.

I think the good-guys talked about this in private meetings.

The HCL must get passed.  The 17% is NOT the issue … and this opinion is backed by the USA.

For years … IMO … the day we see the HCL … OH BUDDY … we are very close!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the past … the oil has been used, abused, stolen.

The Kurds are sick of it!  By them planting a flag in Kirkuk … they are demanding unity!

7% … could be done in a week.

7% is not the reason why Mosul hasn’t been liberated to the world.

Let’s see what happens on the 4th of April … for equality for ALL of Iraq.

The HCL is about the people of Iraq.

If you and I disagreed about something … I would want to make peace with you.  This is the new plan in the Middle East.

I’ve told you … the HCL … when it happens … IT’S TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know that Kurdistan says that they don’t believe Baghdad … but they want to make peace … move forward … and they are voicing that wish.

The HCL is coming.

I told you … look for something significant on April 1, 2, 3rd … (April 4th) – I missed it by one day.

I can understand that the Kurds are angry … but you will see that they and Baghdad will become the leaders that all Iraqi’s need.

Now … Mosul is no longer the KEY of the MR … the HCL is.

All of this is solely in MY OPINION.

DELTA and I talked about this on the phone today.

Delta says ... give us the HCL.

Show us the rate!

We need the rate before you can pass the HCL … HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So many things require a NEW RATE.

Investors are hold on … like they really need to go to the bathroom.

Waiting for the rate to become INTERNATIONAL.

The passing of the HCL helps every providence in Iraq … TA-DA!!!!!!


Iraqi TV … Delta says that they told the citizens that 93% of Mosul is done!

Legislation is next … the HCL … to make everything legal.

The COM (Council of Ministers)  wants to move forward with the market economy … and the HCL will definitely helped.

The legislation needs to be ACTIVATED.

They are proceeding to ACTIVATE … they just need a RATE.

Kurds are screaming it with their flag … GIVE ME A RATE!!!!!!!!!

Abadi … go home to Iraq … only 7% left … you can no longer punish the citizens of Iraq.
Iran … you better RUN!

IMIS … you better RUN too!

All of this is WELL-ORCHESTRATED by the backing of the USA.

The HCL is the Gorilla-Glue … think about it … it unites everyone.

I told you that the Kurds are 3-5 years ahead of Baghdad.  They have their own … everything … but they will not separate from Iraq.

Delta brought you something very interest.

Iran’s market spread is at 15% … and they are Article VIII compliant … able to trade internationally … isn’t that interesting.

This “announcement” about the auditing … to go international … has been a blessing.

We found another announcement.  Are you interested in it?

Delta went to Warka Bank’s website … he found an announcement (Arabic side) … that they can now participate in transferring money outside of the country.

That’s kinda like saying they are international.

Interesting … they can wire money outside of Iraq … BUT who wants it at a PROGRAM RATE?

This 2nd announcement is bridging them into the INTERNATIONAL market … once they raise the value.

It’s like they’ve got guns … they just need bullets.

The 106 banks were mainly in Mosul … and NOT every bank in Iraq will become international … because they haven’t qualified.  These banks were under ISIS control … this is how funds were moving to the terrorists.

This is why the RV was not allowed to move forward.

The audits now … are more for the larger banks.

These audits are an IMF mandate.

In 2012 … the BSA … (Board of Supreme Audits) … all started when the BSA found that on average over 800 Million USD’s were being syphoned out of Iraq’s banks on a DAILY basis.
All of that crap has to stop!

Looks now like it’s been successful (due to the audits) … including no more money laundering.

IMO … there will be some London meetings on the 2nd to the 4th of April with Iraq.

I think they are VERY IMPORTANT MEETINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Abadi also met with Saudi Arabia for a 2nd time … establishing a new mind-set, relationship in the Middle East.

Notice WHO was at the Arab Summit meetings with Abadi.

Humm …………… same people that met with Abadi and President Trump in DC.

The White House is pushing what is happening in Kirkuk.

This is why the whole Middle East is agreeing with the USA’s plan.

President Trump wants Iraq as the “CENTER PIECE” … that’s why Abadi as a BIG SMILE!

These contracts will soon be opened up … and the wording will bring in the private sector into Iraq!

I may have been a little low-key tonight … trust me  … it was for a reason.

Yes, we have reached the end of the 1st quarter of 2017 … but the dogwood tree blossoms in April!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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