Economic expert: Saudi Arabia will fall its debts to Iraq

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Economic expert: Saudi Arabia will fall its debts to Iraq

Post  Admin on Fri Mar 31, 2017 9:59 am

The economic expert Salam Samism, expected that Saudi Arabia to drop the debts incurred by Iraq in the coming period, according to the Saudi government announced, noting that these amounts were grants and not debts.

"The real debts of Iraq amounted to 120 billion dollars," Adel Abdul-Mahdi said two days ago at a global conference, indicating that such debts, including government and private entities, as well as accumulations and penalties.

Saudi Arabia's debts and the possibility of dropping them from Iraq are under pressure from the current diplomatic pressure, she said, pointing out that the origin of the debt was grants and turned into debts due to the entry of the regime into Kuwait.

She pointed out that raising the debt will have a good impact as well as the case of Kuwaiti debt.


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