Association of private banks graduated a new banking cycle as part of its ambitious plan to develop human resources in Iraqi banks

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Association of private banks graduated a new banking cycle as part of its ambitious plan to develop human resources in Iraqi banks

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Economy News / Ghassan Al-Qadi ...

Concluded in the Iraqi Association of Private Banks in Baghdad, the training session on the subject of (comprehensive banking operations) with the participation of 96 workers in various Iraqi banks.

The course is organized by the Association of Iraqi Private Banks as part of its ambitious training program to develop human resources operating in Iraqi banks, which has so far included more than 600 employees.

 The participants in the course over three days lectures theoretical in how to upgrade the banking work to enhance the confidence of citizens in general banks and contribute to the fight against money laundering and terrorism, as well as access to all banking knowledge activities that concern their work and raise the level of Iraqi banks to the banks of advanced the world .

In his speech before the graduates, the President of the Association of Private Banks Wadih al-Hanalal reviewed the plans of the Association in the field of training human resources working in Iraqi banks since its inception before Nahwamin, and bringing experts Arab and foreign lecturers in different specialties of banking.

Al-Hantal stressed the success of the Association in this field, as evidenced by the obtaining of many certificates of encouragement and praise from Iraqi, Arab and foreign bodies. The most recent of which was the initiative of US Treasury Representative in Iraq John Sullivan, who, during his visit to the headquarters of John Kennedy, And organizations that offer successful and distinct work.

He noted that the role of the Association in the field of training will continue to strengthen, in order to provide workers in the Iraqi banking sector with all the skills required,
According to the reports of the training department in the Association, the success of these courses and workshops, which reached during the first quarter of the current year 2017 eight in various financial and banking disciplines, in front of a workshop on trade fraud involving 20 judges specialized in these crimes from the Court of Appeal Rusafa, A similar course for 20 judges on the subject of money laundering and combating terrorism in close cooperation and coordination with the judiciary in the fight against crime in various forms.

 The aim of the Association is to achieve a record in the organization of training courses by the end of this year as part of its ambitious plan to promote the concept of modern banking industry and to explore the role of banking in the development of the national economy, achieve sustainable development and raise the level of workers in this sector within a comprehensive awareness strategy including all private banks And government.

The training plan adopted by the Association for the current year 2017 aims at keeping abreast of the latest technological and scientific developments in the world, in order to enhance citizens' confidence in the banks and contribute to encouraging them to deposit their savings in cash and contribute to speeding up the implementation of the decision to settle the salaries of employees in private banks which is approved by the Central Bank of Iraq .

It is worth mentioning that after the completion of the development project, its new headquarters in Baghdad at the beginning of this year has witnessed a qualitative leap in its training services in the various fields of banking, especially in the field of banking risk management, compliance with international banking rules and combating money laundering and terrorism as the last concern of all banks in the world.



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