Agenda of the session No. (23) Sunday (2) April 2017

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Agenda of the session No. (23) Sunday (2) April 2017

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[ltr] April 2, 2017 April 2, 2017[/ltr]
[ltr]First: Reading verses from the Holy Quran.
Second: Complete the questioning of the Minister of Health. (MP Awad al-Awadi).



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The House of Representatives begins questioning the Minister of Health and votes on the decision to raise the Iraqi flag only in Kirkuk

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April 1, 2017 April 2, 2017 742 Views

The House of Representatives began its twenty-second ordinary session held under the chairmanship of Dr. Salim Jubouri, the President of the Council and the presence of 187 deputies on Saturday 1/4/2017, the process of questioning the Minister of Health while voting on a parliamentary decision to raise the Iraqi flag only on government buildings in the province of Kirkuk.

At the beginning of the meeting, President al-Jubouri announced the holding of the Presidency of the Council meeting on Sunday with heads of parliamentary blocs and committees to discuss the draft laws, including official holidays and elections and the Federal Court as well as two draft legal seizure and confiscation of movable and immovable property belonging to the pillars of the former regime and the Federal Service Council.

The Presidency decided to postpone the vote on the draft law on the seizure and confiscation of movable and immovable property belonging to the pillars of the former regime submitted by the committees of accountability, reconciliation, justice, finance and legal and the draft of the official holidays, submitted by the committees of the endowments, religious affairs, culture, information and legal to the meeting on Monday.

The Presidency also postponed the vote on the draft law of Basra, Iraq's economic capital, submitted by the committees of the economy, investment and legal to another session at the request of the committees concerned.

The Presidency has also decided to postpone the vote in principle to the draft agricultural land rent law and submitted by the committees of agriculture, water, marshes and finance.
The Council discussed raising the flag of the Kurdistan region to the departments and institutions in the province of Kirkuk.

President al-Jubouri stressed that the House of Representatives is required to take a decision on this matter, where a draft resolution was presented by the Turkmen bloc on the non-lifting of any flag except the Iraqi flag or the presentation of the resolution to a specialized parliamentary committee.

In the interventions MP Mohsen al-Saadoun stressed the importance of peaceful coexistence in the province of Kirkuk, especially that the provincial council has already sought to share positions among the components of the province in the interest of national unity, noting that the provincial council has the right to issue decisions.

The MP Hassan Tauran presented the wording of the resolution submitted by the Turkmen bloc to the House of Representatives to vote it.

The MP asked Talabani to present the proposal of the decision of the Turkmen bloc to a special committee to get its opinion on the Kirkuk Provincial Council and consider it a constitutional or not, noting that Kirkuk is not covered by the application of the law 21 of the provinces and the laws of the former US civil administrator Paul Bremer not to hold elections.

The Council voted on a parliamentary resolution on (1). Based on Article 143 of the Iraqi Constitution and Law 36 of 2008 paragraph 23 / V, the Council of Representatives decided to keep raising the Iraqi flag only on the departments of the province of Kirkuk and cancel the decision of the Kirkuk Provincial Council to raise the flag of the Kurdistan Region buildings Government institutions in the governorate.

2. According to the Constitution of the Republic of Iraq Article 111 and Article 112 that oil is the property of the Iraqi people and Kirkuk fields are subject to the administration of the federal government and the right of the province or the province of Kirkuk to dispose of them and the export of oil without the knowledge and approval of the federal government).

The Council then proceeded to question Ms. Adila Hammoud, Minister of Health at the request submitted by MP Awad al-Awadi.

At the beginning of the interrogation, President al-Jubouri thanked the Minister of Health and the deputy requesting the questioning for their role in activating the oversight role of the House of Representatives, calling for an objective questioning process for the purpose of reaching the truth.

MP Awad al-Awadi inquired about the lack of access to medicines for health institutions. The total coverage of 22 of the 31 articles was less than 20% despite the availability of contracts for some of these medicines since two years.

In response, the Minister of Health confirmed that there is a shortage of some medicines during 2016 because there is insufficient funding and all the concerned parties are approached to help solve this issue, pointing out that the pharmaceutical companies do not start manufacturing until after the opening of documentary credit and the delivery of medicines takes more than 90 days .

Al-Awadi pointed out that the Minister of Health stopped the cold operations, especially Caesarean deliveries in many hospitals in Baghdad and the provinces because of the lack of anesthesia drugs, which led patients to review the civil hospitals and burdens their families, pointing to the existence of a contract to buy a basket of waste of 3 million and 400 thousand dollars Another contract for the purchase of interferon with a value of $ 4,500,000 dollars was confirmed by the medical city as surplus and a furniture purchase contract of $ 23 million to $ 700,000.

In her reply, the Minister of Health pointed out that the Ministry's contracts are based on the needs of the ministry departments, including hospital furniture to provide the patients' comfort.

 All contracts are sent to the Ministry of Finance as well as the Ministry's need to allocate cash to buy medicines and important supplies. We treat them as cold and emergency operations and are conducted in hospitals, indicating more than 2 million hospital operations in 2016.

Interferon, which has been purchased, is very important for the treatment of viral hepatitis and is transported as needed.

He called on Al-Awadi to know the reasons behind the failure to provide heart networks despite the signing of a contract and a tender announcement on this matter, noting the existence of waste of public money and corruption is clear and the lady intended to contract with another company, where the contract price amounted to $ 925 per network for a total contract of 60 million dollars by deceiving the Advisory Committee noted that the direct purchase price of $ 380 per network, which led to the closure of relevant health centers.

The Minister of Health denied the existence of any negligence or corruption in the subject of the networks of pharmaceutical heart, but was provided by another contract with less material costs than other companies to buy networks with new generations more developed than the previous consultations with specialist doctors with the continuation of the ministry to provide them through the direct purchase of the centers of privatization, Stressing that not to stop the work of the halls and centers of heart treatment where has been more than 32 thousand different heart operations, noting that the technical committee in the ministry signed a contract to buy 20% of the latest used types of heart networks being close to the prices of the old generation that was Except Meet the purchase of 80% of the networks, as well as the mechanics of the contract with the Swiss company was intact.

The questioned MP asked about the assignment of four of the Secretary's brothers and relatives of the first degree to technical committees and important positions in the ministry and part of these committees related to contracts.

The minister pointed out that her brothers and sisters are doctors and have received higher certificates, except for one of her brothers who holds a military rank and is tasked with protecting them, stressing that they do not take any important positions or leadership, but medical cadres have been appointed in the Ministry of Health for many years, of private contracts committees brothers, but an advisory committees for an interim period and that the appointments are in accordance with the procedures of fundamentalism.

MP al-Awadi asked a question about the motives to insist on receiving the Turkish hospital in Babil province, despite the lack of completion of the hospital, as well as calculating the maintenance period from the date of receipt of the hospital, which amounted to construction of $ 105 million.

In her response, the minister stressed that all procedures for receiving the Turkish hospital are in accordance with the legal contexts and instructions and according to the approval of the government contracts department in the Ministry of Planning. After the support of the resident engineer's department to assess the percentage of completion, the additions to the hospital are included in the value of establishing the hospital. , Noting that the hospital contains several sections developed and provides services to the people of the province of Babylon, as well as that the establishment of the hospital is in several stages with a lack of customizations.

MP al-Awadi asked to know the reasons for the failure of the Minister of Health to maintain the civil defense system, which led to the outbreak of many fires in the institutions of the Ministry of Health, the investigation has proved the involvement of senior officials in the Minister's office as well as the responsibility of the Supreme Committee overseeing civil defense.

In her turn, the minister indicated that the biggest fires that occurred in the ministry were in the department of Kimadia and behind it a political party in addition to another fire proved by investigations that was caused by electrical contact as the case of most fires, stressing the incorrect involvement of any of the employees of her office or relatives in the fire, pointing to the referral of the Yarmouk hospital director after the fire to the integrity Commission and reprimanded for not Karkh health follow-up to the conditions of health institutions director.

MP al-Awadi inquired at the insistence of the Minister of Health on the delivery of tasks to one of the officers close to her and his qualifications and career and the tenure of several positions are the director of the Department of Security Permits and the protection of the minister and the director of the club sports health.

The minister pointed out that the ministry's protection officer is another person with the rank of colonel is different from the protection officer and the lieutenant first who holds the post of honorary president of the Sports Health Club occupies this position without any financial entitlements and the person concerned is not related to companies and has scientific qualifications, The functions of the security clearance section are specified in a letter from the Ministry of National Security and the relationship of the Minister of Health to that and the assignment of the person concerned for a period of 4 months and another person took over the post.

For his part, President Jubouri announced the completion of the process of questioning the Minister of Health in the session tomorrow after the completion of six questions out of a total of 26 questions submitted by MP Awad Al-Awadi.

Then it was decided to adjourn the meeting until Sunday, 2/4/2017.

Department of Information
Iraqi Council of Representatives


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