The agenda of the session No. (23) Monday (3) April 2017

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The agenda of the session No. (23) Monday (3) April 2017

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April 3, 2017 April 3, 2017

First: Reading verses from the Holy Quran.

Second: Vote on the draft law on seizure and confiscation of movable and immovable property belonging to the pillars of the former regime. (Reconciliation, Accountability and Justice Commission, Finance Committee, Legal Committee). (Article 9).

Third: The vote on the draft holidays law. (Awqaf and Religious Affairs Committee, Culture and Information Committee, Legal Committee). (6 articles).

Fourth: Vote on the proposed amendment to the First Law of the Iraqi Media Network No. (26) for the year 2015. (Committee on Culture and Information, the Legal Committee). (5 articles).

Fifth: Vote on the exemption of the President of the Media and Communications Authority.

Sixth: An initiative of parliamentarians for community peace in Nineveh.

Seventh: Complete the questioning of the Minister of Health. (MP Awad al-Awadi).

Eighth: General topic for discussion on the security situation in Sinjar district and the report of the committees (security and defense, and the regions and governorates not organized in a region).

Ninth: First reading of the proposed law amendment of the law of the High Commission for Human Rights No. (53) for the year 2008. (Commission on Human Rights, the Legal Committee). (One article).

Tenth: First reading of the proposed law of the first amendment to the law of the Martyrs Foundation No. (2) for the year 2016. (Committee of Martyrs, Victims and Political Prisoners, Finance Committee, Legal Committee). (6 articles).

Eleventh: Report and discussion of the proposed law of the second amendment to the law of the Independent High Electoral Commission No. (11) for the year 2007. (Legal Committee), (6 article).

The session begins at 11 am.جـــــــدول-اعمـــال-الجلســـــة-رق-22/


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Re: The agenda of the session No. (23) Monday (3) April 2017

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The House of Representatives votes to amend the law of the media network and continues to question the Minister of Health

April 3, 2017 April 3, 2017

The voice of the House of Representatives in its twenty-third ordinary session, which was chaired by Dr. Salim al-Jubouri, the President of the Council and the presence of 183 deputies on Monday 3/4/2017, the proposal for the first amendment to the law of the Iraqi media network and continued the process of questioning the Minister of Health.

At the beginning of the session, MP Abdel-Nalaa Al-Naeli read out on the occasion of the anniversary of the martyrdom of Grand Ayatollah Muhammad Baqir Al-Sadr and his sister Amenah Bint Al-Huda, praising the sacrifices he made in order to raise the word of God in the land and fight against the Baath regime. He praised his superiority and scientific and jurisprudential superiority and his writings in philosophy and logic As well as his political activity and popular popularity as a symbol and a great reference, which led the Baathist al-Aflaki regime to arrest him until he got the certificate, prompting everyone to draw lessons from the sacrifices he made in order to achieve national unity among all Iraqis.

Then the Council read Al-Fatihah on the spirit of martyr Sadr and martyrs of Iraq.

On the other hand, the President of the Council called for solidarity, cooperation and support for dialogue in order to build the country after the end of terrorism and eliminate it, and called for staging the dangers that may result from the differences that are taking place, noting that the presidency of the Council will make its efforts during the current week to miss the opportunity The repercussions of the decisions issued by the Kirkuk Provincial Council and the House of Representatives on lifting the flag of the Kurdistan region in the province of Kirkuk, where the presidency of the Council to reach the best solutions to avoid the row.

He pointed out that the Presidency of the House of Representatives would not hesitate to punish those who used inappropriate language and attack the presidency in order to maintain the context of the work of the Council as well as the cancellation of vacations until the end of the legislative term of In order to complete the voting on the important legislation, the signature paper of the ladies and gentlemen will be withdrawn after half an hour of the session.

The Council then voted on the proposed amendment to the First Law of the Iraqi Media Network No. (26) for the year 2015, submitted by the Committees of Culture, Information and Legal Affairs in view of the issuance of the decision of the Federal Supreme Court No. 90 and its units 99/107 / federal / 2015 on 27/6/2016 Unconstitutional many of the provisions of the law

The Iraqi Media Network No. 26 of 2015 and to fill the legislative vacuum created by the said provision.

On the vote on the exemption of Mr. Safa al-Din Rabie President of the Information and Communication Commission President Jubouri confirmed the presidency of the Council request signed by 51 deputies after the completion of the process of interrogation on the basis of Article 61 / VIII / e of the Iraqi Constitution.

The president pointed out that the House of Representatives has two options either resolve the decision to waive or postpone the decision until some parliamentary blocs have been proven, which was raised in the process of questioning, despite the feeling of the presidency of the Council that the procedures during the process of interrogation were in accordance with the constitutional contexts and the rules of procedure of the House of Representatives.

The Council voted to proceed with the exemption procedures of the Chairman of the Information and Communications Authority in the event of a quorum.

Then President al-Jubouri welcomed an Iraqi delegation that attended the council session and participated in an exhibition in Egypt for inventions. He won 23 gold medals out of 67 medals.

He expressed appreciation of the Iraqi parliament for their achievements because they proved that the Iraqis are ready for the competition. In turn, Mr. Thamer Al- Kadhmi, head of the Iraqi delegation, During the meeting thanked the Iraqi Council of Representatives for hosting, stressing the importance of solidarity and unity and that the House of Representatives contributes to the reunification of Iraqis.

The Iraqi delegation participating in the Egyptian inventions exhibition presented a souvenir to Mr. Salim al-Jubouri, Speaker of the House of Representatives.

On the other hand, the Council continued the process of questioning Mrs. Adila Hammoud, Minister of Health at the request of MP Awad Al-Awadi.

Al-Awadi inquired about the causes of the waste and spend the amount of one billion and 223 million and 889 thousand dinars from the allocations of public clinics and the General Company for the marketing of medicines on the Sports Health Club, according to the approval of the Minister, noting the many embezzlement in the club did not meet the legal requirements for the establishment.

The Minister of Health confirmed that the club was established a year before taking office in the ministry and the amount has been spent on the club since its establishment in 2013 in the period in which it occupied the membership of the House of Representatives until its abolition in 2015, explaining that part of the said amount was disbursed from the departments that finance In the form of advances and grants, as well as granting the club a sum of money from the budget of the ministry, showing 600 million dinars, which was disbursed by the previous administrative body in the period of the former minister and has full authorization of the disbursement, after which money was disbursed to the club according to official books by the Administrative and Financial Service, Open an investigation into financial irregularities.

The MP questioned the measures taken on the outbreak of the mumps and measles epidemic and deliberately not to provide the MMR vaccine despite the existence of two contracts while the ministry provided the financial allocation for the pneumococcal vaccine, which is a waste of public money.

The Minister of Health pointed to the delay in the implementation of contracts concluded because of the delay in funding, pointing out that the vaccines depend on national and international indicators in this regard and was approved for the vaccine, which protects against infection of bacteria causing pneumonia Correlated on the basis of the need in 2013 before the Minister to take office Said that the ministry has campaigned for vaccination and education among school students after the spread of mumps disease among schoolchildren.
MP Awad al-Awadi asked to know the reasons behind the negligence of the ministry to provide a vaccine to bite the scorpion and treat the bite of the snake for the years (2014-2015-2016), where monitoring inventory (0), resulting in deaths among the injured.

In response, Mrs. Adila Hammoud, Minister of Health, said that the decision taken by the ministry was to integrate the needs of 2014 with the needs of 2015 and the ministry was importing from a well-known international company for the various types of snakes and scorpions, pointing to the selection of a company to equip scorpion, The Minister of Health in several countries including Egypt and Iran, which welcomed the assistance to Iraq and the purchase of medicines directly, pointing out that the examination of the treatment of the bite of the snake did not succeed and was not launched and the exporting company refused to return the assets and was purchased Of drugs from Iran.

He called MP Al-Awadi to clarify the motives behind the Minister's irregularities and approve the amendment of the commercial offer and the scales of the companies implementing the establishment of multiple hospitals by raising the amounts of work completed at the beginning of the project and reduce the value of paragraphs that are completed at the end of the project, causing waste of public funds amounts up to 10 billion dinars.

The Minister of Health pointed out that there was no waste of public money and the amount of the money was not disbursed. The approval of the former minister was obtained after the approval of the Council of Ministers to grant the authority to amend the tables in the hospitals provided that the value of the contract does not exceed all the approvals made by the Minister of Health, On the new hospital projects pointing to the receipt of a letter from the Inspector General of the Ministry on the amendment of the bill of quantities of one of the companies has not been audited by him and included a proposal to stop the work of the letter sent by the Department of projects where obtained the approval of the Secretary of the Inspector General's opinion was also A commission of inquiry in this matter included recommendations to punish the defaulters.

MP Awad Al-Awadi inquired about the reasons for assigning two employees or two articles of their posts to other posts of great importance in the ministry, despite the lack of conformity to the job description according to loyalty and favoritism.

The Minister of Health pointed out that the employees referred to have been appointed or assigned to other positions in accordance with the instructions and in accordance with the official and Diwaniyah resolutions and orders confirming their work for managing the ministry for more than one year without agents in the ministry until the Council of Ministers appoints general managers in the ministry to assist them.

MP Awad al-Awadi said there was a deliberate waste of about $ 24 million by failing to meet the large sums of similar designs of German and Turkish hospitals, despite the fact that the financial control report, the Ministry of Planning book and the cabinet book were proven.

For her part, the Minister stressed the lack of waste of public money because it was under contracts transferred in 2008 and instructions issued and the decision of the Council of Ministers within projects in several provinces and the value of 150 million dollars for each hospital, noting that the subject was raised previously and the ministry explained the reasons for the delay of these projects As well as explaining the reasons and the value of the projects through the Ministry of Planning and Design Office by a Japanese expert and the Canadian Royal Advisory Office on the similarity of designs, pointing to refer the issue of these projects lagging to the Council of Ministers.

Al-Awadi MP inquired about the reasons for neglect after completing 400 beds for Al-Muthanna province and deliberately wasting public money and disbursing an advance to the company of $ 3,625,000 before the end of the contractual period of the project and the violation of the percentage of completion. Led to a waste of $ 14,500,000 and was not repaid.

The minister denied the presence of negligence in waste of public money, indicating that the disbursement was based on the approved instructions for the contractors and was disbursed by 10 percent, which is disbursed at the beginning of each project and the operational payment disbursed was under the amounts spent in the implementation of the budget for a letter of guarantee from a bank approved by the Central Bank According to the disbursement schedule and instructions.

He called for the return of the minister to the minister's insistence on violating the instructions of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers on determining the number of cars and protection for each minister and the disbursement of large sums of money for fuel and car repair, in addition to the Secretary of the number of protection outside the decision and the budget of emergency amounts and the purchase of medicines and medical supplies.

MP al-Awadi stressed the need to know why the minister deliberately and deliberately to buy a meeting of the northern and southern flu of the company Sanofi $ 10 million and in very high quantities, although the above vaccine is not in the routine and not used in vaccination campaigns, indicating the lack of planning and neglect in Public money .

The minister added that the vaccine is part of the ministry's obligation to purchase it every year according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization. It is used in high risk cases and includes many categories that may suffer from the northern and southern flu, which cost millions of dollars.

MP al-Awadi wondered why the second quintuplement (50/2016/363) was contracted for 30,400,000 million dollars, noting that there is a sixth vaccine with a value of 90 million dollars under financial allocation, with the first five vaccine available and compensable.

The Minister pointed out that each vaccine is different from the other in terms of function and treatment of cases and each vaccine completes the other, noting that the introduction of vaccine hexagon in 2016 is an achievement of the Ministry of Health as it includes six vaccines for several diseases and good quality after the delay of the company to equip the ministry with the Pentagram vaccine Which is now used as a stimulant.

Al-Awadi pointed out that the minister's negligence, poor planning and management, and the focus on referral to the Turkish company ems (Eng / 31/2015/12) and depriving the popular crowd and the security forces and citizens from buying 500 ambulances and $ 40 million despite the importance of the subject and the urgent need for these cars .

In response, the Minister of Health pointed to the existence of a decision by the Council of Ministers that includes the allocation of the said amount to the Ministry of Health to compensate for the losses of the ministry of ambulances in the hot provinces or in the battles against the organization calling the terrorist, confirming receipt of the ministry for 11 offers were selected three companies, Which was overseen by the offer on terms, including its relationship with the German company Benz, after which the company was considered a contract in the contract for not providing proof of the relationship with the German company.
The minister said that the ministry then reduced the specifications in ambulances and the same procedures. The contract was referred to another company for signing soon, stressing that the ministry is continuing the process of equipping the popular crowd with ambulances and all medical needs.

MP al-Awadi inquired about the minister's insistence on traveling under the chairmanship of a high-level delegation composed of six people to represent Iraq at the 15th Meeting of States Parties to the Convention on the prohibition of anti-personnel landmines. At the same time, the ministry declined to pay Iraq's financial contributions to the above- Of the cost of financial contributions to the Convention itself.

The Minister denied travel and participation within the delegation mentioned in the State of Chile, pointing out that the delegation was headed by Director General of Mine Affairs after the approval of the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and Iraq's participation in the meeting was very important especially the presence of mines and remnants of war in large areas, indicating that the payment of Iraq's contribution was Through the Ministry of Finance in coordination with the Central Bank and not the authority of the ministry.

MP Al-Awadi inquired about the insistence of Minister Hammoud on the conclusion of the contract No. (87/2014/71/5 / a) for the purchase of cardiorespheres and blockers (asd.pda) in the amount of referral (16,375,53) million dollars, about 20 billion dinars, The balance of my store has been neglected to hold a previous bill covering the need for 2017 and contracting with the company above and the dimensions of other companies with lower prices, knowing that the Ministry's need to provide other material is very important amounts.

For her part, the minister pointed out that packaging is an important part of the requirements of heart operations and the expansion of valves, pointing out that there is no neglect of the inventory and the exclusion of companies was due to lack of providing the insurance and conditions, noting that the companies that transferred the contract to them met the financial and technical controls, Three months of accounting with the company and some open contracts for a long time include multiple sizes of heart valves.

MP Al-Awadi asked about the absence of albumin material from life-saving materials, especially in the incidence of accidents such as burns, wounds and kidney failure, and the failure to complete the contract on the article and promised to take legal action regarding the company that is the contract's owner. There is insistence on the scientific office, although it has been giving way before them to make presentations to the ministry.

The Minister of Health, Adila Hammoud, stressed that the referral went to a Swiss company in November 2015 by the study committee. The referral was approved in December of the same year, but the company delayed, prompting the company to propose compensation for the ministry. up to 500 million dinars, noting that Kimadia has developed an interest in the ministry provided to obtain material instead of albumin resort to legal ways, pointing out that the Inspector General called for the receipt of material Kimadia to wait compensatory in order to investigate this company, which the ministry was forced to cancel Alaha And consideration of the company and going to eat another company had a monopoly processing ministry and offering high prices, the company was required to ship the goods free because of the scarcity was sent a shipment of 4000 vial and are currently being used.

Then, Mr. President of the Council decided to complete the questioning on Tuesday and make the meeting open at the request of the Attorney questioner.

Then decide to adjourn the meeting until tomorrow 04/04/2017.

Department of Information
Iraqi Council of Representatives


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