Iraqis breathe the air of freedom in the memory of the fall of tyrant

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Iraqis breathe the air of freedom in the memory of the fall of tyrant

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Baghdad / Shaima Rashid / Muhannad Abdul Wahab
Iraqis celebrate the ninth anniversary of the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime. After nearly 35 years of suffering, wars, prisons and oppression by a dictatorial regime that has plunged the country into a sea of ​​blood because of futile wars and an individual approach to government. After all, Iraqis were free on April 9, 2003, a day that many politicians and researchers see as a turning point in the history of contemporary Iraq.

 Despite the recognition of most Iraqi politicians optimistic that the stage following the fall of the dictator did not meet the aspirations of the Iraqi people as he hoped for many reasons, including "the fear of some countries in the region ruled by dictatorial regimes of Iraq's young democratic experience, prompting to try to thwart the political process by sending totals Terrorist and so on. "

Despite all the obstacles set by some parties to obstruct the democratic political process in Iraq, Iraqis have proved to the whole world that they are life-makers and that they will not overstate their freedom after great sacrifices.

 Today, Iraqis are celebrating the fall of the idol, dreaming and working for a better future for their future generations. The smoke of terror as they have cleared the dust and rot of dictatorship.

Several provinces (Sunday, 9 April) declared a public holiday to celebrate the fall of the tyrant Saddam, where the Kurdistan Regional Government, the province of Kirkuk and the province of Khanaqin in the province of Diyala and Maysan province to disrupt the official time in all circles on the occasion of the fall of Saddam's regime.

turning point
"The anniversary of the fall of the dictatorial regime 14 years ago is a turning point in the history of contemporary Iraq," said Haneen Qado, a member of the House of Representatives. "The political process has achieved many achievements despite the great challenges it faced."
"The fall of the Saddam regime on April 9 is a very important turning point in the lives of the Iraqis and the political process, despite the great challenges since that date, especially with the emergence of terrorist groups under various names in putting obstacles and obstacles to the Iraqi government, .

He added that "the political process established its roots and was able to move forward through the Iraqi constitution and through the elections and the emergence of many political parties that enjoy freedom and the formation of civil society organizations," noting that "these things all support the political process and did not exist at the time of the former regime" .

"Although important strategic projects have not been achieved in the years following the fall of the tyrant in 2003, the reason is that large sums of money have been wasted on fighting extremist ideas that have emerged since the fall of the regime and thus have been a priority for successive Iraqi governments to achieve security and stability. "He said.

"Although the successive governments did not get the opportunity or space from neighboring countries that support terrorist groups in order to thwart the political process, but the political process was able to prove its existence."

The MP hoped that "the government can achieve important achievements to be the fruit of the political process," noting that "soon will be ended," Daash, "which will help to provide funds to serve the Iraqi people."

He pointed out that "the governments that followed the rule of Iraq after the fall of the former regime suffered a lot of challenges, which affected the services provided to the Iraqi people, especially as many of the ministers were imposed both on the current government or previous governments and therefore a large proportion of them are not professionals , But there are still a lot of projects that have been completed, although we recognize the need for Iraq to more projects and services. "

Historical detail
The member of the House of Representatives Hassan Khalati that "the fall of the former regime is a historical detail in the political life in Iraq," noting that "the fall of the former regime ended the historical era of the rule of the idol."

"Iraq has entered a new era of catching up with the civilized world, despite the security breaches and the current situation," Khallati told al-Sabah. "Iraq can only be part of the democratic transition, because the Baathist regime had a dangerous role to play. Country back ".
"This day represents a day of great transformation and a transition from the despicable dictatorship to the stage of democracy and pluralism and the participation of all in the work and the political process."

He added that "the most important achievements since the fall of the former regime is that Iraq is open to the world and ended the dictatorship and the Iraqis are exercising their rights freely and democratically, and Iraq returned to its Arab position, noting that" what happens because of violations of the terrorist assemblies is temporary and will go away. "

Happy anniversary
"The anniversary of the fall of the regime on April 9, 2003 is an unforgettable and joyous memory for the Iraqi people," said MP Joseph Saliho. "Iraq has rid itself of its tyranny over its years."

"The current stage certainly is not what the Iraqis wanted after they rejoiced at the fall of the dictator," Saliyah told Sabah.

He pointed out that "Iraq is witnessing democracy today, despite being incomplete and incomplete," calling on "the political parties and the Iraqi people to continue their struggle for the implementation of social justice between the components of the people."

He also called on "politicians to change their current approach, which if it continues, their fate will not be better than the fate of the former regime."

Break restrictions
MP for the State of Law Jawad al-Bolani, pointed out that "the transition to freedom from the imposition of dictatorial regimes begins in Iraq from the date of April 9,The lifting of the restrictions that bind the Iraqi people from the tyrannical regime. "

 "The Iraqi people have begun a new phase of this history and the establishment of a state that all Iraqis dream of achieving human justice," Al-Bolani said in an interview with Al-Sabah.

 "The circumstances of political change and the stages that have passed since 2003 have witnessed the enhancement of political taste among Iraqi citizens And increased their interest in the development of political development despite the existing frustrations. "

 "There is great hope in the development of the country and turn it into a democratic work properly away from the language of demolition and threat, heading to the language of building, dialogue and acceptance of the other."

 He explained that "Iraq needs a language of dialogue and political understanding and competition on the basis of programs, and it is enough that the people now live a state of transition to advanced political awareness and could find a phase of decline in services and administrative benefits, legal and financial."

 He added that "the memory of this history makes the Iraqis renewed and aspiring to the demands of freedom and the advancement and reconstruction and reconstruction of Iraq to the fullest."

 A democratic approach on his part, between the head of the parliamentary clans committee Aboud al-Issawi that "the history of change is the transition from the state of extinction in contemporary history to start to establish a democratic approach in the region."

"The Iraqis proved in this history that they are the people of civilization and the people of freedom, so change has become very important, which angered the enemies of Iraq, and therefore resorted to some countries of the region to fight this change because it tries to undermine some dictatorships founded on the skulls of sons Their people so they tried and with all the ferocity of the Nile from this great historical migration in Iraq.

 " He added that "one of the most important achievements of the Iraqis after the change is the democratic political system, which was characterized by freedom through the elections that set the political leadership in Iraq, so the Iraqis are responsible for state building and are able to change the political leadership every four years, the most important achievements of Iraq and Iraqis "He said.

 He called Issawi "political blocs to exploit all opportunities for freedom and start the stage of construction needed by the Iraqi society of services and reconstruction and economic revival in the interest of Iraq," and called on "all political actors to work to eliminate corruption and start the process of development in all areas."

 "The history of the fall of the dictatorial regime in Iraq is a moment and a turning point in the history of contemporary Iraq, because it moved Iraq from the era of dictatorship to a democratic era, which in itself has important implications."

Al-Shammari said in his speech to Al-Sabah that "the change has made Iraq move towards the establishment of a democratic system, which in any case is a great achievement at the level of Iraq and the countries of the region compared to the existing systems."

 And that "the liberation of the Iraqi thought of the constraints that was bound by it; in addition to the change enabled the Iraqis - despite the presence of occupation in those years - the formation of their political system was not available in the past days of the dictatorial regime, and Iraqis have become more aware and the largest ability to dialogue despite The negative aspects facing the political process and the lack of completion of state institutions in addition to the continuation of political rivalries, "explaining that" there are some parties are pushing towards the destruction of the political process, and may be half enemies of the moment of change for the year 2003. "

 "Democracy needs more accumulation and experience over decades," he said. "The political forces involved in the change should proceed to draw the relationship between the authorities democratically and in itself can enhance the experience."


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