Five-year mine clearance plan

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Five-year mine clearance plan

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09/4/2017 12:00 am

Baghdad / Omar Abdul Latif
The Ministry of Health and the Environment revealed a five-year strategic plan to clean all of Iraq's landmines, calling on "all partners from the international community to support the National Mine Action Program to manage its needs and to prepare all its technical and logistical requirements." "

Health Minister Adela Hamoud said during the ceremony held by the ministry on the occasion of the International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in the work related to it, and attended by "morning", "We can not on this occasion, but to strengthen the efforts in the field of mine clearance by employees in the competent department As part of the implementation of many awareness campaigns targeting the displaced population, as well as targeting communities affected by the destruction of unexploded ordnance from mines, ammunition and ballistics. Such efforts undoubtedly avoid the dangers and death of many citizens If they do not know how to handle these strange objects. "

"We are faced with a very complex reality at the level of contamination by mines, ballistic missiles and improvised explosive devices as a result of what the terrorist gangs have propagated and what resulted from previous wars, but the responsibility is binding on all partners at work or at the level of the international community to support the national mine action program In particular the relevant educational, educational and counseling programs, "and praised the efforts of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), which had signed a memorandum of understanding with the Mine Action Service at the awareness level. As well as the efforts of the United Nations Mine Action Program, which has been very active in the area of ​​assistance and support for joint awareness work.

"After the completion of the liberation of all Ninewa areas, the Mine Affairs Department of the Ministry of Health will have to make significant efforts related to mine action in general and in particular awareness-raising activities," she said.

"Heavy" consequences
For his part, the Technical Undersecretary of the Ministry Dr. Jassim Al-Falahi said that "what happened to Iraq as a result of its past wars following the policies of the regime of Saddam Al-Mubad, behind all these heavy consequences of the remnants of wars and mines and their dangerous and unfinished dumps," noting that "the government after 2003 realized the seriousness of this Which led to the formation of a special department in the same year under the name of the Department of Mine Affairs, which took over the management of programs dealing with mine action and assistance to victims and support international conventions, as well as to sponsor awareness campaigns against the dangers of mines and unexploded ordnance.

He added in his speech during the celebration that "the shocking situation and the candidate for the file" calling "the terrorist and the resulting displacement of families and displaced people, as well as the deployment of explosive devices and traps of fools and other means of deadly war, all this and other push the Department to launch several campaigns and communication and guidance directed All displaced and affected by the waste of war and its victims. "

The ministry's technical agent praised "the awareness efforts that have been made and will be made towards the educational and advisory work against the dangers of mines, particularly the UN Mine Action Organization (UNMAS), or the recent memorandum of understanding with UNICEF as part of the awareness work, In terms of overcoming all procedural, technical and logistical obstacles. "

Five Year Plan
"There is a five-year plan to clean up all areas of Iraq from mines and unexploded ordnance, including areas affected by terrorism," said Halad Rashad, director general of the Mine Affairs Department at the ministry.

"The Department has made tremendous efforts despite the size of the big problem in the areas affected by terrorism and from the first moment to liberate it," he said in a statement to Al-Sabah. He said that "the survey conducted a technical and non-technical aircraft in the provinces of Anbar, Salahuddin, Diyala and part of Babylon, .
"We are working hard to ensure that there are clear and significant actions to raise awareness of the return of displaced people to their areas of residence in a safe manner," he said. "There is a real map of this pollution so we can deal with it professionally and through plans to coordinate and consult with The executive actors of the defense and interior ministries.

Director General of the Department pointed out that "the plan, which was developed, in coordination and cooperation with all relevant parties, in harmony with the pillars of the program of mine action through the containment of systematic awareness activities commensurate with what will be found in contaminated areas and removal work that require considerable time and effort and capacity building Real in Iraq ".


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