.News, Rumors and Opinions Tuesday Night 4-11-17

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.News, Rumors and Opinions Tuesday Night 4-11-17

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Cole: Compliance!!!! Does this or will this reflect 1000:1? It should... imo...

Jay: Cole. Imo this screams LDs. Where their is LDs there is international rate. Its almost here...lol ok. Imo

Aggiedad77: Hey brother.....first phone cards....then SIM cards.....then flight tickets....electricity.....what could possibly be next....just do it.


Leb: Wow! Enough talk Iraq....Just do it!

Frank26: They ............... Are.

Artsyfartsy4: It's been fun seeing them roll it out bit by bit. I am liking this progression...steady.

GreenClan: 27-28-29 here we come baby!

Frank26: Hope it happens on the 26 instead .


Don961: «Iraq» is moving to cut its flights ticket prices

4/12/2017 0:00

Baghdad / Jinan al - Asadi is studying Iraqi Airways the possibility of reducing the prices of airline tickets through theaircraft in preparation for the season next summer, part of its plan to stimulate passenger traffic through their airlines . He said Director General of the Ministry of Transport Company Samer Kubba , in a statement made by »Sabah»: The «through his company , which formed a committee to study the economic feasibility of the prices of airline tickets, are currently studying the possibility of reducing fares in preparation for the summer season under its plan to stimulate passenger traffic through their airlines».

He said his company had earlier cut prices by 30 percent for some airline tickets, private lines , which is witnessing a high turnout by travelers, such as line (Baghdad - Beirut) and (Baghdad - Istanbul), indicating that the company in turn , is working to provide better services to passengers and the preparation of plans that contribute to the lifting of these services and upgrading, such as the selection of flight attendants according to international standards and by a specialized committee.

He added Kubba that development plans reflect the reality of civilization of the country, being the air national carrier of Iraq, noting that air traffic is witnessing great openness , especially recently, as it has been opened many international airlines, which led to an increase Airlines aircraft that operate in turn on the movement commitment air safety global Aviation Organization standards to ensure flying over international airspace.

He pointed out that his company is working in coordination with the General Establishment of Civil Aviation to open a number of airlines, including line (Baghdad - Tunisia) , which was completed all the procedures of logistics leaving him only the agreement on visa entry into Tunisian territory.

Director of Iraqi Airways , and added that the line will be the first to the Arab Maghreb countries, which will contribute to the revitalization of tourism and the academic side, as well as written (Cyprus - Baghdad) and (Baghdad - Moscow), stressing the contribution of all those lines activate the movement of passengers through the lines and thus increase fiscal revenue accruing to them, pointing to the presence of some flights that do not check the company any economic feasibility of the small number of passengers. And he said that his company has taken a number of measures that contributed to the revitalization of passenger traffic, as well as increasing the number of flights to some countries to two per day economic feasibility of lines, such as (Baghdad - Beirut) and (Baghdad - Tehran) and (Baghdad - Istanbul).



2cents: I cannot find "eliminate exchange rate restrictions" on the agenda for the Iraq Finance 2017 meeting.....can someone here help???

DELTA: The establishment of a National Investment Fund (NIF) to support Iraq’s private sector: reality or illusion?

Governance issues: tackling bureaucracy, Iraq’s complex political situation and legacies of prevailing state intervention

Accounting / Auditing: developing skills to IFRSA desired standards and increasing the number of trained Iraqi accountants

Eliminating exchange restrictions

Transparency: ensuring transparency in the banking sector; mechanisms for banks to identify creditworthy clients

Improving the regulatory framework to protect investors and ensure a fair, efficient and transparent market

Expanding bilateral investment agreements

Implementation of effective risk management procedures in the Iraqi financial institutions to achieve organisational objectives and long-term superior performance

Insurance: new models and requirements

Measures against money-laundering and corruption



MrMoerbe: Has Anyone seen this, IMF article?

Building a More Resilient and Inclusive Global Economy
A Speech by Christine Lagarde, Managing Director, IMF

April 12, 2017



11:00 AM CET/9:00 AM GMT

Coming Soon http://www.imf.org/en/News/Articles/2017/04/07/building-a-more-resilient-and-inclusive-global-economy-a-speech-by-christine-lagarde


GFulcher66: WOW, Im surprised no one is talking about Iraqs neighbor giving their citizens instructions on cashing in! They have 6 mo., allot will be digital, 1 zero lopped ... this is signs of it all happening imo! Frank didnt you sell that currency? Its only in 10,000 euros but that will change... ill see if I can et more info.
Don961: CBI Sets New Foreign Currency Rules- (Iran)

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

CBI Sets New Foreign Currency Rules

The Central Bank of Iran has issued a new directive in line with anti-smuggling laws, based on which individuals holding more that €10,000 would be subject to an official probe.

According to the directive announced on the official website of the bank, keeping foreign exchange up to €10,000 (or its equivalent in other currencies) faces no legal barriers.
Retaining an amount of foreign currency higher than the set limit is allowed only if the applicant obtains one of the following documents:

* A bank's receipt or any other document indicating that the amount has been reimbursed by a bank.

* An authorized receipt from an exchange house registered in CBI's SANA system.
* A printed receipt containing the tracking code that indicates the currency was declared when entering the country.

The directive noted that if someone is in possession of a larger amount of hard currency than the set limit and does not have one of the aforementioned documents, they need to open a foreign currency account in one of the banks or sell the currency to a bank or licensed exchange within three months.

Banks and bureaux de change's receipts that show the currency has been paid by them is only valid for six months and owners need to open a currency account or sell the sum within the allowed period.

The directive emphasized that any conversion, purchase and sale of currency outside the banking system or authorized bureaux de change is prohibited.

Last year, Iran authorized banks to undertake foreign exchange trading at a free-market rate, as authorities plan to unify exchange rates.

Iran operates two exchange rates: a free market rate, which was at 37,062 rials to the US dollar on Monday, and an official rate used for state transactions, set by the central bank at 32,439 rials.

In recent months, the central bank has raised the official rate gradually to shrink the gap between the two. It has said it wants to unify the exchange rate, to make the economy more efficient and create a level field for private firms competing with state institutions with access to cheaper foreign exchange.

In November, the CBI also issued a directive requiring travelers and truckers in transit entering the country to declare currency valued over $10,000 to the Ministry of Economy’s Financial Intelligence Unit, in line with international anti-money laundering statutes.

Short URL : https://goo.gl/ngvBtV


Dinar Updates:

Q: [...I saw the ad for Zain prepaid phone cards in denominations of 250, 500, and 1000 IQD. I would assume they would be similar to 25, 50, and 100 dollar cards. Is this then telling us they are removing 1 zero and not 3? Not sure what to think.]

BGG : Could just be moving toward increased value. I highly doubt they "take off one zero" since the whole "three zeros project" isn't about nominal value - or moving the decimal point. It's about increasing the value.



Harambe: CNBC: US oil settles at $53.40 a barrel, up 32 cents after Saudi Arabia says it wants output cuts extended http://www.cnbc.com/id/104396427

NWMontana: hello everyone! I found this story to be quite Mooooving~

Commercial banks in Zimbabwe will soon be compelled to accept livestock such as cattle, goats and sheep as collateral for cash loans to informal businesses under a new law presented to Parliament Tuesday.

Currency 365: Chapter 7 removal soon/Prices of goods dropping drastically https://youtu.be/Nl6VeQCyWCQ


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