Detailed KTFA CC Notes from Mon. 4-10-17 Part 1 of 3

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Detailed KTFA CC Notes from Mon. 4-10-17 Part 1 of 3

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Aggiedad77:  At long last here are the Monday Night CC "unabridged" notes for your reading pleasure....enjoy    Aloha  Randy

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

CC Notes Monday 04-10-2017

Frank26:  Family we now walk into our study of our investment the Iraqi dinar….DELTA….DELTA are you there….Frankie Frankie how are you….I am beyond excited….you know we are not going to say that this is our last conference call….but we are going to say we aren’t going to have any CC’s next week….and we will be with the Family in that last week of April….and if you have the ability I would tell you DELTA, please join us again two weeks from today…..but for now…..there is a plethora….there is a Long List….there is a lot we need to talk about tonight….

And this is what I would like to do….as the quarterback….I would like to hand off the ball to you and I want you to run with it….and score a touchdown… me a favor….say as much as you want to say right now….you and I are both up to date with our files….kind of….I have some more from….OTHERS…but I want you to take the ball right now and talk to the Family about the exciting things that have happened in this past week alone….and then what we will do….I will take notes listening to you…and anything you didn’t cover I will try to create a conversation between me and  you….back and forth…by asking you questions…or you asking me as well too….sound like winner…..Winner Winner….Chicken Dinner

Ok….pro set dive on three…ready…set….break….go for it DELTA.

DELTA:  Thank you very much Frankie….greetings Family….I am here today to give you maybe three, four, five files that we would like to give to you….the last weeks there has been a lot of excitement….a lot of good information that we got…and of course we’ve taken this back and forth with the TEAMS and I would like to say that Frankie does an excellent job with all of this.

Let me first start with the first file and that is with the MasterCard….so the MC as you did see two or three days ago….as we did our study and research…we saw that MC started showing the IQD in their system….now even though the program rate is still showing the excitement was beyond that because we know MC is international…and the way they were doing with the Iraqi dinar that was a good indication that Iraq and the CBI are about to do it….and you are going to hear me say a lot today that the Central Bank of Iraq today is about to do it IMO….so that may be my word for the day….”they are about to do it.”

What I did was I went back and did my research and it looks like MC started showing the IQD on October 14, 2016…if you go there, some of you that have the link can go there and click on the link and it is going to give you the option to put any currency you want…you can basically maneuver on this side and put in the USD and then you click the percentage in order for you to see the rate and it going to show you the 0.00088 and it is updating everyday based on what the CBI has….it is like 0.85 cents or 0.89 cents….going up and down.

But if you go back….you can go back like a year or two years, let’s say you put in  10/01/2016 it is not going to work, you are going to have some kind of message or memo from MC stating that this currency was not available at that time…and when you put 10/14/2016 that is the date the MC started showing the IQD….and we all know why that is….remember that is when the CBI came up with so many articles stating that by early 2017, or the Mookla or January of 2017 they were supposed to do it….

And remember about the ATM’s, the MC, the IBAN all that they talked about, and they were supposed to do it….but for some reason they put that on hold for a short time until they finalized things at that time….so this was when MC started showing the IQD….this gives you more confirmation that the CBI is more connected….that they are linked internationally…by the way with the MC you have to be international in order to do that…and again some of you may ask why aren’t we seeing the rate with the MC….Family remember Iraq is like a spoiled child and they can do whatever they  need to do….but we all know they cannot really go 100% Article VIII without them raising the value first.

So MC was very exciting….very good information….a very good indication that they were going to go international with the use of the MC….and by the way if you look at the VISA card too….look at their website you can see the IQD too…and it appears they did this a long time ago but with MC they just started to deal with this.

So with this #1 file MasterCard it is very significant….you can go back and follow what I have just told you that they started with the IQD on 10/14/2016 showing the IQD.

Frank:  Before you walk into File #2 I want to say a few things on MC…thank you for your report on the MC….I understand it was found on the Arabic side of the CBI and I understand you are also seeing VISA as well too….MC is a banking service Family..and this banking service called MC is going to BRIDGE the IQD that is inside of Iraq to the international world that is outside of its borders….that is a concept that I wanted to share with you…you see MC is not just for internationalism…although I will say that is exactly what Iraq is right now.

By the way this whole conference call is in our opinion….everything we say is IOO…..please take it as such.

MC is for the citizens of Iraq that are in the country of Iraq right now….only for the people inside of Iraq….you know why….because the IQD is not accepted anywhere on this planet except inside of Iraq….and yet a technology….a mechanism that the IMF wanted has  been born on the CBI Arabic website…..this is very important for you to understand…MC is a BRIDGE for the Iraqi dinar to leave the confines of its borders where it is trapped inside of its country right now….these are some powerful points that we want to make to you….we pray that you understand….we pray that you take this CC to God tonight in prayer….so that you can understand it a little bit better.

Do it…just do it says our brother DELTA….I say to our brother DELTA…..they are doing it….the MC company or organization, conglomerate is accepting the IQD Family…..taking it on its back….come on you can now be wired outside of your country into other countries….do other countries want the Iraqi dinar right now….of course not….why….because there is no value to it….or is there….MC is not so ignorant to lose money Family…the ATM’s are loaded with MC ability and it says very clearly in red, white, and blue “MasterCard” on the ATM machines

Yes it is for internationalism….it is a banking service….

They are going to use the MC to get across the border into the international world.

For the ATM’s to be using the MC….yes indeed internationally and to be able to wire their money through MC outside of the confines of Iraq into an international tradable community once they raise their value….they will also use the MC for their government payroll system…and for that matter for their citizens as well too…why….because the citizens in Iraq tell the banks….up yours.

And we told you that the ATM’s that have MC as a modern technological mechanism that we’ve been telling you about….these are miniature banks….so that the citizens can come in and at least start to trust the banks…..the primordial steps….you saw the articles this past week that made it very clear….we the banks need a better working relationship with the citizens….why….because they don’t trust us…why….well they keep money buried in the sand or under their beds….for the love of God…didn’t that article sound almost word for word from one of our CC’s that Aggiedad and Frosty transcribed.

MC Family is to benefit the citizens internally right now….but very soon it will become a powerful mechanism…..a powerful weapon that will allow the Iraqi dinar to leave the prison of those borders of Iraq….and to grow and prosper….indeed MC is not just for internationalism….but they are international right now IMO….and MC is for the citizens in the country….right now….only in the country….but once that rate goes up….oh BUDDY…start counting 76 days….thank you my brother…that is what I wanted to say.

Go ahead now and jump to File #2 and when you are done I’ll say a few things….what do you think.

DELTA:  #2 File which I guess is the most important file today….on Iraqia TV you know how they do, they get the news and they have the tickertape underneath the news….and there they showed one of their telephone companies….they sell prepaid chips for phones.

This should make everyone very happy….you should be jumping up and down…and this gives you more confirmation that the rate is about to change.

I know some of you have businesses and you understand business….in all my life I have never see a company drop their product are either going to be out of business…..or you are expecting something else….but for the phone companies to drop the prices from 10,000 dinars to 1,000 dinars….that is when you really start to scratch you head and saying wait a minute…..what is going on here….and why are they doing that….I mean we got the confirmation this was so….it is not a rumor anymore….the IMF has told the government what they need to do…which is lift the restrictions on the exchange rate…..or improve their foreign exchange policy for their currency….this is the only thing basically left for them to go international….and you can go to the IMF and read this….so for these companies to drop their rates 90% that gives you an indication that something is going on….those companies are in business to make money.
So I went and did my research on prepaid phone like you have in the US…in Europe….all over…and then you have another website…Zain…which is a phone company in Iraq… of the biggest ones too….and it looks like essentially they changed their pricing….they dropped it significantly….like I remember they used to have a minimum of 5,000 dinar, 10,000 dinar….then 25,000 and 50,000 dinar….but for them to drop it to 250 dinar….then 1,000 and 500 dinar….that is really a good indication the rate is really about to change….they are expecting something is going to happen there….so Family we do that with calculations….that should give you an indication the rate should be around .02-.04 cents…that does not mean that comes from the CBI…..

I am just telling you the difference there as we did the calculations….now the price of 5,000 dinars is basically equivalent to about $5.00…..that is how they have it….basically the 250 dinar they dropped it and it was going to be equivalent to 5,000 dinar…I think that is going to be about .02 or .03 cents….this is exactly what would do, but they could add inflation or whatever they are going to do….but again no one knows the exact rate….how much it is going to be….even though I will explain when I get to File #3 which is what the CBI is showing and they update every month.

So the phone companies in Iraq all of a sudden….in the still of the night….like we have said all the time….they decided to drop the pricing more than 90% on the phone cards and pre-paid cards and that does not make any sense at all…..for them to do that it is again a good indication that the rate could be about to change and they are expecting something….otherwise they are not going to survive… cannot drop the pricing in this way and survive….you will be out of business in a short time because you are not going to make money.

Think about it….those of you who use pre-paid cards….I’m not sure if any of you do that….but if you go right now and go online and try to buy like 15 minutes….and remember this is Iraq too and the Middle East is very expensive for you to do it….see how much they charge you per minute….some of them are like 0.49 cents/minute….some are $1.00/minute if you go internationally it depends on where you are going to go….especially for the ME countries it is very expensive to get the pre-paid cards….but if you do your calculations you will see that Zane and whatever this other phone company told us….looks like the rate shown there is 0.02 to 0.04 cents/minute there.

So this was really very significant for us when we saw this Family and we started to talk to the rest of the TEAM and Frankie and I….we looked and we did our due diligence and we found out yes the phone company appears to know something….they don’t know exactly what is going to happen….they don’t know exactly what the rate will be…but they know the rate is about to change…..that is why they have dropped all of these prices….Frankie do you have any comments on that.

Frank:  MC and VISA are powerful technological weapons of the banking industry….when you see that SIMS cards….like DELTA just told you did a 90% decrease…they are not doing it to lose money….they are doing it to adjust accordingly to the rates of the Iraqi dinar that are in-country right now….90% decrease sends a huge message….to any logical thinking that a mid-course correction….that a change is about to occur….based on a country’s value of their currency….because Zain and SIMS certainly do not want to stay with the high rates….when they revalue their currency and they introduce the LD’s and coins…..because then they would be drummed out of business….they would not exist with the other competition….who also adjusted accordingly….this is an amazing move to see a company go from 10,000 dinars down to 1,000 dinars….to go from 5,000 dinars down to 250, 500, or 1,000 dinars.

We told you Family that there was an order given to my FRIENDS who have over 500 employees in their business in Baghdad, Iraq….that they had to change their pay scale to 1,000 to 1….they made an adjustment accordingly to the Iraqi dinar that is in-country.

1184, 1186, 118-something…that is what they tell you is official….but IMO it is not……right now they have moved to the next step of the lava flow of the Iraqi dinar….and that is to simplify….no fractional banking….they simplified it…..1,000 to 1….and as soon as those citizens get their paychecks on the next pay timeframe….which I am uncomfortable to share with you….so I won’t talk about it….uh-oh…and I will just go away…..uh-oh…but it will during that time when the citizens of Iraq are going to explode with the knowledge about the Monetary Reform….about their currency now not having more value yet….but because they have more purchasing power….because they got more dinars in their NEXT paycheck in this month of April….than they ever have in all of the years in the past….this is not a mistake.

Zain is not dropping their rates because of a mistake….they are dropping their rates because they are privy to know that Iraq dinar is dropping its 000’s.

You will never see 1,000 to 1….you will never see 1 to 1….and tonight I will explain why you will never see 1 to 1… doesn’t belong to you…..1,000 to 1 doesn’t belong to you….it belongs inside the walls….inside of Iraq….not to the international world….and when they do release it 1 to 1 is not the rate it will be released to the international world IMO…and these two phone companies seem to know something right now by dropping their rates by what is the rate in-country right now….0.02 cents….0.10 cents…..0.35 cents….I don’t know…but I do know there is a change happening….metamorphosing right before our eyes….right now in this month of April.

Indeed DELTA I believe the CBI….they are about to do it……they are about to show us the true rate of the Iraqi dinar.

Today there was a financial conference in Lebanon and one of the topics was to eliminate the exchange rate restrictions….do you think they met today and said we plan to eliminate the exchange rate restrictions….NO…more than likely they partied about it…..we’ve done it….we are doing it.

The phone company is not trying to lose….it is trying to win….that is why they are willing to lose millions because very soon they are about to make billions…that is enough on my behalf DELTA….next file….go for it.

DELTA:  Before we move to the next file I would like to say that these phone companies if they never expected a rate change they would never do these types of move right now….we know they have be really very close for them to do this kind of movement…Zain as you may know they are on the Iraqi Stock Exchange…and like any company that is publicly traded you have to give a report to your clients and your investors….just imagine if they report they are going to be dropping our prices would their investors react….everyone would start selling their stock or lose a lot of money and maybe file bankruptcy….I’m just trying to add more to your points….this is HUGE IMO for them to be knowing what is exactly going to be happening.

File #3… the Central Bank of Iraq….as you all know I watch the CBI on the Arabic side and on the English side….there is a lot of things on the Arabic side that you have to know how to go into and I go there….and there is basically details of the auctions and the names of the banks participating in the auctions and pertinent stuff… you remember Frankie we said when the announcement is going to come it will be on the Arabic side…and back and forth….I got more confirmation that that is not the case…..

What is going to happen….when the rate changes it will be in the front page like in the Indicative Rate that we all check…but what will happen on the other side is they are going to send a memo to every bank stating that change…but I do believe that the CBI is obligated within 24-hours before the change is to take place they must send a memo to every bank before the change happens….now by the laws and regulations of the IMF internationally when a country wants to change their value it has to happen before they open for business…..or after the close of business…..

So in Iraq the CBI opens at 8 am and closes at 12 Noon… at something like 12 midnight or 10:00 pm they will send this memo to every bank that starting on this date….whatever date they decide for the rate change…alerting them to whatever the rate change will be…..we may know 24-hours….or 10-hours, or 3-hours before they open when that memo gets released to the banks…and once they send this memo I don’t think the CBI will care anymore…because once they make this decision it will be a done deal and you are going to wake up in the morning and see that it happened.

I know many of you can remember a long time ago when the rate was showing 5.29 and one of the ones who was selling dinars sent out masses of emails to everyone saying the rate had changed for the Iraqi dinar…and I believe that was close to 2 pm in the afternoon Iraqi time which was around 7 am eastern time….so that is kind of what we might predict is that the change will be up to the business hour of our business day, when things may be opening up in the morning for the US but in Iraq it would be afternoon, after they have closed the bank for banking…..

So on the Arabic side I might not even see that….or only announcement…because as you know when you go to the Arabic side there is no numbers…but on the English side first page there is always the Indicative Rate….but on the Arabic side you might be able to see the memos and this is basically what I am watching to see… they may put the memo up and then tell the banks or tell them then put the memo up…..but either way we are going to find it…and you might even be able to find it before me….because I know there are some of you who watch the CBI too….we are just trying to see how this will happen….it does have to happen before or after business hours.

The second thing on the CBI website is the spreadsheets….I went there again and it is showing for February or March about 0.87 cents…alright, this was what they were showing as their exchange rate on this spreadsheet….but again we do not know what they will show when the rate comes out…will it be 1 to 1….$2 or what…again we don’t know what is going to happen but the spreadsheet is showing about0.87 cents right now based on 30 days ago when they updated this spreadsheet.

There was an article showing an interview a couple of days ago at CBI a Q and A with one of the Board of Directors….and he did talk about a lot of things…the reporter asked him a lot of questions….one of the questions was about the currency….this is in Arabic and English too and some of you I think are confused about the numbers….he’s talking about 11 billion 600 million Iraqi dinars….now if this was paper notes he should have said….but he didn’t say paper notes… he’s talking about dinars not paper here Family….we all know a long time ago when came out and stated that by the way we have 4 billion paper notes worth about 46 or 47 trillion dinars….and the plan was to drop that 4 billion down to 1 billion after they lift the 000’s and suck in all the 000’s notes…..but this article doesn’t make sense….

If he is talking about the paper notes and if they printed 11 billion paper notes that is impossible….just do the math….if you got 4 trillion notes that are worth about 47 trillion dinars…you times that by 3 then he printed almost 20 trillion dinars….I don’t think so….Family this article is really very HUGE….and a lot of you are sending private messages where other forums are talking about paper notes….

No they are not talking about paper notes…..we do believe they are talking about the LD’s that were printed…now if you do that and they are talking about 11 billion 600 million Iraqi dinar….which is HUGE….this is a HUGE drop….if this number is correct….and remember they don’t give you the M0 figure….they show the M1 or M2, or M3 but not the M0 which is the exact cash outside of the bank and they don’t give you that number to calculate….but if this guy is talking correctly and he’s talking about printed….that would seem like this is the LD’s….

Just think about this….if they only printed 11 billion dinars this is very HUGE that means they expect the rate to be really very high….and very high in the long run….and we don’t know what they will come out at….but this is what we conclude out of that… you have to keep all this in mind…..what do you think of this subject Frankie.


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Re: Detailed KTFA CC Notes from Mon. 4-10-17 Part 1 of 3

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Detailed KTFA CC Notes From Mon. 4-10-17  Part 2 of 3


Part 2:

Frank:  Well you hit the nail on the head…..I talked about it in the video yesterday… is almost comical….excuse me citizens of Iraq…..yeah who are you….I’m with the Finance Committee here….I’m with the Monetary Reform and what we are doing….I would like to announce to you that we printed 11 billion 600 million currency….why….well we are developing these technical mechanisms to improve the value of your currency and give you more purchasing power…liar…no…no this is the truth….ok whatever…

And the citizens they may not trust them….but boy do we trust the fact that….this is amazing…this is a very small amount that in a very few days the GOI could blow through this money….and it is such a small amount we feel IOO that it is a reflection of the LD’s….that is a good indication that 1 to 1 is NOT what they are going to come out at….no way…

The fact that they don’t even tell you well we printed currency….what Top Value Stamps….S&H Savings Stamps…what did you do…..what did you print….well we are going to tell you….we are in the propaganda stage right now of the Monetary Reform to educate you citizens that have actually been the delay of the Monetary Reform

Up yours….ok you see you still don’t want to pay attention….and they really don’t and you can’t  blame them….there is no trust from the citizens….but as soon as they get their next paycheck IMO…and they see more dinars in their hands IMO….they are going to say…wait a minute….they just did what they’ve been telling us…this has serious potential.
Another thing the fact that they tell you well yeah we printed….this currency is printed…..IMO….liar…liar pants on fire…IMO the LD’s were printed back in 2004 when DeLaRue was commissioned by the IMF to print the specific amount that would be printed for the new currency of Iraq…..once it was liberated and they were given back their country…..that is what is going on right now….and this….IMO this is maybe just a portion of the LD’s that may have been distributed to the banks already….by “some guards”….

And like I told you yesterday in the video it really has nothing to do with the amount of paper notes coming out….and that is why they didn’t tell you how many dinars are coming out…..they just told you the amount….so to us the value tells us a lot….it tells us these are the LD’s because they were way too low…and it tells us the rate that finally leaves into the international world is a little bit higher than many of us think.
One of the things they were told to do was reduce their note count from 4 billion down to 1 billion and they have done this…and now they introduced this new currency….and they don’t even tell you what…..I mean what is it….is it the 50k.
DELTA:  Frankie not only that but look at Kuwait if I am not mistaken two or three years ago I had a chance to look at their currency and at the time I believe they had like 13 or 14 billion something like that with their currency and it was something like 3.57….but this is not the most important part Frankie, the Family may say that 11 billion 600 million is not going to be enough for 35 million people…but just keep in mind what they are trying to do….they are trying to be a cashless society….they are trying to do an e-dinar….

Even though they are going to need some more denominations for small transactions and whatever….but for him to say 11 billion 600 billion dinars….again this is not paper notes….if it were paper notes it would be a disaster….if you are talking about 11 billion paper notes that is a lot of money….maybe this guy intended to say that….or he let the cat out of the bag….remember this press conference…this meeting it was intended for their own citizens not for us….

They go there to get whatever they can from the news media or whatever contact they have there….and then it is also brought to the investors outside of Iraq….so whatever they are doing….and they are trying to educate the people and everyone…but going back to this guy….and by the way this guy is in charge of the department that issues notes for Iraq….so this guy is not someone who does not know what he’s talking about….he knows exactly what is going on there.
And then one important question he was asked about the 000’s and why the delay what was the hold up…and again he goes back to the brainwash…oh the Security and Stability….but they are selling bonds though…..why do you still need Security and Stability if you are selling bonds….and he goes back to Security and Stability again….but then he said something really important….

If you look at it the indication again IOO based on what he said the rate is going to come first and they are about to do it….he said…all the technical preparations….they are underway….if you are going to take the 000’s out what are you going to do first…..what does the deletion of the 000’s mean….lifting the 000 notes from the market…and from the exchange rate…..

We don’t know what they will come out at but they HAVE to raise the rate first….

The technical preparations is what he is saying to the revaluation….but even indirectly he cannot tell you that…he would be in all kinds of trouble….why do you think the CBI governor does not come out and tell you oh by the way I am going to revalue tonight….because he cannot tell you that….he would legally get into trouble….that is why they give you a lot of back and forth in the things they say….but I believe this Q and A was very informative and it gives you a lot good information….and tells you this technical preparation is underway….this technical preparation we do believe is going to be either the LD’s or the new rate combined together….what do you think about this part Frankie.
Frank:  Well I just think they are moving in the right direction of the Monetary Reform….I think there are many pieces…many parts to it…they are right in front of our eyes wouldn’t you say DELTA….it is very obvious what they are doing….so to answer your question….I think they are adding purchasing power….and then….you see inside the country they are adding purchasing power….but when the rate goes up it leaves the country to add VALUE POWER.
Inside the country a dinar is a dinar is a dinar….you know that story…but once it leaves the country the value of that currency against other currencies is going to go very high….and that is why they will manage float…fixed float…whatever word you want to use… control it so they don’t have the same mistake they went through with Kuwait….been there….done that….Jack Lew made sure of this IMO.
You know there are a lot of things going on Family…and each one is kind of sub-divided into their own little groups….some may be paying attention to Security and Stability….some may be specializing in the LD’s…..some may be specializing in the 1000 to 1….let me give you an example….I think there are contracts right now in the month of April that are maturing….I believe they were 90 day contracts and the latest ones were more 90 day contracts….

I believe that because if they are 90 day and 30 day contracts we are looking at a variety of different rates…this IMO…..I believe when these contracts are done in this month of April then there is a very good reason to raise the value….why…..because internally that is what these contracts are for… bring goods and services to the citizens in their reconstruction of their Economic Reform….but that phase is coming to an end…..

Then the next phase is leave….what….leave….leave Iraqi dinar….you’ve grown up leave the country…..go out there….explore the rest of the world….what America is like….see what Canada is like….see what China is like….but before you do go…give us three days….to BRIDGE you over….and by the way Family once you are done with that….there are another 76 days where IMO you should calculate and wait before you make some serious moves….now I also told you.
Now I also told you I don’t want to tell you when the next pay scale is….but didn’t you just hear me about 15 or 20 minutes ago I’m going to be gone next week….because I don’t want to talk about when they are going to get paid….and then I’ll be back the last week of April….and I’ve created a number for that week….it is 272829….write that down…..

I’ll be back in that time period….you think it is a number don’t you….you think it is a rate don’t you… it is not….look at those numbers and that is when I believe deep in my heart that the Iraqi dinar might be sent into the international world….with an international rate….

Family right now they are in the phase of going from 1184 or whatever the rate is down to 1000 to 1 IMO for their pay scale in-country….and 1 to 1 in-country….and IMO you will never see 1000 to 1 on any paycheck or on any Arabic CBI site……..why….because the moment they decide to do that it automatically flips over to 1 to 1 because they raised the 000’s…and they have positioned their currency to do just that….the articles have even told you this was their goal… get to 1000 to 1 to simplify things….

So you won’t see that 1000 to 1 because in the blink of an eye it will be 1 to 1….well Frank what do you mean I’m not going to see 1 to 1….that doesn’t make any sense…..are you an Iraqi….no I’m an American citizen….good for you…then what in the world are you interested in 1 to 1 for….why even pay attention to this….you ought to pay attention to what it is on the Forex…..because when it leaves the border….when it jumps across that fence IMO it is going to climb…and there are articles that tell us it may be around 1.14 or 1.17….IMO no….IMO I’ve told you everything has been doubled….so you take it from there.

DELTA that is my few words on this subject…..take us into another subject.
DELTA:  File #4, the next file is on the Financial Summit that is taking place as we speak in Lebanon….I believe is the 11th and 12th which is Monday and Tuesday….but if you go back and read the agenda I believe that I got to the Family about 3 weeks ago….they do this kind of seminar every year…one year in London, the next in Lebanon….but they never seem to accomplish very much…but this time it looks different….it is actually what all of us are waiting for….they will be talking about the elimination of the restrictions on the exchange rate….what that means is freedom of movement of capital….that is why we see that the government is operating as a closed market instead of an open market….that is why you see a lot of companies and investors who cannot get into Iraq for that reason.
The government of Iraq has a restriction on their exchange rate, meaning the program rate….they have to move to Article VIII to remove the restrictions…this is basically coming up with a true value that the IMF will agree upon and approve you for and then lifting Article VIII restrictions….so they are going to Lebanon for this annual conference and if you look back over the last four or five years you will not find this kind of wording in the previous conferences before…..this is the first time they talk about this…

If it was their intent to not do this until next year they would not be talking about it now…and this is the same subject Family that the IMF told them to do…..this is the only thing left….you got the Investment Law, the Anti-Money Laundering Law…they got the system hooked up….the MasterCard…the reason I brought you the MasterCard was to give you more and more confirmation that the CBI is ready to go….they are waiting on the government basically to give them the heads up to go there.
So we believe basically after the conclusion of this meeting in Lebanon on the 11th and 12th, only being gone for two days…then after they come back we should really see a lot of accomplishment and the Monetary Reform moving very fast at the speed of light like Frankie says all of the time….this is actually very exciting to see them doing this because all of the investors and companies are just waiting for them to remove the restrictions on their exchange rate and that will mean increasing the value of their currency that was agreed upon….any comments Frankie.
Frank:  It is a lot easier to swim without handcuffs….it is a lot easier to do the potato sack race without the potato sack….the elimination of the exchange rate restrictions was something that was pounded into the CBI especially since December of last year when the IMF said it is time we do this when they came over, and they said move over we are taking over.
So the meeting they had today….I don’t believe in my heart they talked about….well let me see how are we going to eliminate the restrictions….well one way would be to remove the MCP’s….and Family they have done that already….and another thing would be to control those auctions….check it off the list please….and another thing would be to pass laws… it over here…..and another thing…well never mind….my point is I don’t think they went there to figure out how to remove the restrictions of their exchange rates….they went there to say we’ve done it and this is the consequences of what is about to happen….

Each one of you nations that are deeply involved with us….knee deep….like the US and London who both are deeply involved with us…they are Number 1 and Number 2….on what….on reaping rewards….and all of you here in Lebanon that we are here reporting to….no we don’t need to do these things….we’ve done them…..we are here to tell you that you can now invest in our country….and you can now trust our banks and our currency….you can now actually make a profit with our exchange rate….that is what is important in this conference and I actually believe they may keep all of that information to themselves…..they are just going to tell you oh yeah we are striving…and we are talking to people….never mind.
I like that this meeting is going on right now because it appears to be another example of excellent timing….wouldn’t you say so Family.
DELTA I know you have another topic but do you mind if I introduce another topic here….about 5 minutes…..go ahead brother.
I told the Family the last time we were together on Wednesday and on TEAM Chat on Friday….that we believe because of the contracts….that there were two of them…..two separate tranches…there are goods and services waiting at the borders to come into Iraq…and we told the Family pay attention…because IOO….and it is easy to look because you can go to Central Banks and see….you are going to see HUGE amounts of money being moved all around the world….

Well lo and behold the following day we found it….and we were looking for hubs to see this movement….but it caught us off guard….we saw this movement from the east to the west to the west……now what I mean by that is we saw this large amount of money move from the Asian theater….I’m not going to tell you exactly where….but I will simply tell you that is where it did originate…from the east to the west to the west….the next thing we know is it went to the west and that was IOO the United States of America….and we said….wow that does not normally happen….

That is not a normal a normal step for the US to get involved with massive amounts of money that is being in this fashion…it is usually financial center hubs that do this….somehow it made us think that somehow Donald Trump is quite a businessman….now that is a deep statement if you know anything about finances in the US and our Treasury and the fact that we have a deficit ceiling….that I think we even extended….I think it is extended to up to around the 16th or something but don’t quote me on that….we are neck deep in Iraq….

So it went from the east to the west to the west….now what would be the second west….it was expected….IOO these massive amounts of money went from China to the US to London….now what did I say just recently….who is #1 and #2 in the spoils of the war…USA and London….well this is starting to make some sense….it overrides the normal procedures with using financial hubs….we thought we would see Switzerland involved…we thought we would see Hong Kong involved…but no we didn’t.
If you aren’t a student you are sitting there yawning…when is he going to shut up….but if you are a student or are in the banking industry or if you are involved in economics you are sitting there going hot diggety dogs….in this month of April I believe there are two tranches representing two different sets of money….one representing 90 day contracts and the other representing 30 day contracts.
Anyways….when a star explodes it gives off light and that light travels at the speed of light…and due to Security and Stability….I mean due to the distance between that star and planet Earth….it just takes a long time to feel the light hit your face Family…but I believe we are upon that time right now….anyways DELTA give us another subject.
DELTA:  File #5, the next subject is the group from Congress, there was an article that I posted that did not have a whole lot of detail with it…just said….”US Congress Calls Iraq on the Verge of Great Prosperity Despite Its Challenges”….this comes after this group met with Abadi…the news sources in Iraq are talking about the Economic Sector and how Iraq is like on the verge of prosperity…

And why I am excited about this is it is coming from the US not from Iraq… know how if Iraq says it is on the verge it could still take a long time…but this is Congress and the US talking about it…and there is only one way they can really prosper and we all know what it is…and that is very true….increase the value….then Article VIII…and then after that what you are going to have is a lot of money pouring into Iraq from investors and companies that are all lined up for that.  This is lifting the restrictions from the Foreign Policy Exchange Rate….so they are meeting and it has been amazing what Abadi is talking to everyone about.
One more thing we have to keep in mind that about 3 weeks ago Abadi came out and stated within two months whatever is left of Chapter VII will be lifted…..we all know in order to be a sovereign nation….100% you have to raise the value and you have to have the true rate….not a program rate….so that is another indication that something really has to happen….and again no one knows the date but all indications say that we are really very close….

The articles look really hot right and what is going on at the CBI is good….the things going on with the phone companies with them dropping their costs back and forth giving us more confirmation that we are excited about….and we are expecting something from them when they come back from Lebanon…and then we give them another week and of course we wait for an official announcement of Mosul to be liberated and then we go from there….I really believe they could pull the trigger any time now since they have over 90% of Mosul…and I do believe we are really very close Frankie what with the confirmation from the phone companies….what they do doesn’t make any sense when you drop the cost of your product unless you know something is going on there.
Frank:  Question for you DELTA then you can throw it back at me… you think the audits of the banks are done in Iraq.

DELTA:  Yes we got confirmation of that with the Rasheed Bank….remember it was 2 or 3 weeks ago the Rasheed Bank or maybe the Rafadain Bank….they ordered their branches to open letters of credit for basically companies and corporations and even international ones too….remember those two are state banks are trusted….so the audit is done, everything is done…and remember this Central Bank interview with the guy from the Board of Directors he never stated anything about auditing….he didn’t state anything about Chapter VII….the only thing he stated was Security and Stability….

All the time….right now we know the Iraqi dinar is doing very good the USD is dropping while the people hold the dinar…and the phone company action is an indication of the Stability that the CBI is talking about….with Security we see that more than 90% of Mosul is done….and then with Security and Stability if you have this why would you be selling bonds….you need Security to bring in your dinar to buy the bonds….they have all of this….this has been done….

The government and Abadi I think they have been waiting just to make sure they got most of Mosul just to make them look better and better….and remember Abadi is not going to say to the UN that we’ve fulfilled all obligations to lift Chapter VII and to go international unless he knows everything is done….and he knows….he’s an economist…he used to be with the Financial Committee of Parliament….so Abadi knows exactly what he wants.
All this Congress and everyone visiting Iraq from Trump’s son-in-law to everyone….you know that something is going on Frank….and honestly they have to do it….they have to keep moving….I believe April is very hot….if you go back to the IMF website, in April they have changed the exchange rate every year but 2 years and one of those was 2003 when the invasion occurred….if you go to the IMF website they have a page that shows this….last year I believe it was the 29th,  it has to be a business day, and it was like the last business day of the month….that doesn’t mean they have to wait until the last day….they could make the change and tell the IMF and the IMF would reflect the change on their website immediately…you probably were going to talk on some of this as well Frank.
Frank:  You know DELTA I believe the audits are also gone and done….I like the article that came out….”There are important files on Iraq and on international levels.”…..yesterday when I read that on the video I released I said….come on man….these important files on international levels I believe had a lot to do with them releasing that  because….they are done with the audits.
The other subject I would like to present to you tonight DELTA is the HCL….I believe it is in very good shape….especially with Kurdistan putting their flag in Kirkuk and saying we aren’t going to take it down until you recognize Article 140 and give us this land back…and just pass the HCL doggone it… do you see the HCL right now.
DELTA:  I see the HCL and Article 140 as in great shape right now….especially 140…..remember 140 is about the cities and land that the Kurds used to have before Saddam and what he did to them….we all remember when Maliki got elected the first time….the second time he could not get elected without the Kurds approval so he went over there and promised them he would activate 140 and that is how he got elected the second time….but unfortunately Maliki did not fulfill that…and he came back and basically did not interact with them….

Now Abadi has promised them that as soon as they liberate Mosul they will go back and give them 140…and I do believe if he does this the HCL then will be a piece of cake for him to do that….but again so there is no misunderstanding….those two subjects have nothing to do with the Monetary Reform….remember the CBI is not in charge of the HCL….they cannot pull the trigger on that…the CBI is in charge of the Monetary Reform….monetary policies and everything….and if you look at the IMF contracts with Iraq and the CBI they say nothing about 140 or the HCL…so that gives you the indication it has nothing to do with the HCL…

Remember when you revalue your currency it is very important for Iraq to be united….if the Kurdistan tries to separate from Iraq it is very hard to do….remember Kurdistan tried to get their independence a long time ago, but three other countries, Turkey, Syria, and Iran….they don’t want the Kurdistan to be independent…..otherwise they could have gotten it a long time ago….they are basically pulling this demand because they know Abadi is going to do the 140….so they go to Iraq knowing he will do Article 140 and 140 basically means they will get their lands back and they will be in control of their oil fields….I believe Abadi is going to do it….he will activate 140….know too that Abadi is a good negotiator.


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Re: Detailed KTFA CC Notes from Mon. 4-10-17 Part 1 of 3

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.Detailed KTFA CC Notes From Mon. 4-10-17  Part 3 of 3

Part 3:  

Frank:  Also I believe the laws are in good position to support the HCL….I don’t see them amending them….I don’t see them cancelling them….I don’t see them trying to change the wording or anything…..I don’t see them changing anything with that HCL….let’s see what happens as more time goes by.
I want the Family to know that I did not give them the pay day(s)…some people are posting the 13th….the 15th…but I’ve made it pretty clear that I don’t want to be with you next week….because I don’t want to talk about what is going to happen next week….I’ll be on the forum….you will see me posting…but I don’t want to have a CC on Monday or Wednesday and as far as TEAM Chat on Friday I’m thinking twice about that….we may have to do TEAM Chat but we will see.
Yeah Family we are talking to you about many subjects….Zane and SIMS phone companies is how we started… know what….Iraq is trying to drop their 000’s….and these phone companies dropped their rates and we told you why….it is not a 90% increase of the Iraqi dinar….but it is IMO a 90% increase in purchasing power from that Iraqi dinar….

They are adjusting the purchasing power of the goods and services that are in their markets right now….and this 1000 to 1 is just to adjust this purchasing power…..that is soon to be found in the pay of the citizens of Iraq IMO.
Now if you tie these two things together….citizens having more purchasing power…and what does it equal… equals more purchasing power for the markets too….because the citizens will use the goods and services.
They are striving to get to 1 to 1 and to get into the international market….at a higher rate because just like we told you….IMO 1 to 1 is strictly to add purchasing power inside of Iraq for the citizens….but outside with Forex and others I believe it to be much higher….that we shall soon see…..

IMO Family Iraq is international right now….but they are not international for you and me…right now….they are international for these contracts that you know nothing about….they are international for the US, for Dubai, for Kuwait, for London….the US doesn’t want their debt ceiling to get any higher…..these other countries that I mentioned they are making big contracts….with Iraq…..and like I expressed to you IMO their payday is coming this month of April.
Contracts IMO were the next step in the Monetary Reform to be paid….and IMO that time is ending this month….there were different contracts….different rates…and some of these contracts were actually cancelled due to perishable items that sat at the ports too long…and the commodities were sent back and delayed….and new contracts were established that went from 90 days to 30 days…but the majority of these contracts are now being paid….as the citizens of Iraq will also be paid….

And notice that the contracts are all different rates IMO….and the citizens pay is now going to be at a completely different rate….it is an evolving process of the Monetary Reform of increasing the rate…did they not tell you that themselves…..I really don’t care about the rate or the date….I care about what we are seeing with these contracts….about how they are being arranged right now based on their services and their desire for reconstruction inside of Iraq.
Family this was a very big week in the study of the process of the Monetary Reform…..this 1000 to 1 is coming and next will be value for the Iraqi dinar on an international theater…..the ball is in play Family……the ball is bouncing….today’s meeting in Lebanon is only to satisfy…..some people…not to make any announcements…..we all await….even those in the Beirut meeting….we all await for the change in the program rate of the Iraqi dinar.
DELTA I believe we have covered our files….do you have anything else in your head right now to be covered.
DELTA:  No Frankie I believe we have covered everything and like I said let’s give it this coming week to watch their movement and the actions of the CBI and everything to basically see what is going to happen and what is next….we know what everyone is waiting for….this is not rumors….these are facts….what the IMF asked them to do…..this is actually for Iraq, it is not really for our investment in the dinar….but for Iraq they have no other choice….this is the only choice they have….and this is the only option they have if they want to go international….and this was basically planned a long time ago that if you are going to lift the 000’s and come up with a true rate only then can you go international….

They know that….the private sector of the market economy….there are a lot of things lining up right now and they are waiting only for one thing….the true rate coming out….and a lot of these investors will help Iraq a lot and they know this….I know the talk about Mosul over and over again but the thing is you don’t want to punish the whole country for issues with the 5 or 10% now….there are a lot of people who have no food….no money…they need jobs….and for these investors and others to get in they need to by law employee 80-85?% Iraqi citizens…so this will create a lot of jobs and this is what the Iraqi citizens need….by raising the value of the IQD it will help them but it will help in other ways too like creating jobs, increases in purchasing power when they get paid….this is what they are waiting for.
I really believe this is it….I do not believe they can really drag it further….oh and before I forget an article came out from the IMF about giving them money…out of the $5.4 billion you saw in the article they only got paid $1.4 billion I believe…..then they will get $2 billion at the end of the year…and another $2 billion sometime next year….and then there is the $18 billion but that is not from the IMF that is from donor countries….but those monies are not going to be in cash they will be for reconstruction and to help the people….the Iraqi government is not going to see this money…..

And if you go  back 4 or 5 days ago an article pointed out Iraq is obligated to the IMF in order for them to get their money…..and the obligation is….Financial Reform, the Economic Reform….so even the IMF is waiting on whatever it is they are doing there….and by the way whatever it is the CBI is trying….remember a week ago Frankie about them selling these bonds and selling gold…but the citizens are not buying….they will never take their money out of their houses…even if you give them 50% interest they are not going to take the money….

We’ve seen in press conferences where they announce we are going to provide incentives….like offering candy to a small child to do something….but with the Iraqis it doesn’t work that way…the only way for something to work is to give them the power of purchase…..many people have 40 or 50 million dinars in their homes, or even 100 million dinars….and the only way to get them to the banks is when that 100 million is really worth something…and only then will they spend the money and not keep it…the CBI knows this and they will come up with….they have tried selling gold or bonds….and some of you may laugh and think I’m joking when I have said the CBI listens to our CC….they do…even on their website they talk about Frank….

I am not making that up Family…and since they listen to us I’m going to tell them something here….you are not going to see a penny from the Iraqi citizens or investors unless you give them some purchasing powers.
Frank:  Ring-a-ding-ding….who dis….it’s Allak….raise the value….ok DELTA ok.
You know what I am excited about the farming industry of Iraq….not just the oil….they have some pretty interesting soil…..when God put the four rivers together….I mean everyone will tell you…geologists will tell you that rivers bring wealth….rivers bring minerals….rivers bring materials…substance…..that is why cities are always established next to a river….these four rivers….when God put them together….holy cow…He overwhelmed this area….bacteria that is in the soil of Iraq is even so unique….certain foods grow….like olive trees…grow tremendously….I think the farming industry is not only going to seed Iraq….but it is going to feed the ME….how do you feel about their farming and agricultural interests versus their oil.

DELTA:  That is actually huge Frankie, they have great land, you can go wherever you want….they are like #1 in exports of dates…I’m thinking if they do things in the right way in the next 5-10 years that their income could be 40-50% from agriculture….they won’t have to lean on oil…and again they have silver, copper, gold…and no one is talking about this….we did talk about it on a CC years ago… one in the media is talking about these things, mountains of gold….pure gold very close to Baghdad….

They are a wealthy country…..natural gas and oil alone could be $20 trillion dollars and of course they don’t tell you exact numbers….and that is excluding these other forms of wealth….they have a lot of stuff….and IMO if you put all this together they could be worth easily $50-60 trillion dollars….but they have to be united, they have to be all together…and Iraq right now is the only country on Earth that has the support of almost everyone…..give me one nation that has the support of everyone….no one except for Iraq.
They have to get this currency thing worked out, they have to lift the 000’s they have to give value to their currency….they have be international and Article VIII compliant….they have improve… embarrassing is it to have a currency less than Yemen….Yeman has nothing…Syria….Somalia….Iraq can do far better than these countries and they know that… is shameful for a ME country to have pride and riches and yet their currency be worthless….very shameful…and they know this and they will surprise us.
Frank:  Mountains of gold…..that puts China to shame….for many years they have taken advantage of many country’s exchange rate and currency by keeping their currency very low….this is beyond ridiculous.
DELTA:  Yes it is….that is why a long time ago there were people who did not believe in this investment and I was just laughing, even wealth management people….I told the story years ago of a bank owner and wealth manager who thought the Iraqi currency was a bad idea…but when I explained things to him he was saying wait a minute this is a good idea….and now they have things worth a lot of money….things they don’t want a lot of people knowing about….like their gold, a lot of people they don’t know…this is amazing…

And their worth as a country is truly amazing….and I have people who don’t know their worth and they tell me they are going to LOP…really….they say it is a bad investment….a scam….really $50 trillion dollars is a scam….the point here is that Iraq is a very rich country…and I am being honest with you….they could afford to come out at $5-7 if they want….they could support that…..they basically could put Saudi Arabia in their pocket….Saudi Arabia only has oil….they don’t have what Iraq has….gold, copper, silver, natural gas….

But they have to be united and they have to know what they are doing….that is why the US is not going to leave them alone….from now all the way to the end…..we have to be very close…they are not doing this for us…they are doing this for their own people and they know that…..they have told us so many times they are trying to go back to the glory days…and how will they accomplish that…it might be gradually where they come out 1 to 1…or maybe 0.30 cents…or they could come out right away at 2.80 or 3.00….what are they going to do….it doesn’t matter as long as they keep moving….forward movement, there is no way backwards anymore….they have to come out at some rate and if it is 1 to 1 they can’t go back to 1000 to 1….it doesn’t work that way.
Remember too that a dinar is equal to 1000 fils, so technically 1000 fils is 1 dinar….so if 1 USD is equal to 1000 fils that is 1 to 1…that is why you will never see it.
Frank:  It is also impressive seeing people by the thousands pouring back into their cities….eager to rebuild….you know we don’t talk to the Family about Mosul because it is not a pretty sight right now….it is only the very last part the last 5%....but you have to be really careful because this is a concentration of whatever is left there….and I am afraid that Mosul is something that is going to continue for a while…..but those are things we just don’t want to talk about…..but it is no longer a factor in our calculations…

She is no longer the fat lady that was blocking what was happening in January-March….We are in April and it is as transparent as a beautiful crystalline glacier… is amazing to see these people these citizens running back…wanting to come back….two nights ago on CNN they had a program called Return to Mosul…and it had some very amazing stories behind it….but IMO those stories were about three months old… Mosul is much farther advanced right now….and yes the citizens are going back….it is ugly urban warfare….and the concentration of this activity is so ugly….

I likened it last week to the last days of WWII….the Normandy invasion was one of the most wasted forms of humanity that I can relate it to, but it brought an end to the war….I supposed dropping the bomb on Nagasaki and Hiroshima is also another good example of waste to humanity….one day maybe we will get it right, but I don’t think it will happen until Jesus  comes back.
You ever notice DELTA when you text to someone that there are three little dots at the bottom that tell you they are responding to your text…..I believe we are at that stage of three dots and waiting for a response by the CBI telling us there is a change in their useless rate right now….

All the things they are doing requires a change in the rate…..if the rate stays as it is then all of the things they have been doing since the beginning of this year…it would be a disaster… leave the rate at a program rate right now with the Lebanon meeting with the UN coming over to lift Chapter VII….with Donald Trump saying….you stopped here first….with all of these things…with Mosul’s 95% Security and Stability….with the LD’s that we think are coming out based on 11 billion 600 million new currency…with all the new technical mechanisms we have….with MasterCard setting up hundreds of ATM machines all across Iraq…and they don’t lift their currency…well this would be beyond stupidity….all these contracts…90 days….30 days….these 2 tranches that I said IMO that exist in this month of April…and you guys are getting paid  at rates that are not being posted on your CBI website IMO…well then that is beyond stupidity.
There are three dots the size of the moon in front of us Family telling us they are about to change the rate of their currency…that is all there is to it…and we see the evidence….Faith is the substance of things hoped for…the evidence of things not seen….but in this case we are actually seeing purchasing power….and IMO next week when I am gone…and I don’t want to talk about the purchasing power that the citizens are going to have….you are going to have a lot of fun with it….and then after that when I come back….I pray to God they will be adding value to their currency outside of their country…..because they are telling us these are the things they are doing.

But DELTA and I and all of our TEAMS….will be very honest with you…and we will say this to you….we still need to see that changed rate….because this is the ME for God’s sake… need to be fair to yourself….as much as you are dancing in the streets….as much as you are dancing on the ceilings….as much as you are on Cloud Nine right now….be careful… fair…..I’m not dancing with any negativity right now….but I am just saying let’s stand back a little bit….and let it come to you….

It came to my TEAMS….you need to see it in play….we need to see that exchange rate move….and to be honest with you because it is the ME…and the reality of it all is….you need to pray….that they do not retract any of their words….any of their articles….that they do not retract any of their agreements with the 3 initials or 2 initials or Donald Trump…..we need to pray that the CBI memorandums are solid….we need to pray for the Kurds….we need to pray for the budget….we need to pray for Security and Stability.
An ounce of prevention….an ounce of causation….is worth a pound of cure….all of this is occurring and it has been coming like they told…it is a process….a gradual process they even said….I call it lava flow….it is like layers of Baklava….do me a favor….write Baklava down…see the lava in that word….and Baklava is layer upon layer that tastes so sweet at the end….the lava is pouring Family in the Monetary Reform of the Iraqi dinar.
IMO the intel part of our study of our TEAMS that we are studying here at KTFA is done.
Let me give you an example and DELTA I would like for you to comment after this example….we need to see the rate and next week I believe there may be someone to tell you about 1000 to 1 pay scale that is being done….that would be great….we need to see the budget…we need to see a lot of things….we saw the cell phones tell you what they are doing and  anyone with common sense can say well that is because of an adjustment to the rate… don’t drop your rate as a cell phone company……

Let me give you another example…wouldn’t it be nice if we saw a drop in other things….in the beginning of  January and February we showed you pictures of different malls with some adjustment of some prices didn’t we….you calculated it….wouldn’t it be interesting DELTA if we saw a drop in electricity rates….what do you think about that…..because the electricity is run by the government….it is strictly regulated by them….all of a sudden an increase in dinars of their pay…and a sudden drop in the price of certain things #1 electricity.
DELTA:  Well that makes absolute sense and I got something for you, you told the Family of the 1000 to 1 and they might not see that…but some may try to ask what do you mean exactly by that when the rate starts to drop and this is what is going on here…so I believe there will be a pattern here where you may see prices of different things dropping like electricity before they take the action to the CBI….

This all looks like the phone company has some intel or information from the CBI of what is about to happen…and this is the beauty of it…..being in the business to make money…you are not in the business to lose money and shut down… this phone company they have to have some information that the rate is about to change….I’m talking about a week, maybe two week, this month…..definitely something very close….imagine if this is going to take a couple of months how much money they will lose by dropping their prices now.
Frank:  They are not going to lose anything….Donald Trump is not going to allow that IMO… fact it is interesting….while all of this is going on….Donald Trump says to Syria…..BOOM…..while he’s meeting with China….unbelievable…..that man has guts….and by the way North Korea are you watching…..what do you think about Donald Trump DELTA.
DELTA:  I think he is an amazing guy….I think God sent Trump to the US, I really believe that….Kim Clement a long time ago had a prophecy about him, he is a brilliant guy….a great businessman….he’s made a great deal of money and knows what he is doing…and what I like about him he doesn’t say what he is going to do….he just does it….he’s a businessman who likes to do things very fast and quick….if any country thinks they can argue with him, he will put them in their place….Syria, North Korea, Iran, no one can mess with this guy….we have a new sheriff in town and I really like him a lot….finally we have someone we can be proud of….he talks like you and me and so many others….with him there is no bull-pooping around.
Frank:  I think right now going into next week….we are walking into that phase where they are educating the citizens of Iraq on a massive campaign scale and starting with their pay scale….this is a very strong phase of the Monetary Reform…and I believe we are in a window where anything is possible.
I would like to share something with you DELTA and with the Family…now I am going to be very careful with what I am about to share because I can’t read all of this to you it is very long….but it is a sequence of events that started with my FRIEND that has a business with his partners in Iraq and they have over 500 employees….

You see they go to the meetings but the problem is he can’t tell me what is going on in those meetings….I’m not supposed to know and I respect that…but he does say every now and then….for example April 1 I get the very first one and he says we need to talk, I’m still tied up, over the weekend, pay attention to the articles, even the ones being posted by Samson, be careful some are opinionated pieces…I respond…can you talk…, very brief meetings right now, we are on the onset…onset

I looked at that word and then scratched my head….then they said….within pay scale two or three days, pay at 90 IQD at 1000 to 1, the remaining 10% in USD……now that would be a week ago this past Saturday….so I said in response…..If I am understanding you it sounds like you are very busy right now and I believe you are trying to tell me something but I’ll wait for your call and he says ok….

He was supposed to call me yesterday after church but he didn’t get a chance to….so I say please call me whenever you can…he responded with….WOW….now my FRIEND doesn’t talk that way…I talk that way….I thought it was someone else messing with his phone….but he said WOW….Awesome….these are words he does not use….we thought maybe it was a joke….but the magnitude and severity of what is going on right now in Iraq is what caused my FRIEND to say….WOW….awesome…..

I’m thinking this all sounds good whatever it is they are telling him….it is beyond great….oh man…then I replied and said….Dear God then did I understand you that they are doing something….then he tries to throw it off by saying Happy Birthday to your Father….then he says….Yes you did…..I will talk to you more when I can…out for now….then at the end he says….Sit Down….I said can I just ask you one final question….is this the onset to 1 to 1 and he said…Yes….all of this CC and all of this information is strictly IMO….don’t take any of this as a fact Family….

I have to present it that way to protect you to protect me….take this CC to God in prayer….so anyways he says after that….this would be late Sunday night time frame….we are listening…then he says to me Sunday, just wrapped things up, long night I will call you later….back and forth and then this past Saturday he says Frank I just cannot talk to you….no worries but I have the phone with me all the time…..I’m not sure when I can call you or even if I can….then he said look at post 259….because right after that DELTA he says….we are almost done….so I took post 259 DELTA and I put it in our “Final Articles” thread….then fast forward to today…..

He says….we are still here….these long meetings….it looks great….so far… I say…..I’m praying for you, God Bless you….and he says I really don’t know when I can talk to you….just about an hour before this CC I sent him one more message DELTA….I said….are we headed in the right direction….and he said….Big Time….I ran to TINK and said look at this….I responded Praise God…I know that us men don’t say this…but I love you…LOL.
So that is the communications with one of our TEAM members but unfortunately because of the position the Monetary Reform is in right now he cannot talk to me and he cannot express anything to me….so I think the Lebanon meeting that occurred today might be telling us something.
I think that next week Family if they do get that pay scale out there….that there will be talk about….and I do believe that we are in a window like I said….anything is possible right now….in the still of the night….but like we told you….the still of the night would not be when they are open as a banking institution in Iraq….we believe the still of the night to be before they open or right after they close.
So DELTA do you have anything else to finish up because I just wanted to leave that last part to share with everyone….all it is…is the sharing of opinions and feelings of positivity….nothing negative.

DELTA:  No Frankie I think we have covered everything and added other things that are really confirmations of what we are waiting for….let’s wait for them to come back from Lebanon and see what they say about Mosul…and we are watching day by day to see what is going to happen.
Frank:  Well there you have it this has been your CC for the evening and it covered a spectrum of many different topics and subjects and I hope they have become ideas for you converse.
Look I know you go to TEAM Chat and you talk amongst yourselves…I can understand that and I can accept that….but I ask you do not abandon our forum….do not go and hide in TEAM Chat and leave those who are not members of TEAM Chat isolated….please consider posting on the forum as well too….and if you are copied and pasted….so what…you are famous….and I know that Frosty already has the notes up there….and I know that Aggiedad is going to be doing his work….please give them recognition.
To the Three Musketeers, I tell you this now…there are massive amounts of money being moved into Iraq we just don’t know when….we know from where but we don’t know exactly when…I know you are not on the USD and I appreciate you doing as I ask you to do….but if you are interested in tracing the large amounts and volumes of money that are moving from different parts of the world into Iraq….that might be an interesting thing for you to consider….and posting about it.
And to the rest of our TEAMS I salute you all and thank you kindly for being with us
To my wife I bow to her and tell her I love her so much.
Dismissed with a prayer.


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Re: Detailed KTFA CC Notes from Mon. 4-10-17 Part 1 of 3

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