Transport is considering re-activating the automated booking of Iraqi Airways

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Transport is considering re-activating the automated booking of Iraqi Airways

Post  Admin on Sat Apr 15, 2017 9:07 am

: Saturday, 15 April 2017 - 8:36 AM

Baghdad / Janan al-Asadi

The Ministry of Transport is considering re-activating the automated reservation system for passengers on Iraqi Airways through Visa Card as part of its programs to promote the civil aviation sector in the country.

The ministry's media director, Laith Abdul Karim, said in an exclusive statement to the "morning" that his ministry is considering re-activating the system of automatic reservation of Iraqi Airways through Visa Card, after it did for the companies and offices of travel and tourism from the private sector, Comes within the plan prepared by his ministry to improve the level of services provided to travelers, especially those outside the country that they will be able to hold through the website of the company by the adoption of Visa Card.

He pointed out that the automated booking will reduce the opportunities of exploitation of owners of the black market and therefore there will be more demand on the lines because of their competitive prices compared to other companies, noting that the majority of countries adopt the automatic reservation through air lines, stressing that his ministry is working through it to access the best services provided For travelers.

He added that the ministry has taken several measures which he said have greatly improved the services provided to passengers through its air lines, as it will contribute to raising the financial revenues of the country, praising the efforts exerted by his ministry to restore the name of Iraq in international forums again, And work to improve them continuously, through the knowledge of the experiences of developed countries in this area and cope with it.


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