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Ahmed Sumaidaie
The events on the international, regional and Iraqi fronts are accelerating. In the midst of it, the term corruption and the need to protect public money are highlighted as one of the most important causes of poor services, development and social inequalities in the world.

The reports of the national and international organizations of integrity and transparency have taken an advanced place in the interests of the average citizen. Transparency International's reports indicate that efforts to fight corruption have not been sufficient or effective to diversify the methods of corruption and its ramifications and the ability to conceal such practices. In the forefront of the interests of the organs and organizations of the Iraqi state.

The regulatory bodies should be an effective tool for discovering and correcting regulatory practices that go beyond the law, norms and values ‚Äč‚Äčthat govern the behavior of employees in public and private institutions, and there must be a focus on the development of control tools and methods to meet the challenge posed by new circumstances to enhance transparency and accountability, Good.

We need to identify ways and means of reducing and addressing corruption through global developments and their impact on the types and methods of SAIs, as well as modern methods of detecting violations and correcting deviations, to get to know the best ways to develop the various types of control systems to meet current and future developments.

We all know that monitoring in general is one of the sources of reliable information through feedback, and provides the decision maker with the necessary information to carry out administrative reform programs and bring about the required change. Therefore, financial control, as one of the sources of information for government administrative units, Is one of the tools of change required and an influential factor in the administrative reform process of government administrative units.

In order to undermine financial and administrative corruption, we must work to spread the culture of accountability, transparency, self-control, and establish the principle of integrity and good governance of public funds. The SAIs should, through their reports to the competent authorities, make practical recommendations on the enactment and development of regulations, Setting up a mechanism for accounting for defaulters and tracking spoilers.

It is also necessary to make internal control the most important fortress in the institution and the use of modern technologies to guide the path of funds in the direction of preventing any future case of fraud, and must qualify human resources in the detection of fraud and corruption to maintain public money by focusing on the use of advanced technologies and internationally adopted.


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