Iraq issues and restores

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Iraq issues and restores

Post  Admin on Sun Apr 16, 2017 7:39 am

Date: April 15, 2017

Iraq can export the following:

A jump in state revenues of 400%
1. Crude oil:
The price of the barrel is $ 54
2. Natural gas and accompanying:
90.000.000 million tons per year in licensing rounds for the associated gas and independent gas
The price of the cubic meter of gas is $ 320.
$ 159 a barrel
3. Kerosene:
$ 80 a barrel
4. Iron alloys:
$ 300 per ton
5. Scrap:
$ 50 per ton
6. Animal skins:
Raw and half made.
7. Waves:
8. Dates:
9. Palm trees:
10. Sheep cattle:
11. Goats:
12. Cement.

- With the will and focus of a government decision and a central decision granted to investors and licensing tours
- through the construction of large industrial refineries with a capacity of over 4 million barrels per day for export

- Natural gas licenses accompanying the equivalent of Algeria's production of gas because the Iraqi reserves slightly exceeds the Algerian reserves and the extension of the network of pipelines for export to Jordan and Turkey.
- Iron alloys manipulated by mafias and losers by selling them cheaply in favor of parties and personalities across the southern ports.


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