A parliamentary law to prosecute money smuggled after 2003

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A parliamentary law to prosecute money smuggled after 2003

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Monday, April 17, 2017 - 10:30 am

Called for parliamentary committees competent to enact a law to "prosecute contraband money after 2003" to recover the looting of the wealth of the Iraqi people.

"The legislation of the law to prosecute the money smuggled after 2003 is not without obstacles, despite the fact that it is in the interest of the people," he said, calling on the prosecution to exercise its role in the prosecution of those accused of financial corruption. "The legislation of this law is difficult, because the enactment of a law of this importance is in the interest of the Iraqis and is in the public interest and contrary to the interest of the great whales of corruption practiced by Mafias inside Iraq, who take the money of people unjustly and flee abroad "He said. He added that "legislation such a law be either through the prime minister or through the presidency of the Republic or a bill proposed by ten of the deputies." "The committee has met only twice and the parliament has to follow up the work of the committee seriously," the commissioner said. "The committee is not serious about its work and its meetings are limited to only two sessions."

An international prosecution A member of the Legal Committee Salim Shawqi, he pointed to the possibility of legislation such a law, despite the difficulty, but not impossible. Shawki told Al-Sabah: "It is possible to legislate a law to prosecute smuggled money after 2003, but this issue is difficult because the issue of smuggled money is difficult, especially since most of the money is not placed in banks with the names of real people, but in other names, The confidentiality of their clients and the depositors of the money they have. " The MP said that "this depends on Iraqi diplomacy with the world and depends on bilateral understandings and agreements, and also depends on the cooperation of the international community with Iraq," calling for "more oversight by the House of Representatives and financial supervision and inspection and prosecution." He added that "the committee formed to follow up the money smuggled by the former regime began its work, and although its work was not the required level, but according to what she said was the return of funds not a few to the State Fund of Iraq."

A serious file for his part, said member of the Commission on Integrity Parliamentary Hoshyar Abdullah, "The file of money smuggling is a serious file and needs to enact a law that includes prosecution and recovery of money smuggled after 2003." "The countries that participated in the international coalition in the fight against" urged "the United Nations and international organizations to form an international coalition to fight corruption and corruption in Iraq and to pursue the wealth outside Iraq in the banks of Europe, America and others," Abdullah told a news conference attended by Sabah. As for the committee formed to recover the money smuggled, Abdullah said that "the committee did not hold only two meetings, and hope to activate its work is small," calling for "to move the file of the money smuggled because of its importance and seriousness because it will be a major blow to the ravages of corruption in Iraq."



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