War News 4-17-2017

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War News 4-17-2017

Post  Admin on Mon Apr 17, 2017 11:20 am

Security expert: the end of the operations of Ayman Mosul around the corner
Date of release: 2017/4/16 21:37

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) said security expert Safa al-Osam, on Sunday, that the end of the liberation of the right coast of the city of Mosul "around the corner".

"We have nothing left and we are close to ending the right-wing operations of Ninewa, which has 38 districts," al-Asam told AFP.

"If the mosque is controlled in the coming days, the victory will be over. Al-Nour Mosque is one of the important symbols of Daash and is considered the main stronghold of terrorist gangs," he said.

The security expert pointed out that "the site of Dahesh began to reduce the movement more, as a result of the disclosure of positions in the right coast, where the terrorists had more than 32 headquarters and there are only 10 headquarters and is moving between the house and the other that the aviation to them lookout."

He added that "Dahesh used the new plan by adopting the movement headquarters of leaders."
"We are not completely secure from the north and south, and these operations limit the operations that are taking place to violate Baghdad," he said, noting that after "stopping the security fence of Baghdad, we started another security plan to secure the province of Baghdad."



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