.KTFA Members "News and Views" Thursday AM 4-20-17

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.KTFA Members "News and Views" Thursday AM 4-20-17

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RE: Frank26  Wed. Night Videos:

Cole:  Can I paint my take at an "eagle view" standpoint? I'm just gonna shoot a couple bullet points to keep it short and sweet... this list will consist of "reallys?????" "TA FREAKIN DAs" and "may I have another cookie?" Reactions... here goes it...

Backwall date for releasing Mosul? (Who told them to do that? Think about it... who has helped fight the most of any foreign country against daesh?) u.s.  (April 30th)

"Iraq pay your bills" -imf

"Hey since you're coming back to the real world, you prolly need some credit because it must have tanked at a program rate for 10+ years... via no recent credit history!!! (Pay your bills)" -imf

Kuwait- "yeah we're happy... but as long as you're working on sending those bodies"

Mountain of gold

Oceans of "primo" oil

Abadi meets with JK (hey Iraq... did you finally meet our 1k:1 requirement?) uhhh yahhhhhhhh

Contracts... promised to be fulfilled

Budget... yeah it will be opened don't worry bout it ah?

Uhhh 4/drift to the right a bit (timeline) touchdown....

Thank goodness... bunch of us turning blue up here... relief of holding breath...

Hey Iraq... you gonna get those loans arent cha? Yeahhh I knew it

Hey what about the UN? What about em? Oh oh yeah they took care of those uhh whatcha callem? Sanctiods? Sanitary? Ohhh sanctions yeah yeah... all gone.

Ch 7? Oh yeah we good check it out we even gave a deadline!!!! 2 months... wait but your country is in the ME... that means deadlines aren't worth a dang... yeah yeah... but things aren't going "per usual" here anymore... we international... that means we have to answer to people

Dollar deteriorating in front of dinar

You talking about fils now Iraq? Skip the LDs those are boring!!!

Assets -double it

Cap- double it

Ditch a few zeroes -new pay period/go

Hey Iraq can you pass your final exam? Uhhh I hope so... what is it? Make all businesses in your country reflect IQD at a rate of 1000:1... why? Well because we want to see what you're made of and if you mean business, then once you accomplish that, it will make dropping 3 zeroes very simple math... you know for the accountants...

Hey CBI ringy ding ding ringy ding ding ringy ding ding...Alo dis CBI... sorry we will not be answering any questions at this time but if you were to ask... uhhhh we are in DC *click*

Hey Frank sorry for the elementary obervations... obviously this is the product of your teaching (imo) just a little tidbit for the fam of the obvious info... simple review of the progress of the process... the Best is happening- and quickly...  



TSS:  Some more news for you to enjoy!




Doodlebug:  Government of Iraq and UNDP initiate 202 projects to accelerate the stabilization of Mosul

April 19, 2017
Baghdad—Building on dozens of projects already underway, the Government of Iraq today authorized UNDP’s Funding Facility for Stabilization (FFS) to initiate 202 more projects to accelerate the immediate stabilization of Mosul and greater Ninewa Governorate.

The projects will repair damaged water, sewage and electrical systems, rehabilitate education and health facilities, and boost the local economy by employing youth on work brigades to remove rubble, open transport routes and revitalize the city.

At a signing ceremony in Baghdad, Dr. Mahdi Muhsin Al-Alaq, Acting Secretary General of the Council of Ministers, emphasized that providing these basic services would pave the way for the return of displaced people to liberated areas.  

Ms. Lise Grande, UNDP Resident Representative for Iraq, said: “This authorization comes at just the right moment. A lot of work is already underway, but so much more needs to be done. We’re ready, and now we have the green light to go.”

The 202 projects were developed by the key provincial and line directorates, in cooperation with UNDP’s FFS, and are designed to support stabilization efforts in Mosul city and greater Ninewa Governorate. 
Since the start of military operations to retake Mosul six months ago, nearly half a million people have been displaced from their homes. More than two-and-a-half years of ISIL control and conflict has crippled the city’s infrastructure. Homes have been destroyed, schools and health centres damaged, and crucial public infrastructure is in ruins.

Once the operation to free western Mosul from ISIL is over, the task of reconstructing a safe, functioning metropolis will be one of the biggest stabilization initiatives since World War II.

Established in June 2015, FFS is working in newly liberated areas in Anbar, Salah al-Din, Ninewah and Diyala governorates. More than 500 projects are completed or being implemented across 22 locations. Since the start of the crisis, over 1.6 million people have returned to their homes.


Don961:  Abadi to declare Mosul fully liberated from ISIS by April 30th

April 19 2017 06:39 PM

Iraqi premier Haider Abadi intends to declare Mosul utterly liberated by April 30th, a source at Abadi's office told The Baghdad Post Wednesday. 

The source revealed that only six districts remain under ISIS grip, adding the Old Mosul district would be declared liberated within two days.

The preliminary indicators say all neighborhoods of the city that fell to ISIS in 2014 would be liberated with a week from now. 

After liberating the city, all the districts will be combed to safely move food supplies to residents and transfer those injured to hospitals, the source said. 

Abadi visited Mosul today to inspect the ongoing 'We Are Coming, Nineveh' military operation that started on February 19 to remove ISIS from the right bank of the city. The offensive is backed by the US-led international coalition's airstrikes.

Don961:  Wells Fargo Scandal Weighs Heavily on Other Big Banks

Thursday, April 20, 2017

It’s the topic the banking industry can’t avoid, even when people prefer not to mention it by name: Wells Fargo.

Banking executives and consultants who normally focus on checking accounts and credit cards spent a recent conference talking about “cross-selling” and “incentive compensation.” Those are code words for Wells Fargo, and the up to two million accounts that its employees opened without customer permission as they sought to meet unrealistic sales goals, AP reported.

And circulating among Wells Fargo’s biggest competitors is the scathing report from the bank’s board of directors that laid blame for its toxic sales practices on negligent management.

Eager not to be the next Wells Fargo, some other big banks say they are examining their own practices against the board report and actively looking for ways to avoid any sales issues before becoming engulfed in a similar kind of scandal.

“Any major occurrence in the industry is going to impact us all,” said Richard Hunt, president of the Consumer Bankers Association, the trade and lobbying group that organized the recent CBA Live gathering.

Wells had by far the most aggressive sales goals among the big banks, and the board’s report said the problems date back at least 15 years—but that executives had little interest in dealing with the issue until it spiraled out of control. The board also reclaimed another $75 million in pay from former CEO John Stumpf and former community bank executive Carrie Tolstedt, saying they dragged their feet for years.

That report has been making its way through top executive offices at nearly every big bank, executives said.

JPMorgan Chase’s upper management is reviewing the report, Chief Financial Officer Marianne Lake said last week. The same is happening over at Citigroup. Both banks have looked at their own sales behavior, and say they found nothing amiss. Bank of America Chief Financial Officer Paul Dinofrio declined to say whether executives reviewed the report, but stressed “we feel good about our sales practices.”

For the industry, the next potential shoe to drop will likely be from federal bank regulator the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, whose bank examiners are currently combing through each of big bank sales programs. Their findings are expected this summer. And the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is also doing its own investigation.



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