Well I did what I could for you all

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Well I did what I could for you all

Post  Admin on Mon Apr 24, 2017 8:47 am

I am hoping tomorrow will be better, for my data on the Satellite will be re-set tomorrow.

And it will not take me 6 hours to read about 1/2 dozen papers to get you some news.

When you use all you data, when you are on satellite, it then turns into dial-up speed, which really sucks in my opinion. Plus it is not cheap to purchase extra gigs, and it still runs slow.

I will be gone on Wednesday the 26th, will be back later on the 27th. will post later on that day.

My husband and I have our house up on the market, and we have an offer on it.  I have to get closer to a town for him and my mom for medical reasons, not besides my self.

So I am looking for a place, in transition to stay and get set up and get some of our stuff moved in the process.

So please bare with me



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