Call for adoption of a unified price policy

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Call for adoption of a unified price policy

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017 - 10:46 am

BAGHDAD / Mustafa al-Hashemi The stabilization of prices in the Iraqi market - according to specialists - comes through coordination between several sectoral bodies by adopting a package of legislative and executive measures, which requires adopting a pricing policy that limits the rise in prices of goods from their real value, because the stability of prices in any country The world comes from following a series of unified economic measures in all commercial outlets such as ports, airports and other border crossings.

 Price policy is defined as the set of measures by which prices are influenced, so these policies are one of the most important decisions taken by governments to achieve public stability.

The Economist Majid Al-Baydany proposed the adoption of a price policy in coordination with the Center for Market Research and Consumer Protection and a number of sectoral bodies such as the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank and a number of departments.

As well as legislative and regulatory bodies to stabilize prices in all markets of Iraq.

Al-Baydani attributed the reasons for the phenomenon of rising prices in Iraq without reference to normal rates due to the economic culture inherited from the nineties of the last century and the subsequent negative repercussions encouraged the souls of traders to exploit the difficult economic situation of the family at the time.

Al-Baydani said in an interview for "Sabah" that Iraq has witnessed since that period a rise in all prices for various materials, even real estate, and does not return after the rise to normal rates that were before a crisis in gas, for example, or a scar in one of the crops.

He pointed out that there are goods, such as mobile devices, sold at different prices in the scattered areas of Baghdad, although they are of origin or the same state, but the commitment or tax evasion may play a role in determining the price of such devices, noting the importance of activating the law of protection of the national product and consumer protection In this period, which is witnessing a rise in the prices of goods and products in the domestic market, which affects the economic situation of the consumer, especially if this rise is not considered so as not to affect the overall stability in the country.

Al-Baydani believes that the methods of establishing public stability should be adopted through educating and educating both the community and the trader about the importance of price fixing, and that their rise should not be at the expense of the family's economy, which is under increasing pressure.


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