The Central Bank warns against the circulation of foreign papers counterfeit

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The Central Bank warns against the circulation of foreign papers counterfeit

Post  Admin on Fri Apr 28, 2017 8:48 am

Warned the Central Bank of Iraq, on Thursday, the existence of foreign securities fake, traded among the weak souls, denying the Iraqi banks deal with these securities.

The central bank said in a statement, "Economic News" a copy of it, "The Central Bank and in recent years, noted the circulation of foreign currency to some countries, some real and rolling, and some drawn from circulation."

He added that "some foreign papers counterfeit, by some weak people out of the law, for the purpose of fraud and fraud on citizens by soliciting to replace the Iraqi dinar much more than the real value."

"The weak people are using pretexts and claims that the exchange of money represents huge gains and rare opportunities for investment," he said. "Those who are outlaws do not have enough time to use them in normal ways."

He explained that "some of these papers may be convertible according to the instructions in force, but the banks operating in Iraq as well as the Central Bank of Iraq do not deal with them."

The Central Bank of Iraq called on "the public and the security and regulatory authorities to follow up these matters and not deal with those banknotes," stressing "the need to focus on the Iraqi banknotes and those dealt with by the Central Bank of Iraq and the banking system to avoid falling into the trap of outlaws.



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