Businessmen in Mosul are embarking on reconstruction without waiting for a daunting defeat

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Businessmen in Mosul are embarking on reconstruction without waiting for a daunting defeat

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Some businessmen in Mosul have begun to rebuild damaged buildings without waiting for financial support from the Iraqi government, which is suffering from a financial crisis, or even defeating an organization in the city.

Among them is a businessman named Rafie Ghanem, who owns a car parts shop in eastern Mosul.

Ghanem said that 25 other businessmen, who rented shops in one building, had agreed to make a financial contribution to help the owner of the building remove the rubble and rebuild the first floor of the two-story building.

The reconstruction began on April 11 and Ghanem hopes to return to resume work in three or four months.

He said in a television interview: "From 11 to 4 Balchna (we started) the first building Balchna demolition process, of course we need to remove the damaged parts and after removing the damaged parts, we are rebuilding as an integrated building, but as a first stage one storey two floors.

An air strike in January transformed the building, where Ghanem and dozens of other shops were located, into a heap of rubble.

US-backed Iraqi forces pulled back east of Mosul in January after fierce 100-day battles.

Iraqi forces are now fighting a terrorist group in the west of the Tigris River, which separates eastern and western Mosul.

Ghanem said the wait will not work, as construction materials are expected to rise as construction projects increase and demand for iron and cement rises.

"Construction materials in general are iron, cement, gravel, sand and block, all of which are available, even in the first period, which is a month or more than a month, the prices are cheaper than the current time," he said. Houses and even buildings ".

The owner of a cement shop called Saif Ibrahim said: "After we liberated them, they answered him here.

Mosul, seized by a terrorist organization in 2014, was badly damaged as hundreds of houses and public buildings, including the airport, the main railway station and the university, were totally or partially destroyed.

Iron and steel prices have fallen sharply since militants were defeated in eastern Mosul and reopened roads with the rest of Iraq and Turkey, allowing for more supplies to be restored to the city.

He explained that the cement ton was sold up to 350 thousand Iraqi dinars (about 300 dollars), during the control of the Dahesh organization to the east of Mosul about three years ago, it is now sold between 80 to 90 thousand Iraqi dinars.

Although his work causes traffic congestion in the city, Engineer Mohammed Yunus continues reconstruction projects.

"We are trying to use other places, even using civilian mechanisms, in order to get to work," said engineer Mohammed Younis.

Ghanem and other people in Mosul have no choice but to rebuild their city, which had a population of two million before the war. Ending 29 / Mnرجال-أعمال-بالموصل-يشرعون-في-إعادة-الإعمار-دون-انتظار-هزيمة-داعش


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