Electronic Banking Services

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Electronic Banking Services

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Nabil Al-Najjar

After capturing minds and employing its endless scientific service today, banking technology proves its worth in various fields by creating a new generation of banking transactions or what is known as the "Bank of the Future". Perhaps the most important concern of the world is technology and keeping pace with its development, let alone go into the most vital sector of the banking sector. the field .

The "Banking Technologies Conference" which will be held in the coming few days with the slogan "Better banking services, more sophisticated" will see a qualitative leap through communication with advanced banking experiences and the central bank's focus on the importance of technological development in the banking sector.

Statistics indicate that social networking sites and smart tablet devices will be the main engine for the growth of the technology industry and applications by 3.7 trillion dollars to 5 trillion dollars during 2020 and that studies have been conducted on the banking sector developed beyond the reasonable limit and this opens the Iraqi banking sector to provide services To be more than just cash cabinets to cash and information cabinets at the same time. This indicates the importance of the development of banking information in the coming years, which will certainly witness a revolution of banking banking through the introduction of Services and information security.

Information technology is the basic tool for banking. It was common for banking to be based on human analysis, and today it has a machine, as in the industrial and agricultural sectors.

I think that banking has become more sophisticated and competitive and in some cases it has become so complicated that manual execution or analysis based on financial information is no longer enough to carry out these actions in a timely and acceptable manner. Therefore, technology intervention is one of the most important elements of the modern banking industry.

The information system contributes to the progress of banks and put them on the path of development needed by the world in our time, and it opens up wide areas of communication between the bank and its customers. In addition, the banking department of the bank support and strengthening of banking services and transfers and attract investment.

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