.Mnt Goat News Brief for May 2nd

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.Mnt Goat News Brief for May 2nd

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(Thank you George for emailing this to Dinar Recaps.)

May 2, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief
Hi Everyone,
I bring you much news today.   
I know it is not yet time for my next newsletter but I wanted to come to you to give a quick update on the final stages of liberation of Mosul districts.
So, today’s news is all about Mosul.
Many say this has all been already liberated now for months and that they are playing games with us. Really? I don’t think so. In FACT I know so.
So, the main concern now is still just how much longer before it is all done. Remember Abadi had put great pressure on the military to complete it by Saturday April 30th and we know this did not happen. Today is May 2nd and so we are moving along past his target. Let’s read the recent articles and see if we can make any sense as to when we can expect an announcement from Abadi on the “full” liberation.
More news…

I also want to note that Parliament voted on a resolution banning Iraqi politicians and officials from attending or participate in conferences and meetings affecting the security of the State and political system of national interest and held outside or inside Iraq without the approval of Iraqi authorities. The bill was written on the recommendations of the report of the Committee on integrity violations committed by many of the provinces.  (I feel this is very important as now it is more difficult for the likes of Maliki and his goons running around planning terrorists events to bring back to Iraq)
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} resulted in a joint effort for the overthrow of one of the most dangerous mafia currency counterfeiting its members practiced their activity partners with them in Lebanon, after the arrest of a woman and her daughter at the Baghdad International Airport, and with them large sums of money from the Iraqi dinar and the US dollar.
According to investigative papers, the defendants in their statements more than once this activity, the same way prior to disclose them.

According to media sources , investigative judiciary, " The information received intelligence about people working for a serious mafia competent currency and counterfeiting of money laundering were present in Baghdad." 

The sources added that " the competent judge issued an arrest warrant against the accused and ordered a detachment to act and arrest them , " noting that " the defendants before the judge had made confessions serious and important for a large network operating between Baghdad and the Lebanese capital of Beirut." 

The sources pointed out that "confessions came on a woman and her daughter was about to reach Baghdad and with them sums of up to 100 million Iraqi dinars Class A {50} in addition to 100 thousand dollars." 
As always my comments are in italic RED.
Articles Begin
So in recent weeks we were told by an Iraqi general that it would take another 3 weeks to “fully” liberated Mosul. I think this was perhaps on his reponse to Abadi’s request to have it done by April 30th?
So today is May 2nd we get an announcement it could be only a few more days. What is going on here? See article below. This makes total sense to me.
My only conclusion is that the news from Iraq is delayed and three weeks ago we should have gotten the article telling us 3 more weeks. So now the 3 weeks are here? Or the fighting is not as bad as they anticipated and they can wrap this up in the coming days instead of weeks? All we can do is wait and listen to the rest of the news that comes out this week. This could be an interesting week.
Just in May 1st - BAGHDAD / .. Associate jihadist forces promised Allah Brigade 33 confirmed in the popular crowd Abu Ali Bahadli, Monday, that the liberation of the remaining right-coast operation neighborhoods in the city of Mosul will not take more than one monthReally a month? This article below just told us essentially they are predicting by the latest the end of this week. So what is real? Do you see the confusion in the news?

The liberation of the right-hand coast of the city of Mosul will be announced in a few days
Baghdad - Mawazine News
The announcement of the liberation of the right-hand coast of the city of Mosul will be announced in a few days, the Ninewa Operations Command said on Monday, adding that the joint forces launched a large operation on guerrilla sites and called on terrorists in the western and central axis of the right-hand city of Mosul.
"A few hours separate the security forces from breaking into the remaining neighborhoods in the western axis and penetrating the center of Mosul to rescue the civilians held by a terrorist in the areas that are still under occupation," said Maj. Gen. Najem al-Jubouri, commander of Nineveh operations. Control ". (Was the center of Mosul pivotal to getting the rest cleared?)
"The rapid reaction forces that arrived in the village of Halilah and stationed with the anti-terrorism forces in the western axis will launch operations during the coming hours to liberate the areas of Musheirefah, Riffa, Tammuz, Najjar and the remaining neighborhoods of the western axis," the statement said.
Jubouri said that "the federal forces moved into all neighborhoods in the center of the city of Mosul air support," noting that "the command of operations in the province of Nineveh will announce the liberation of the entire right coast in a few days."
Iraqi forces continue, on Monday, May 1, 2017, restore the right side of Mosul battles, amid expectations the battle decisively restore the old city area soon. 

Said Roudao media network correspondent in Mosul, Jamal Herring, said that Iraqi forces launched heavy bombardment on the right side Daesh sites while the International Air Alliance continues to air raids on the organization. 

Reporter Roudao added that the militants blew up Daesh four car bombs during the twenty - four years time. In contrast , the federal police announced the killing of dozens of members of the organization during the past few hours. 

Jamal Herring pointed out that Chen is expected to Iraqi military units and a massive offensive to recover the remains of the ancient region during the next 48 hours, where are those forces around the corner of the great liberation Nouri mosque and minaret humpback famous. (Okay so here is another confirmation of the conclusion in the next few days. So who will you believe?)

The Chief of Staff of the Iraqi army, Othman al - Ghanemi, has declared that " the full restoration of the right side of the connector will be before the holy month of Ramadan, the Iraqi forces will complete the liberation of the city within three weeks maximum," adding that "forces control 40% of the old town, The proportion is controlled by Ayman Daesh inside Mosul , it estimated at 35%, and areas of influence Daesh within the whole of Iraq up to 3.8% of the total area of Iraq. " (but then comes the three weeks maximum again…lol..lol…So these are only maximum timeframes.) 

Iraqi forces managed during the military campaign began in October / October 2016, from the restoration of the eastern half of the city, and then began on February 19 / last February west side battles. 

And was able to Iraqi forces, backed by the international coalition, restoring more than half of the western half of the connector space, amid the decline of the combat capabilities of the organization, according to media statements of the leaders of the Iraqi military

Iraqi News: Offensives begin to liberate two western Mosul districts
(So this will be 2 out of the remaining 4)
Mosul (IraqiNews.com) A military source has revealed beginning of operations to liberate two districts in western Mosul.
Speaking to Alghad Press on Monday, the source said, “security troops began offensives to liberate al-Harmat and 17 Tamuz (July 17th) in western Mosul.”
17 Tamuz (July 17th) district in western Mosul
“Troops tightened their control on Badush region,” the source added.
On Sunday, an army colonel was quoted as saying that Iraqi government forces are opening new front in their battles against Islamic State militants in western Mosul, targeting the recapture of four last districts including 17 Tamuz, Harmat, Mesherfa and Hawi al-Kanisa in order to accelerate the liberation of the city. (note; “in order to accelerate the liberation”)
Another security source from Nineveh Province previously declared that offensives in western Mosul were to resume on Monday after being halted for five days. (This is why liberation is taking so long. They strategize, fight when ready and then prepare for many days for new strategy in different districts)
While Iraqi generals previously claimed their control on 70 percent of the western side of Mosul, Defense Minister Erfan al-Hiyali estimated on Monday the remaining part of western Mosul that is still held by Islamic State at thirty-five percent.
The number of Islamic State fighters remaining in Mosul are estimated by Iraqi troops at 200 to 300, mostly foreigners, down from nearly 6,000 when the offensive started. (So last week they told us 1,000 remained. I hope they have enough body bags,..,,.lol…lol….)
306: Reconstruction of Iraq in partnership with the private sector
The Iraqi planning Ministry, on Sunday, a Conference for the reconstruction of Iraq after the war to ISIS, in Erbil.
The planning Minister Salman jumaili said in a speech during the Conference and was followed up by “economy”, the Conference aims to develop a long term plan includes the reconstruction of the devastated areas in Iraq and economic development in the years 2018 and until 2023. 

Jumaili said that the reconstruction of areas dominated by ISIS 35 billion dollars needed, rebuilding Mosul alone takes $14 billion.

He noted that “one of the most important foundations in the extended plan for five years, is a partnership with the private sector, the public sector is an active role in national development, and will coordinate with the international community and international institutions, to find the best ways to reach specific goals, the United Nations had previously discussed plans to 2030”. (We have heard plans similar to one like the Marshal plan to rebuild Europe from WWII. Also The USA under president Trump is working out deals for oil to assist. I suspect there will also be other economic deals made with the USA too)
A member of the Parliamentary Economic and Investment Commission, MP Noura al-Bajari confirmed on Wednesday the initiative to revalue and delete zeros from the Iraqi Dinar .
Baghdad (IraqiNews.com) A member of the Parliamentary Economic and Investment Commission, MP Noura al-Bajari, confirmed on Wednesday that the initiative to revalue and delete zeros from the Iraqi Dinar is ready for implementation by the Central Bank although it will be (or has been) delayed by five years given the political and security situation of Iraq.

(I do not understand this article. It is so contrary to the past news. It is so contrary to what is happening in Iraq. I simply can not believe that they would or even could postpone a significant increase in the value of the currency until 5 years from now.
So then why the article?
So last weekend Iraq held a conference aimed to develop a long term plan for the reconstruction of the devastated areas in Iraq and economic development in the years 2018 and until 2023. See article in today’s news letter. That’s 5 years, coincidental to MP Noura al-Bajari’s timeframe for the project to delete the zeros? Is there a connection? But why would they wait. Getting the financial reform can only help them in the rebuilding process.
Next let’s consider that this new article may be  a “false flag” announcement. Why now when they are so close to “full” liberation of Mosul? So is this article really to prevent currency speculators?
I will add my other part of opinion too since an MP from the GOI finance committee just came out a week ago and stated they can hardly wait for the hedge funds and other investment firms to get a handle on their currency. So this article just does not fit the scenario of all these new financial & banking reforms, banking & investment conferences, work from the IMF, WTO, World Bank, etc,,,.it is all contradictory. Do you see it too?
Why is following this project so important for us and the RV? Remember the CBI has told us the “project to delete the zeros” will lead to a significant increase in the value of the dinar, in fact they even went a step further and told us they wanted to bring the currency back to it’s past glory.) 

In an interview with IraqiNews.com al-Bajari said “The policy to delete zeros from the Iraqi currency is ready to be executed by the Central Bank, however, its implementation will be delayed by 5 years on the basis of the extreme security and political situation of the country.”
Al-Bajari said that the head of the Central Bank of Iraq had previously said that this policy from parliament was accepted and that the zeros will be deleted from the Iraqi currency in the next 5 years.
(However upon reading this article – Is there another plan that the CBI has to raise the value of the dinar? We know if they give it value they will need the newer “lower” denominations launched. So this is confusing article and contradicts all we know.)

National development plan Conference kicks off in Erbil
Started the first Conference events for the national development plan “2018 – 2022,” Saturday, sponsored by the ministries of planning and Kurdistan, in collaboration with local area development program implemented by the United Nations development program, funded by the European Union. (This is like the beginning of implementing a “Marshall” plan for Iraq.
What was the Marshall plan? - The Marshall Plan (officially the European Recovery Program, ERP) was an American initiative to aid Western Europe, in which the United States gave over $13 billion (approximately $130 billion in current dollar value) in economic support to help rebuild Western European economies after the end of World War II. The plan was in operation for four years beginning April 8, 1948. The goals of the United States were to rebuild war-devastated regions, remove trade barriers, modernize industry, make Europe prosperous once more, and prevent the spread of communism.
So let us now compare this plan to rebuild war torn Iraq with the one to rebuild Europe.
So Iraq’s Foreign Minister has asked the United States to help to develop a financial plan for the reconstruction of the country after ISIS, similar to a program developed for Western Europe after the Second World War. In discussions with Special Presidential Envoy to the Coalition Brett McGurk, Ibrahim al-Jaafari stressed the need for “collective support from the international community to contribute to the reconstruction of infrastructure. after the defeat of terrorism.” Jaafari suggested “the adoption of a project similar to the Marshall Plan which contributed to rebuilding Germany after the Second World War.”
Iraq will need billions of dollars to rebuild after ISIS. Large portions of major cities were destroyed in the war, infrastructure was neglected under ISIS, villages are riddled with mines and booby-traps. The deputy governor of Anbar estimated that his province would need $22 billion alone for reconstruction and rebuilding inner city of Mosul alone will take $14 billion. Where will all this money come from?
Just so you know the United States already spent billions to reconstruct Iraq, from 2003-2010, and Iraq spend most of those billions and accomplished less than nothing. So where did the money go? It went in to the pockets of the corrupt. So any new plan will have assurances to everyone that the money will be handled much differently. Auditing and monitoring features must be built into the process.
So they are calling this Marshall plan for Iraq the “National Development Plan” . This is a long range 5 year plan from 2018-2023. As in the article presented above one of the most important foundations of the plan is a partnership with the private sector and the public sector is an active role in rebuilding. The plan will coordinate with the international community and international institutions, to find the best ways to reach specific goals, the United Nations had previously discussed plans to as far out as 2030.
Meanwhile they will need to begin implementing the National Reconciliation between the conflicting parties in the tribal provincesThis too must happen and will make the reconstruction process much smoother.
More info on Marchall plan: http://www.history.com/topics/world-war-ii/marshall-plan/videos
The meeting is scheduled to be held in the Hall “Saad Abdullah in Erbil for three days.
The Conference Planning Minister, Salman Al-jumaili, the planning Minister in the Kurdistan Regional Government, Sindi, Secretary General of the Council of Ministers, Mehdi relationship, coupled with the expert in Economic Affairs, Mehdi Hafez, economists and a large number of attendees.
The Conference includes workshops, in addition to highlighting the economic policy in Iraq, the main challenges and visions of the future.
Baghdad pledges to provide a suitable environment for investment
Baghdad Province, announced Saturday, pledged to provide a suitable environment for investment and the transfer of powers to sustain during the next stage. (So what is this next stage? It is a 5 year program to rebuild war torn Iraq. This is what they are talking about)
Governor of Baghdad, the statement said Atwan, settle their suspended problems/balance of news copy, to “settle their suspended problems attended the meeting of the supreme body for coordination between the provinces, chaired by Prime Minister Haider Abadi, attended by heads of provincial governors and representatives of some ministries.
The Office added that “the meeting discussed many aspects:
- of SOA,
-the return of displaced persons
-financial challenges facing the country, in addition
-to providing an enabling environment for investment and
-the “transfer of powers”,
stating that “the meeting stressed the need to improve service and urban projects actually stalled due to the financial crisis.”
He explained that “the meeting discussed the need for regional development projects with advanced ratio amounts to complete its work.”
The meeting stressed, “keen to maintain full financial dues collected from the general budget to be able to resume work on stalled projects due to lack of funding.”  

Reuters: Iraqi commander says to complete capture of Mosul in May
By Ahmed Rasheed | BAGHDAD
An Iraqi commander expects to dislodge Islamic State from Mosul in May despite resistance from militants in the densely populated Old City district. The battle should be completed "in a maximum of three weeks", the Iraqi army's chief of staff, Lieutenant General Othman al-Ghanmi, was quoted as saying by state-run newspaper al-Sabah on Sunday.
A U.S.-led international coalition is providing air and ground support for the offensive in Mosul, the largest city in northern Iraq, which fell to hardline Sunni Muslim fighters in June 2014. Islamic State has lost most of the city's districts since the offensive began in October and is now surrounded in the northwestern districts, including the historic Old City center.
The United Nations believes up to half a million people remain in the area controlled by the militants, 400,000 of whom are in the Old City with little food and water and no access to hospitals.
The militants have dug in between the civilians, often launching deadly counter-attacks to repel forces closing in on the Old City's Grand al-Nuri Mosque, from where Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declared a caliphate over parts of Iraq and Syria.
The hardline group persecuted non-Sunni Muslim communities and inflicted harsh punishments on Sunnis who do not abide by its extreme interpretation of Islam.
Regular Iraqi army units are taking part in battles outside the city, alongside Shi'ite volunteers trained and armed by Iran, Kurdish Peshmerga fighters and Sunni tribes. The total number of fighters aligned against Islamic State in Mosul exceeds 100,000.
Several thousand have been killed so far in the battle, both civilians and military, according to international aid organizations. The total number of people displaced from Mosul since October is close to 400,000, about a fifth of Mosul's population before its capture by Islamic State. Even if defeated in Mosul, Islamic State will remain in control of vast swathes of land in the border area with Syria, where Baghdadi is believed to be hiding, according to Iraqi military sources.
The Iraqi army on Sunday said its ground and air forces pushed back an attack on troops stationed near the Syrian border, killing eight militants. Islamic State announced the attack in a statement on its news agency Amaq.

Jubouri announce the signing of the reconciliation between the warring clans in Salah al-Din
Baghdad balances News
Announced parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri, on Monday, for the signing of the reconciliation between the conflicting parties in the tribal province of Salahuddin.
He said al-Jubouri's office in a statement seen by / balance News /, "The President of the Parliament held today at his conference to reconcile the tribal clans of Salah al-Din," noting that "the conference ended with the signing of a reconciliation document between the conflicting parties."
The source said that "a senior official of the state intervention to solve the problem of this type are rare and the case is unprecedented, especially as the size of the complex dispute.
Articles End
Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!


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