.Mnt Goat News Brief for Friday May 12th

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.Mnt Goat News Brief for Friday May 12th

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May 12, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief
Hi Everyone,
I bring you much news today.   
Some are saying that Mosul has already been "fully" liberated and just not announced. Really? Please tell that to the Iraqi Army and all the US advisors that risk their lives each and every day still fighting. Tell that to those that end up in a body bag. Tell that to their loved ones back home! Maybe they would like to know they are wasting their time ... lol ... since the war is already won! How ridiculous. Folks everything is not a conspiracy. If you truly believe this you need to seek help for your mental condition.
So now I need to address another issue. We all should know by now that the end to our RV saga is very close at hand. In this regards I do not think mein hubby is going to share my attention with you much longer. If you appreciated all my efforts over these past years, can you now please do something for me?

In the past I have come forward with information on a global effort to move society to a “technocratic” form. We should all know what technocratic means as we have heard this term from Iraqi news from the prime minister Abadi many times in selecting his cabinet members. This was a necessary move by Abadi and was needed. But he was not redefining democracy or capitalism in his country by this action. He simply wanted people who were competent and could do the job.
Now I want to tell you there is also another kind of extreme technocratic movement, a new global movement, prominent about 1932, advocating ‘full” control of industrial resources, reform of financialinstitutions, and reorganization of the social system, based on the findings of technologists and engineers. Yes – this movement was in Germany under the Nazis. Believe it or not many of these former Nazi party members live now in amongst you and are making policies that effect your lives. They do not call themselves openly Nazis since they know the consequences if they did.
Their form of a “new world” is demonic and evil. Of course they tried this “new world order” once already in WWII to take control and it did not succeed. So now a new approach. A more settle approach. No hurry but they do have time tables. They do have target dates for these policies since one thing leads to another so they need to have a base set of laws and mandates in place to begin the next phase. They need to have the world in a certain state prior to pushing for the next phase. What is this state they need? Well I already described their methods to you. They are creating a crisis of proportion that is hard to believe. They are creating massive global debt. They are trying to bring down the financial sectors. Why? They are doing this so nations will be subdued (strong armed) into signing on to their solution to the massive debt crisis. This is of course the global currency scheme. Can’t believe this is true? The EURO is the first stage but there are others also already implemented. Just because you don’t know about them does not make them any less real. They have the AMERO in mind for Canada, USA and Mexico and they have a very close at hand target for this to occur.
Yes – this means turning society over on its heal since losing your currency you have lost your sovereignty. Yes, they will try to package it somehow to do it in a more palatable and acceptable way to sell it to as “not so bad”. But it is the desperation that will win the day in the long run. When you are jobless and with soaring inflation you are more likely to go along with anything that will save the day. Again – create the crisis, create the state of fear, give the solution, implement the solution. I can not spend time now to help you understand much more details about this topic in this newsletter, as it would be volumes to write and for you to read. So instead I included a couple videos to help you and to inform you. Please watch them if you want to educate yourself.
Over the years I have been with you, many of you have asked me over and over again just who this “shadow” government is and how it has so much power. So now I will address your questions.  
The shadow govt is simply a mix of illegitimated and legitimized individuals who, are either prior politicians (still with influence), current politicians or the very wealthy (and use their money to influence). They are a mix of   elected and nonelected officials. When elected, they bring in these illegitimated ones into the mix by appointing them to cabinet and other positions, thus making them legitimate.   
They get their power from working behind the vail. They use the United Nations as their scepter of power, their excuse for power, since this is the only legitimate power base most of them can hold on to. In the long run, when their plans fail, they also then us the UN as their excuse as they need to hide behind the vail. They are cowards and so don’t openly state they real objectives. They cannot, since to do so would uncover their plot and no one would want to go along with them. Surely most do not desire Nazis all over again.

They manipulate and lie in the UN to sway the policies of the world. These people also mix into politics as some of them actually do get elected under false pretenses and lies. Their policies then, for the nation they are supposedly to serve, are their own agenda or of the shadow govt. When they get caught many do not ever get prosecuted since they manipulate the legal system (we see this with Hillary and her email scandal) or they simply set themselves up so they can’t take blame and leave it purely to a “bad economic situation” or “bank failure” or “financial crisis” that occurred. Opps! Not my fault….its the economy or it’s a bad guy’s fault. But in reality they set up the crisis in the first place through their long term policies. Only you can’t see the connection because it’s a slow methodical plan over many years being implemented with consequences only they can foresee and desire. Get it? They are at fault and should be held accountable. They all should be in jail. Yes, we need to drain the swamp! No more excuses! In South Korea they already too a hard stance on this corruption and impeachment of ex-President Park Geun-hye and replaced her with Moon Jae-in. So this process has begun and should continue.  
Many call these people ultra liberals. They have a new blueprint for society that, if ever fulfilled entirely, is hell on the earth. Their ideals are dark, satanic and slavery for the masses while the very few governing on top enjoy the fruits of the labor of everyone else. Many good, honest people get caught up in the mix and believe the cause is noble. This is where education come in to play. Oh – but here is the real catcher – they do it all with lies as they try to convince society to go along with their schemes in the name of “saving the planet”. So now are the latest buzz words are words like – “green”, “sustainability” , “SMART” or “global warming”. This buzz words are real and intentional. They are part of the conspiracy and are reality.    
Well these video links I present below will explain all this in more simply terms. So the favor you can do for me today is to learn about this shadow govt. Then pass these links to ten (at least ten) other people. This is all I ask.
How can this be real?
It is happening because their policies are not discussed openly in society. Much of these policies are not voted or presented to the democratic process, yet they will change the world we live in so drastically, if continued to proceed. Major laws even are  ever so slowly being implemented at the local and state levels of govt to enforce their policies. I only found out because I was introduced to Agenda 21 by a good friend who was kind enough to explain it to me. We met by accident as we began discussing new laws that were being forced upon us in our village. These laws came out of what? Who decided on these new laws? We never voted on them. Yet they restrict our land usage so much. They literally that came out of the blue. Then we traced them and they are right out of Agenda 21 doctrine. There are other new laws too. This is shaping up like in the 1930’s all over again. Then this all began to connect and now I can see the implementation of Agenda 21 in all aspects of our lives. Once you study the document you can see the means to the end. It is the ultimate “end” I am now warning you about. 
It is right on the United Nations site, as you can see it and read the global plan for yourselves. I have given you the link to the UN site.
I am not making up this stuff. Many of you may see the implementation of much of this stuff already and so you can see it is already in play, if you research. However it has not yet been “fully’ implemented and the real nasty stuff comes later once the trend of brainwashing is set and the needed laws in place. I am warning everyone reading this newsletter today this is a DIRE WARNING with DIRE CONSEQUENCES if this effort is not stopped. It can not however be stopped without you first learning about all the facts and the deception, then passing this information on to as many as you can so they can also learn.
What is the easiest solution?
The easy solution, if there is one, is to first identify and then to slowly reverse any existing Agenda 21 policies that simply are obstacles to common sense or don’t make any sense to land usage, freedom or liberty. All developed nations must openly discuss and state that they are pulling out of the Agenda 21 and global warming crisis (deception). Then the swamp must be drained of all those within govt positions that have orchestrated this plan and allowed it to occur.   
So please, please we must bring these policies to the attention of our leaders and do it in such a way that it is clearly made public and that there is public pressure to stop this effort and fully withdraw from it. Thus let us, as citizens of our own countries, decide on our own destination and on how we will run our countries. We have National Constitutions that proclaim what we believe in and how we will govern ourselves. This does not include any UN mandates. We have been fooled and deceived by these charlatans too many times already. Just look at what they have already done to society with their philosophy of their form of “new world order” as they tricked us to let them come into power.  We have seen already just what they bring to us as we see massive national debts, constant wars, loss of jobs and the economic downturns. They claim they have the solution to it all and the solution is this “new world order”. Really? Who created all these problems in the first place?
Let me explain something to you. They are the ones that orchestrated all the problems in the first place in order to bring you into a state, where you will let then take control and have their way. They keep promising us “change” over and over again. Change?  Oh -and yes they are bringing us change and don’t let there be any doubt about that, but not the kind of change we want.
This is how they operate:  
1.   They define a crisis
2.   They create the crisis (this is why society is in such a mess)
3.   The crisis creates fear
4.   They claim they have the solution
5.   You let them implement the solution out of fear (new laws put in place)
6.   They have their way peacefully but….
7.   If steps 1-6 don’t work peacefully, they implement their plan forcefully anyhow. We see this all over the world today. We have witnessed this in Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq and now Syria. They are trying with Iran too but so far have not succeeded.
The planet belongs to each and every one of us. It does not belong just to an elite few who will decide how we will pray, live, work and govern ourselves.. Do we really want to buy into a “new order” or “one world govt”? Do we really think this technocratic socialistic society is good for the planet? They even claim behind closed doors that we are merely petty people who will be easily swept aside. But we are billions of people while their ranks are few. ​

Here are the links:
One last note: When you read the UN agenda 2012 and 2030 the goals are lofty. Who would not want these changes they advocate. We all want a clean environment, social justice and peace. Don’t we?  We all want to end global poverty and hunger. Don’t we?
But here is the lie.
At what cost and to what sacrifice do they implement these policies. Are there other more rational solutions that do not include having to sacrifice freedom and liberty? They do not clearly define how they will implement these goals. But if you look at the damage so far caused by these reckless mandates you can see where this is all heading. Remember also these are there solutions not ours. Their solutions are being forced upon us without our consent or us even knowing what is going on.
Yes, there are many very good honest solutions that will work and are not part of these mandates but are being impeded and blocked due to the UN doctrines.
So there are lots of very good politicians too in the mix, as they are not all bad people. Many of them, like you and I, do not know the extent of the overall plan if Agenda 21 and mask of deception. They go along with these mandates, actually thinking perhaps the world will be better off.
More news…..
Iraqi Army Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Osman al-Ghanmi has decided to regain control of the rest of the city of Mosul before the start of the holy month of Ramadan.
Al-Ghanami said in remarks to the BBC that the militants of the Da'ash organization were trapped in very limited areas following the progress made by the Iraqi forces on the northern front of the city during the past two days.
The Iraqi forces are engaged in fierce fighting to liberate the rest of the city of Mosul by following new plans to reduce the time and effort to save civilians from the brutality of the organization calling the terrorist.
This is from FOX News in USA on May 11, 2017-

BAGHDAD –  U.S.-backed Iraqi forces were moving to surround Mosul's Old City on Thursday, a week after launching a fresh push to drive Islamic State militants from areas they still hold, according to an Iraqi officer overseeing the operation. (This encirclement was done last week. I have 2 articles from Iraq describing the effort. So why lie and suspend the news in USA till now?)
Iraqi special forces Lt. Gen. Sami al-Arathi said battle plans had changed and a northern advance was launched last week after Iraqi forces struggled to push into the Old City from the south. (yes  this is true and the advance was very successful)
As Iraqi army and federal police forces push from the north, the country's special forces are moving toward the Old City through Mosul's western industrial neighborhoods. (all industrial sectors of the Old City were retaken days ago)
"The multi-axis advance ... has presented the enemy with more dilemmas than they can react to," U.S.-led coalition spokesman John Dorrian told reporters during a press conference Wednesday. Dorrian said over the past week Iraqi forces retook more than 30 square kilometers (12 square miles) of terrain from IS.
More news….
So we see now a trend in the news being slanted more towards the Central Bank of Iraq as it stresses the need to develop the financial and investment sectors to be effective in the process of economic development. I fully believe they are just holding off on launching a new rate the then implementing the continuance of the project to delete the zeros. The CBI needs the “green light” again from the GOI. They will get the green light once the liberation of Mosul regions is completed.
As always my comments are in italic RED.

Articles Begin
Council of Ministers voted to amend the Central Bank Act
BAGHDAD / JD / .. cabinet voted to amend the Central Bank Act, while stressing the role of the Federal Office of Financial Control to take over control of public money wherever found.
A government statement received / JD / copy of it: that the cabinet voted during its second draft amendment to the law of the Central Bank of Iraq issued Order No. 56 of 2004 for the now defunct Coalition Provisional Authority forwarded to the House of Representatives.
He added: It was also voted to support the work of the customs clearance plan No. (45) for the year 2016 towards e-governance.
According to the statement, it was canceled Cabinet decision letter of the amount of ministries Affairs No. 17288 in 11-12-2005 and emphasize the role of the Federal Office of Financial Control to take over control of public money wherever found and audited according to the provisions of Article (3 / A) of the above Law Court No. ( 31) for the year 2011 and the Council of Ministers mandated the audit Court audit contracts when it requests it.
According to the statement, the Council agreed to ensure food security by the Ministry of Commerce to hold the purchase of the subjects of rice and wheat agreements in favor of the ration card with the boards of grain recognized by the International Grains Council and its countries and within the Iraqi standards, taking into consideration the exchange rate at the time of contracting to ensure transparency and dimensions corruption.
By the map .. What remains of the occupation of Ayman Mosul and his proportion of the city?

The Joint Operations Command / Military Information Cell published the latest map on the right side of the city of Mosul, and how much space is occupied by terrorist gangs.
According to the map received by the agency of all Iraq [where] a copy of it to “the presence of a caller in 10% of the west side of the city.”
The chief of staff of the Iraqi army, Major General Othman al-Ghanmi, had predicted the end of last month that the liberation of the right side and the liberation of the city of Mosul entirely from the gangs of terrorist preachers before the month of Ramadan next, which ends the month of May. (Okay so here it is in black and white. The month of May was and still it their target. It is confirmed by this article. No doubt about it! I believe if they continue {and don’t take another extended strategic break} they will be done next week.. WOW! So what does this mean to us? This means the CBI can no longer use ISIS as an excuse not to continue with the currency reforms and project to delete the zeros. NOOOOOOOOOO excuses! )
Articles End
Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!
Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,
Mnt Goat


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