Agenda of the meeting No. (34) Sunday (14) May 2017

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Agenda of the meeting No. (34) Sunday (14) May 2017

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May 14, 2017

First: Reading verses from the Holy Quran.

Second: Vote on the draft law of the second amendment to the law of night guards No. (Cool for the year 2000. (Security and Defense Committee, Legal Committee, Finance Committee). (2 articles).

Third: Vote on the wording of a resolution on the cessation of abuses on the marshes in the central and southern provinces. (Legal Committee).

Fourth: Vote on the draft law regulating the work of advisers. (Legal Committee), (Article 5).

Fifth: An oral question addressed to the President of the National Investment Authority. (MP Zeinab Thabet).

Sixth: Oral question addressed to the Minister of Electricity. (MP Hanan al-Fatlawi, MP Hashim Radi Jabbar, MP Abdul Qahar al-Samarrai, MP Alia Nassif).

Seventh: Oral question addressed to the Minister of Municipalities, Reconstruction and Housing. (MP Ibtisam Hashim, MP Awad al-Awadi, MP Angham Hushi, MP Zeinab Thabet).

Eighth: Oral question addressed to the Minister of Transport. (MP Abdul Qahar al-Samarrai, MP Hanan al-Fatlawi, MP Sabah al-Tamimi).

Ninth: Report and discuss the proposed law of the Nursing Syndicate. (Civil Society Organizations Committee, Legal Committee, Finance Committee, Health and Environment Committee). (40 articles).

Tenth: Report and discussion of the draft amendment of the Third Law of Governorates not organized in the region No. (21) for the year 2008. (Legal Committee, the Committee of Regions and Governorates). (12 articles).

Eleventh: Report and discussion of the draft law of the second amendment to the law abolishing the legal texts that prevent the courts from hearing cases No. (17) for the year 2005. (Legal Committee). (2 articles).

Twelfth: Report and discussion of the proposed law to cancel the decision of the Revolutionary Command Council dissolved No. (100) for the year 2000. (Legal Committee). (2 articles).

Thirteenth: The quarterly activity report of the Security and Defense Committee.

Fourteenth: The quarterly activity report of the Committee on Culture and Information.

The session begins at 11 am.جـــــــدول-اعمـــال-الجلســـــة-رق-34/


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Re: Agenda of the meeting No. (34) Sunday (14) May 2017

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The House of Representatives directs verbal questions to the ministers of electricity, municipalities, ages, housing and the head of the Investment Authority

May 14, 2017

The voice of the House of Representatives in its regular thirty-fourth session, which was chaired by Dr. Salim Jubouri, the President of the Council and the presence of 166 deputies on Sunday, 14/5/2017 on the law and decision of the parliamentary questions addressed orally to a number of ministers and the Chairman of the Investment Authority.

At the beginning of the meeting, President al-Jubouri on behalf of the House of Representatives condolences to the deputy Ali al-Budairi, the death of his mother and deputy Iyad al-Shammari, the death of his father.

The Council voted on the draft amendment of the Second Law of Night Guards No. (Cool for the year 2000, submitted by the security, defense, legal and financial committees for the purpose of determining the body to which the rewards of night guards of the second category.

The Council voted on a parliamentary decision submitted by the Legal Committee stating that the government should act quickly to stop the abuses on the marshes in the central and southern governorates and not to control the water resources and turn them into private lakes and immediate and urgent intervention to save the horrors of the Crusades, causing the destruction of huge amounts of fish wealth.

On the other hand, announced the President of the House of Representatives on the formation of a committee to audit the absence of ladies and gentlemen MPs will be presented in a meeting tomorrow, stressing that the presidency of the Council will submit to the Council requests to lift the immunity of a number of deputies to take a position on them.

President Jubouri said that 75 deputies had been asked to withdraw the confidence from the Electoral Commission will be presented to the Council on Tuesday and Thursday of next week, noting that the Presidency received the Asanid of six ministers by the request for questioning where the ministers were addressed to inform the presidency of the Council in their presence and identify Day of interrogation.

The Presidency decided to postpone the vote on the draft law regulating the work of legal advisers committee.

MP Ali al-Alaq read a statement on behalf of the Awqaf and Religious Affairs Committee, which commemorates the birth of Imam al-Mahdi and the uprising of the 15th of Sha'baan against the former regime, in which he referred to the Iraqi people's rejection of the criminal regime that has left Iraq with problems at all levels. Behind the terrorism and farewell, blessed the Iraqi people Mujahid great victories of the army and police forces and the popular crowd and tribes and Peshmerga forces on gangs, calling for the crimes that have been achieved thanks to the unity and cohesion of the Iraqi people all and the fatwa of the supreme authority, Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani.

Al-Alak stressed the importance of not only the elimination of terrorism militarily but also the fight against extremism, intellectually and culturally, noting that Iraq is gaining strength from the unity of his sons and serious participation of all success of the political experience with the importance of looking forward to promote hope and optimism between the people and the future, The uprising of 15 Shaban and its great sacrifices in the face of dictatorship.

The Council then hosted Mr. Sami Al-Araji, Chairman of the National Investment Authority, to answer an oral question directed by MP Zeinab Thabet.

He praised President Jubouri MP asked the oral question of its role in activating the oversight role of the House of Representatives in addition to thanking Mr. Araji for attending the session.

MP Zainab inquired about the legal basis for granting a company a license to grant an investment project in Babil province, despite the failure to complete the procedures of leave and insist on the return of the investment license of the company despite the lack of commitment.

The Chairman of the Investment Authority stressed that the National Investment Commission did not grant the license to the company concerned, but was granted by the Babylon Investment Authority and after its withdrawal the chairman of the company presented a grievance to the Authority. After the review it appeared that the formalities were not completed, Explaining that the Babil Governorate Council expressed its support for the project of the residential complex and was asked by the Investment Authority of the province to re-leave him with a deadline of not more than one year to complete the project.

MP Zaynab Thabet asked for the legal basis on which the Investment Authority relied on granting the company a license to invest, stressing that the leave was granted before completing the legal proceedings.

The Chairman of the National Investment Authority pointed out that the investor submitted a complaint to the Commission on the basis of a mechanism in the law that proved not to complete the legal formality. The opinion was that the project continued according to official demands and has the right to proceed with the completion of the project, especially that the withdrawal of the leave is illegal and grant him an opportunity to complete the project after a series of meetings in this regard. .

The Council hosted Mr. Qassem Al-Fahdawi, the Minister of Electricity, to answer an oral question directed by MP Hanan Al-Fatlawi, MP Hashim Radi Jabbar, MP Abdul Qahar Al-Samarrai and MP Alia Nassif.

President Jubouri welcomed the Minister of Electricity to answer verbal questions within the supervisory role of the House of Representatives.

Hashem Hashem Radi Jabbar inquired about the reasons for non-implementation of the commitments for the contract to supply power plants with fuel and the value and date of completion.

The Minister of Electricity stressed that the year 2015 saw the problem of fuel and issued a decision to buy an emergency payment within its powers and a tender was announced including the installation of the estimated value of the purchase and if the offer exceeds the value of the contract 20% exclude the contract and the assignment of the contract to two companies, 140 dollars and found that the proportion of sulfur in fuel more than allowed and after approaching the Ministry of Oil in this regard, the ministry confirmed the calculation of a discount in this regard, pointing out that the contract was concluded and achieved benefits for the ministry did not have any violation.

The deputy asked the question that the ministry has made an invitation to buy 140 thousand tons of gas oil and after the opening of tenders has been reduced the number of companies until it was referred to a company made a bid plus $ 110 as well as a new invitation to companies after knowledge of the offers submitted through addressing the Council of Ministers.

In turn, Mr. Fahdawi did not receive the question within the verbal questions and companies developed for processing broke the prices did not expect the ministry to be bidding less than 140 dollars.

For his part, MP Abdul Qahar al-Samarrai questioned the reasons for the delay of a company charged with the maintenance and provision of spare parts for the power plant in Salahuddin province, which led to damage to the plant and the deterioration of electricity.

In his reply, the minister pointed out that the reason for the delay is the failure of the Ministry of Electricity to meet its financial obligations with the company due to lack of liquidity, indicating that the ministry has come to the understanding and settlement to deal with the company.

For her part, MP Alia Nassif asked about the reasons for restricting the work of the Inspector General in the ministry.

In turn, the Minister stressed that there is no narrowing of any employee, noting that the Inspector General exceeded the legal procedures, including receipt of materials with no obligation.

MP Hanan al-Fatlawi asked about the reasons for increasing the wages of electricity and charging the citizen burdens despite the deterioration of electricity and the nature of the legal basis for the increase.

He pointed out that the Ministry of Electricity has seen the experience of Iran approach to the Iraqi airspace in order to address the causes of wasting electricity. , Noting that the current cost of production can be reduced through the integration of privatization and collection.

In another context, the council hosted Mrs. An Nafie, Minister of Municipalities, Reconstruction and Housing, to answer an oral question directed by MP Ibtisam Hashem, MP Awad Al Awadi, MP Angham Hushi and MP Zeinab Thabet.

President Jubouri praised the presence of the Minister of Construction to answer verbal questions within the supervisory role of the House of Representatives.

MP Ibtisam Hashim asked about the reasons that led to the delay in the approval of the decisions to estimate property and real estate, noting that most estimates of property in the provinces high price.

In response to the oral question, the Minister of Municipalities and Construction confirmed that many of the rented properties of the municipalities have no economic feasibility, as committees have been set up to give the real value of the rents and properties and on this basis an information database has been set up for the purpose of determining the actual rent value.


For his part, MP Awad Al-Awadi inquired about the mechanism of applying Article 25 ter of Law No. 21 of 2013 to the deserving beneficiaries of the owners of limited income on the plots of land. However, warnings were directed at some of those who violated the said purpose, as well as applying the law.

The minister explained that the mechanism of sale is done according to the law through the submission of a request through the municipalities to the Minister on the purchase of the item offered for sale and is audited after the completion of the mechanism of appreciation and sent to the Minister also does not prevent that a direct request to the Minister either for the offenders, the ministry does not force them to buy property, If the offerer submits a request for purchase, he shall treat the treatment of any other citizen in order to solve the problem of encroachment in residential areas exclusively.

MP Angham Al-Shamsi called for the delay in approving the government's recommendations on some of the decisions that deal with the sale and distribution of land to citizens, pointing to the existence of excessive prices for the sale of land to citizens, inquiring about the ministry's possession of a strategic plan to develop services and know the fate of the distribution of land for sports pioneers

The Minister of Municipalities, Construction and Housing said that the ministry held a series of meetings to discuss the decision of the Council of Ministers on the land and prepared amendments to the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers for the purpose of submission later for the purpose of voting on it, pointing out that the Ministry of Housing and Construction interested in promoting housing policy, noting that the ministry sent to municipal institutions Information on the pioneer athletes for the purpose of allocating land for distribution, confirming the existence of a delay in the completion of projects because of lack of financial liquidity with the presence of moves by the Ministry for the completion and implementation of various projects, including rehabilitation of the highway between Nasiriyah and Alma .

For her part, MP Zeinab Thabet called for knowing the reasons for manipulation of administrative orders and not follow suspicions of corruption, pointing out that there is a major imbalance in the work of municipal departments, despite the Minister has wide powers to address any imbalance.

In response, the Minister of Municipalities and Construction said that the transfer of powers law limited the authority of the ministry, which has the right to choose competent figures for the administration of municipalities, and has addressed many cases involving administrative irregularities.

On the other hand, the MP Niazi, asked to learn about the causes of delay in the reconstruction of Husseiniya Daqouk and the implementation of municipal projects and housing in the areas of Tuz Khurmatu.

The Minister confirmed the continuation of the ministry's staff to carry out the projects entrusted to it in the province of Salah al-Din.

After that, the Speaker of the House of Representatives thanked the Minister of Municipalities and Construction and the ladies and gentlemen and the deputies who submitted the request for the oral question.

It was then decided to adjourn the meeting until Monday, 15 May 2017.

Department of Information
Iraqi Council of Representatives


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