.Frank26 and KTFA Members Saturday PM 5-13-17

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.Frank26 and KTFA Members Saturday PM 5-13-17

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Aggiedad77:  The news today is creating a steady "flow" today on our forum.....a flow like a lava flow.......once it is in motion....it is almost impossible to be stopped.....a motion that could soon lead to a light speed movement.....and "we-be"......we be ready for it....right Family....the BEST is coming.    Aloha    Randy

MilitiaMan:  How true is that..? We are now at the point or seriously waiting for Abadi to Announce the 100% full liberation of Mosul and the CBI to point us in the right direction, which is not 1184 IQD : 1 USD any longer.

They will be International with all the security and stability needed, thus, they will have a solid foundation to be recognized by the World, read Credit Rating is going to rise to the occasion.. We are in a very good zone. Peace! 


Don961 Post 107:  Dollar exchange rate in Iraqi banks and markets

Dollar exchange rate in Iraqi banks

US $ 1 = 1,162.0500 Iraqi Dinar

IQD 1 = US $ 0.0009

Last Updated: Saturday, May 13th, 2017, 9:18 GMT Baghdad

Dollar exchange rate in the Iraqi market

100 $ - 125.200


Yesterday : US $ 1 = 1168.700 Iraqi Dinar

Cole:  This is defining the float going on inside of Iraq, a fluctuation of price of goods... what say you Frank? Around 800:1? Hey did you see Don post 107? I C A Correlation... these markets are still making huge profits despite lower prices? Hmm wonder why? lol soon, we'll need some LDs and PENNIES!!! Lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     Cc? Cookie collection??  "1162.05" they say....."you will have more purchasing power" they say 

Frank26:   KTFA TEAMS were the first to introduce to all that on the third week of April a new internal pay scale would be activated. Then it took the net over two weeks to understand ..... Accept and C/P our STUDY. So we wonder today ........ How You like us now?  C U on Your next CC .......... In 2 days.


Frank26: The right awaits the left.

Doodlebug:   as you look at the map, the right side of Mosul is the East side and it has been liberated. So the East waits for the West?

BGLite3:  Hey Doodle's and Family,  Good morning! Wow...what a statement...I'll take a try at what that means without getting into the weeds. Simply this...the liberated right side of Mosul awaits for the left side of Mosul to become liberated so the two sides can come to be 100% liberated together, IMO. These wonderful people of Mosul just want their lives, their city, their country, their sovereignty...

Frank26:  Correct .......... And Welcome ........... NEWBIE.

EdwardK:  Mosul This Morning!     Daesh on its last breath #Iraq

Frank26:  In reality they have no breath of Life left in the Left.

So we await for A to use his breath to tell YOU.

Until then we have no right to talk about an RV.......... Based on Logic.

MilitiaMan:  "Now with that said. We are awaiting Abadi to speak to us on the matter of Mosul's Liberation. Frank has suggested that as of yesterday the Media is behind by 9-17 Days. I did see a video describing that Trump and the Russian Ambassador cut a deal on Air space for safety zone in Syria. My view on that or it, is nothing but more good news for everyone involved in the larger picture, i.e., Iraqi citizens, investors, etc.. with added security in the region. However, as FP has asked Frank about that, we get this.  " ~ MM


Frank26:  CBI ......... You're Up...... POINT ....... The Way......

Greenclan:  WELL guess its CBI turn to make a chess move on the IRAQ game board...
Don961:  The CBI reference is pretty cool ... but it looks like Wells Fargo photobombed you and TINK 

Frank26:  Hmmm.......... Hawkeye You are......... Wink.

Greenclan:  WOW DON.........going to call you EAGLE EYE 1. That had to be intended............CBI..........WELLSFARGO………..CURIOUS.

Frank26:  ............ With Purpose.

FaithPrevails:   I am researching the deal or so called deal that I need confirmation on with Russia and USA concerning Syria and border protection, could this have been a small cog in the wheel for protection on all fronts.

Frank26:  IMO ........ None ...... WHY ......... Because the MR (Monetary Reform)  LAUNCH was weeks ago ....... No? ........... Yes.

What You ask about does not did not encompass Them in Iraq's LAVA FLOW.

MilitiaMan:  So, even that it is imo good news for added security and stability in the region, it is just not what is considered to be a component that will put a stick in a "Cog" of the MR if you will, to slow the progress we are quickly witnessing.  For instance we also see that the articles are confirming that Pricing of goods in "Coin-try" (lol) are coming down and that Food / Rations are in stock and plenty full for all during the up comming Ramadan New Year, while vendors even with the cheaper pricing are making profits. Don't we just love the evidence coming out.?.

It is very hard to be quiet about it. imo But, if the Iraqi's want some time to enjoy their gifts from the Project to Delete the Zeros from their currency for awhile still yet, so be it, they deserve the time and wonder of it all.

 I have to fully agree with this statement too! ~ MM

Aggiedad77:  This day has been full of news of Mosul and the surrounding areas, including Tal Afar......the rebels are getting hemmed in....or they are jumping off the dog like fleas when a flea collar has been applied....the ones who stay.....their breath is squeezed from them....slowly....but surely....don't call me Shirley....the giant constrictor....the Iraqi forces tighten the grip with each breath taken....they slowly squeeze all fight that is left from those who once were powerful.....so they are now the powerLESS.....

Abadi seeks a RIPE time.....I believe it will soon be upon us.....watch for it.....he will be the hero of Mosul.....he will be the hero of Iraq as a resurfacing nation of greatness soon....IMO.  Aloha   Randy

Don961:  Abadi issued directives to expedite the resolution of the Battle of Mosul

Journal May 13, 2017

BAGHDAD - The Journal News

Issued Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Saturday, a set of directives to contribute to the perpetuation of the battle and speed up the resolution of the battle of Mosul terrorist organization Daesh.

According to Ebadi's office in a statement Saturday that "the prime minister visited the leadership of joint operations and met with military and security leaderships, where he was to provide a detailed explanation about the course of the operations of security forces and progress in the various axes and approached edit the right side of the connector fully."

The Abadi, according to the statement issued a set of directives that contribute to sustaining the momentum of victories and speed up the resolution of the battle of Mosul, with an emphasis on the importance of the preservation of the lives of our troops and civilians. "



Frank26:  Tell me .............. Three days ago .......... WHEN did i opinionate that A would give You Mosul?  

Jay:  You said this coming week Frankie.  

Frank26:  IMO ........... In the week i come back.

Greenclan:   WAS IT MONDAY - TUESDAY this coming week ?

Frank26:   Yes.


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