Abadi: The previous government did not forgive the debts despite the abundance of money

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Abadi: The previous government did not forgive the debts despite the abundance of money

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May 17, 2017

Iraqi Position Network

Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi said on Wednesday that the previous period witnessed an abundance of money with high oil prices, and the previous government did not quell domestic or foreign debts.

He said in his weekly press conference followed by the "Iraqi position" that "the most debt that we suffer from internal and not external and the process is to give Iraq from the World Bank and donors with little interest," noting that "the budget deficit exists and there are internal debts from the previous government up to 30 trillion dinars across Borrowing from banks to pay the salaries of employees of self-financing companies. "

Abadi added that "the previous government did not extinguish the debts at the time of high oil prices and the financial revolution resulting from that," stressing that "we are now and despite the difficult circumstances we are clearing some of them, indicating that inflation in the country is low and the operation of manpower continues, especially within the private sector projects we support."

"The current government is working not to expand the punishment and community reconciliation is an important part of the return of the displaced, especially the families of individuals calling to their areas under the cover of the punishment of those who killed and terrorize people and not include all members of his family."

Abadi said that "the security agreement with the province is still ongoing and the Kurdish concern about the last some aspects of the fighting has been absorbed and have understood it."

"He stressed that he does not accept any foreign meetings to discuss the Iraqi situation, especially the elections under the auspices of foreign intelligence services," noting that "Baghdad is open to all to hold any meeting to discuss our situation."

"We have a determination to build the state and go through reforms and fight corruption and continue to support the citizen despite the lack of revenue."

He pointed to "the disbursement of billions without projects and we are now focusing on service projects, especially water and sewerage with stop waste money."

Abadi noted that Iraq is committed to reducing OPEC's output to stabilize its prices, which not only serves Iraq, but also the world's economies. "

He stressed that the security services revealed a lot of kidnappings in Baghdad and some of them have to do with armed factions and some of them have affiliation



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