Decisions of the Council of Ministers in the session of Tuesday, 16 May

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Decisions of the Council of Ministers in the session of Tuesday, 16 May

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Decisions of the Council of Ministers in the session of Tuesday, 16 May

Baghdad - Iraq Press - May 16: The Council of Ministers held its regular session, Tuesday, under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Haider Abadi.

According to a statement by the media office of Abadi, there was a discussion on the subject of the projects of the city of Hilla for the service of its people, was voted on a decision to guide the relevant parties to review the British loan in order to take advantage of it in the implementation of the system of streams Hilla integrated networks including the remaining lines and lift stations remaining on Conditions and requirements of the standard documents approved by the Ministry of Planning.

The Council also discussed the issue of the streets of Hilla.

The Cabinet voted to extend the contract between the Ministry of Transport and the British company Sirco to provide air traffic control and training services.

The Council of Ministers instructed the Council of Ministers in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Minerals and related bodies to provide procedures to support the local product and submit specific proposals within one month.

The Council also voted to approve the recommendations of the Diwan Order No. 1 of 2017 on the postponement of the declaration of the province of Basra as the capital of Arab culture in 2018 so that the concerned parties can take appropriate measures on the establishment and rehabilitation of cultural and service infrastructure in order to show the province of Basra in reality commensurate with its historical and cultural size.

The Council voted on a draft memorandum of understanding between the Iraqi Ministry of Planning and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and authorized the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Planning to negotiate and sign the Memorandum of Understanding as an executive program for the Central Bank Agreement.

The Minister of Finance was authorized to negotiate and sign a draft agreement to avoid double taxation and prevent the evasion of taxes on income and capital between Iraq and the Republic of South Korea.

The Council also voted to extend the duration of the placement of staff members of the departments to the ministries of the federal government of Christians working in the departments of the Kurdistan region of Iraq until the first of September 2017.

The Council also voted to determine the production of wheat crop in the Kurdistan region of Iraq according to the approved agricultural plan and available data. Finished


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