Davos in the Dead Sea with the participation of Iraq

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Davos in the Dead Sea with the participation of Iraq

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18/5/2017 12:00 am

Amman / Hazem Moubaydin
The Dead Sea region will witness the ninth edition of the World Economic Forum on the Middle East and North Africa (Davos) on Friday, where representatives of selected companies and international personalities will meet with 1,000 delegates from government, business, and civil society. Emerging Arab companies that are shaping the future of the Fourth Industrial Revolution have been selected in collaboration with leading experts, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in the region.
The vast majority of the 100 selected projects adopt their business models, products and services on modern technologies such as industrial intelligence and satellite technology. With the help of these companies you can order home-cooked food by refugees, teach children programming language, get online medical support and chat with robots in Arabic .
In fact, many of these startups are working to bridge the gaps in the region and their needs in services and products, such as providing health care services in Arabic by telephone, tracking Arab news sources, using maps and satellite technology to complete home delivery, Customer satisfaction for using their credit cards online.
Merck Dushik, head of the Middle East and North Africa division at the World Economic Forum, says investors in the region are eager to join this type of project. "You can see the impact of Arab entrepreneurship and its ingenuity everywhere in the Arab world, and we are seeing impressive and impressive momentum, .
With basic funds and traditional family businesses, a new type of project and capital will inevitably emerge, which the Arab region should be reporting
for the world.
While the majority of businessmen come from the GCC countries, the list includes emerging companies from Jordan, Iraq, Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, United Arab Emirates and Yemen .
Many of these projects have been established under difficult circumstances, including the Arabic voice recognition program established in Syria, the first electronic wallet in Libya operating on smartphones, the e-operation market in Yemen, and the electronic games designed by a team in Gaza.
Although this initiative targets the Arab world in particular because of the clear spirit of initiative there, the meeting will include selected international emerging projects from the United States and France,
And others.
"It is great to hear the stories of entrepreneurs in the Middle East and North Africa talking about hope and opportunity and creating jobs for young people. The region needs peace and security and a vibrant sector with dynamic entrepreneurs helping to develop," said IFC CEO Philip Le Horo. Inclusive
And sustainable.



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