An economic letter from an Iraqi adviser to Prime Minister Haider Abadi

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An economic letter from an Iraqi adviser to Prime Minister Haider Abadi

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Date: May 19, 2017


In my interest as an economist and banker, Kakrani is an Iraqi national economist who loves their people and their country to contribute to the service of our national economy and to participate in supporting the government's orientations in economic and banking reform. Therefore, I send you a summary and a general and detailed framework for my study, which includes the visions and practical proposals for a new method of reform after the decisive victory over the preacher of the terrorist. Please take note with appreciation and respect.

Abstract study

an introduction

The majority of countries, especially the developing countries and Iraq, one of them adopts their curricula and economic system on the thought, philosophy and ideology that the political system believes in and is based on the economic, human and natural resources, infrastructure, structural and infrastructure available to the economy and the strategic objectives required to achieve the well-being of society and the basic needs of the people and make it feel that His political system is working for his service and building his future, but under the political, security and economic conditions that our country currently lives in, especially the troubled economic reality and the crisis The impact of this crisis on the impact of the sudden drop in oil prices in the global market, which is the main resource for Iraq economically, which is about 60% of GDP and 95% of the The annual revenues in the general budget and the apparent failure to create new economic resources and weak economic planning and the lack of coordination between the financial and monetary policies and the continuation of the deficit from year to year in public budgets because of the retention of cash reserves The lack of a sovereign fund like other oil countries.

In addition to the confusion of the economic vision in depth backgrounds and the reality of the Iraqi economy rent and the migration of national capital abroad because of the subjective and objective conditions above. What interests us here is the Iraqi economy and what is new What are the degrees of development and underdevelopment in its main workshops and what are their implications for sustainable development? And what are the economic strategies after the prodding

In order to achieve this, we propose the following:

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