************* Abadi: In our unity, the lands were liberated

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************* Abadi: In our unity, the lands were liberated

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21/5/2017 12:00 am

He stressed that the future of Iraq will be better
Baghdad / Al-Sabah

The Prime Minister and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces pledged to continue to adopt the correct administration to bring Iraq out victorious over its enemies. "In our unity, the land, our pride and our determination have made our miracles, which is a badge of honor on every chest," Abadi said in his speech at the TEDEX Baghdad conference. Iraqi".

He added that «Baghdad was threatened two years ago, and liberated the land from the rock cliff to Diyala, Ramadi, Fallujah, Peggy Qayyarah and drunk Acer and Mosul, and now in the last part of Ayman al-Mosul.»

"I am surprised by some who are trying to bring frustration to the Iraqis and to console the citizens from the stage after the liberation of Mosul and tell them the situation will be much better because the country has gone through the most difficult crises."

He added that «terrorism wants us sedition and there are those who support him and those Mthaion to challenge everyone with for any terrorist attack».

In a speech at the World Economic Forum on the Middle East and North Africa, held in Jordan, President Fuad Masoum said: "We hope to turn the page of a full-fledged" push "this year.

Iraqis must work harder and more confident than ever to win the battle of construction. And reconstruction, a battle no less difficult and complex than the war on terrorism, no doubt, the priority will be given to the return of displaced people and the reconstruction of liberated areas in which the manifestations of life to the total destruction sometimes.

"He said Masum that« our country now sets ambitious and comprehensive plans to restore stability and services Infrastructure J those areas with the help of friends in the international community who have given us a lot of military and humanitarian support in the war against terrorism ».



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