Abadi looking with a UN official to remove remnants of war

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Abadi looking with a UN official to remove remnants of war

Post  Admin on Tue May 23, 2017 8:58 am

5/22/2017 0:00   Baghdad / morning
renewed the United Nations, on Sunday, its ongoing quest to provide the necessary assistance to Iraq in various fields, and marshes support projects and mitigation of dust storms within a regional program includes a number of countries ,including the country. The confirmation of the UN organization after receiving Dr. Haider al - Abadi Prime Minister, Under - Secretary General of the United Nations and Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Program Mr. Erik Solheim.
According to a statement of the Information Office of the Prime Minister, the meeting discussed the «strengthening cooperation with the United Nations in the field of environment and remove remnants of war and reduce the impact of dust storms and the formation of a green belt in a number of areas and building Iraqi capabilities, in addition to the marshes and rehabilitation».
He said Solheim UN projects marshes support and mitigation of dust storms within a regional program includes a number of countries , including Iraq. In the same context, Foreign Minister Dr. Ibrahim al - Jaafari, the country's interest in developing the environmental reality, and the adoption of plans, and the exchange of experiences with the United Nations ».
He said al - Jaafari, according to a statement his office after meeting with Mr. Solheim, »that Iraq is committed to the United Nations principles, and adopt all initiatives to support the environmental situation in Iraq, the region and the world», stressing that the opening of the Office of the United Nations Program for the Environment in Baghdad soon , will contribute to the support of the environment in Iraq. »
And between Jaafari »that Iraq has already suffered many environmental challenges; because of the first Gulf War, and the second, third, and exposed him now, which is not less dangerous than those wars , whether at the level of the marshes, or on the level of agricultural areas and water levels that come across the Tigris and the Euphrates ».
He announced «Iraq's willingness to cooperate with this organization; from his eagerness to play a role not only Iraqis, but globally in the face of the threat environment that threatens all neighborhoods», explains that Daesh gangs terrorist exercise a war not only against nations, but against the environment as well; there are a lot of chemicals that are harmful to the environment launched ».
For his part, spoke highly of the Deputy Secretary - General of the United Nations for the Environment, the victories achieved by Iraq in its war against terrorism, stressing »that the United Nations is continuing to support Iraq, and provide necessary assistance in various fields, including health, and the environment; because of its significant impact on the preservation on the lives of citizens », he explained that the United Nations will adopt projects for post - elimination of Daesh gangs will improve the environmental situation in Iraq, revealing support for Iraq in the field of rehabilitation of the marsh areas, and the provision of services in this area».
He called on the UN official to »find common international solutions to eliminate sandstorms and dust; it represents a threat to human health directly, and destroy the environment in Iraq and the region».



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