From Mosul to Mosul

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From Mosul to Mosul

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25/5/2017 12:28 AM

Hamza Mustafa
 A few days ago, the quiet Prime Minister Dr. Haider Abadi appeared nervous. Those who do not know the ins and outs of the situation may be surprised.

Indeed, many people were surprised that the man was known for his calm as a personal advantage.

However, even now, even the citizen they call simple is no longer in the light of the information revolution. It is not surprising why the prime minister seemed nervous.

By virtue of his position as commander-in-chief of the armed forces, the man is leading the battle against terrorism, which is about to close its last pages in Mosul.

Military estimates say what remains in Mosul is under very little control.

In the language of neighborhoods, the vast majority of the right-hand neighborhoods have been liberated and are only a few neighborhoods where the army is making good progress.
The political forces, parties, blocs and internal media, whether Arab or international, say that the battle of Mosul is nearing the end. True, there are areas still under the control of this organization «Hawija, Tal Afar, and some cities of the Upper Euphrates».

However, all the estimates of the research centers and the global strategic experts associated with solid academic institutions confirm that the end of the battle of Mosul means the closure of the direct and most important military page of what this terrorist organization has been betting on for the last three years since its occupation of Mosul and the entire province of Nineveh and then Saladin and Anbar.

If we link the "nervous" Abadi with what is happening in Mosul signs of joy to win in exchange for «political disturbances» here and there, the logical result reached by each observer is that a new stage awaits us the biggest address is the crossing of the most difficult stage and start the stage of reconstruction and reconstruction and perhaps Investment. The other important heading of the first heading is political openness through projects such as historic settlement and national or political reconciliation, leading to parliamentary elections next year as a permanent constitutional entitlement.

But if we link all these positive signs that everyone is talking about with the unrealistic scenarios and sometimes the place of expression, the person comes out of his development sometimes, no matter what is characterized by calm and tranquility and taking things with wisdom and calm and absorbing all the contradictions. Perhaps a central question arises here is what if the victory in the battle of Mosul, which scenarios can be raised?

Surely the first of these scenarios will be to postpone the next elections and search for many options that have been passed.

It can be said that if the situation in Mosul is not what it is now, it may seem justified to put forward scenarios of negative or black or at least hazy.

But when the announcement of victory in Mosul is about to be done, what is the justification for presenting negative scenarios?

There is only one answer to his summary that there is a deliberate obstruction of confiscation that is not the government's efforts to manage a difficult battle against terrorism but to try to drag the country into crises that prolong the life of political forces that have gone bankrupt in front of the street.


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