War News 5-25-2017 Read the first article !!!!!

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War News 5-25-2017 Read the first article !!!!!

Post  Admin on Thu May 25, 2017 4:17 am

3 percent remaining from the right side of the connector

25/5/2017 12:28 AM

 Baghdad - morning
Mosul - Sondos Abdul Wahab

  The remnants of the remnants of the «Dadds» itself besieged and squeezed in a narrow corner representing 3% of the area of ​​the coast of Mosul right, as a result of the rush of our units that continue operations to resolve the battle in the coming days, according to field commanders confirmed the seizure of important documents and torture cells of those gangs in a liberated neighborhood , While the popular popular forces are separated by tens of kilometers from the border with Syria.

 The landscape on the right coast
A member of the Nineveh provincial council has revealed that a few hundred minarets remain trapped in a small part of the area of ​​Mosul's right, representing parts of Hayyin and the Old City, in return for the control of military forces over most other parts and the rest will be released within the next few days.

Council member Hossam al-Abbar said that the remaining gangs of "Da'ash" in the right coast did not exceed 350 terrorists, pointing out that the joint forces continue to liberate the remaining parts of the neighborhoods Zanjili and healing and the old Mosul.

And expected to resolve the battle before the holy month of Ramadan, pointing out that our forces of all types impose full control over 97 percent of the total area of ​​this coast.

He added that the number of people held by gangs in those neighborhoods is about 35 thousand citizens and they are ready to cooperate with the liberated forces in the event of storming their areas.

Approaching the deadline

The correspondent of "Al-Sabah" told the commander of the second special unit of the anti-terrorism unit, Major General Maan al-Saadi, who is in the field, confirming the continuation of the liberation of what is left of Ayman Mosul as ordered by the senior leaders, explaining that the enemy has lost his capabilities and completely collapsed and is not left Little to declare this coast fully liberated.

He added that we have been assigned by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces to continue to progress towards neighborhoods and areas not liberated in cooperation and coordination with the units located in the right coast of the army and federal police. Al-Saadi pointed out that during the liberation operations, the joint forces seized large quantities of weapons of various types, sizes, equipment and communications equipment due to the defeated fenders. They were all placed in a world-wide exhibition. A large number of bomb factories and heavy machinery were seized. Coordination with the Ministry of Defense and other concerned authorities for the purpose of benefiting from it.

Set important documents to refresh
The commander of the federal police forces, Maj. Gen. Raed Shaker Jawdat, said that an elite commando force clashed in the center of the old city with terrorists during a surprise incursion into Al-Nouri Mosque. The operation resulted in the killing of 6 dead and the destruction of a wheel and three bicycles. Fireworks.

On Wednesday, Jodat revealed the discovery by the federal police of important documents and torture cells belonging to al-Awash during the control of a building in one of the neighborhoods recently liberated in Ayman Mosul. Noting that these forces took over the building of the so-called (Islamic Court of the mandate of soldiers) in the south (July 17) editor, and found inside the important documents and cells to arrest and torture of the people, but it was free of detainees. He also pointed out that the forces seized a car bomb parked in the same neighborhood of remnants of the fades and disintegration.

The destruction of their hideouts with the muzzle
And on the ongoing operations in Badia west of the vast Nineveh province, carried out by the Popular Forces forces deployed under an effective air cover of the army, which resulted in the completion of the liberation of Kairouan and all of its villages, the leader of the Popular Rally, Pointing out that there is only 50 kilometers to reach the Iraqi-Syrian border and the elimination of a terrorist, calling for a final in Iraq, reiterating that the security and military operations are witnessing improvement and progress through the elimination of Al-Baaj towards the Syrian border.

In a similar vein, a Defense Ministry statement said that based on intelligence information from the Operations Command Intelligence Unit (coming from Nineveh), the Air Force directed a CH4 aircraft that carried out an air strike in the district of Al-Baaj, destroying a truck carrying two wheels, explosives and combat equipment.

  A statement by the military information cell said that the intelligence led Iraqi planes to strike several terrorist hideouts in the center of Al-Baaj, killing 11 of them, including Arabs, adding that the strikes led to the destruction of a fuel store completely belonging to those gangs and the killing of two elements, And the killing of nine terrorists, including two carrying Arab nationality and the destruction of weapons and ammunition
 Within Headquarters.



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Re: War News 5-25-2017 Read the first article !!!!!

Post  Admin on Thu May 25, 2017 4:41 am

NATO joins the alliance against Da'ash and decides to expand work in Iraq

Since 2017-05-25 at 10:13 (Baghdad time)

Baghdad Mawazine News

A NATO summit is to be held in Brussels on Wednesday amid expectations that US President Donald Trump will honor Washington's commitment to the allies in return for raising defense spending and joining the war on a hawkish.

The upcoming NATO summit is expected to be a "snap", with only three hours of meetings in the form of a working dinner. It will focus on two key issues: increasing the military spending of NATO members, fighting the terrorist organization, Was particularly significant in the wake of the terrorist attack in Manchester a few days ago.

This is the first NATO summit to be attended by Trump, who had bitterly criticized NATO earlier this year, describing the organization as obsolete due to lack of interest in the fight against terrorism, he said. But Trump quickly changed his position, asserting in April that the alliance was adapting to new challenges, including the challenge of terrorism, while US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson announced on the eve of the summit in Brussels that Washington attaches great importance to NATO's joining the international coalition, "In Syria and Iraq.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg told reporters that the alliance was considering joining the international coalition, but ruled out any NATO combat role within the alliance. In other words, NATO does not seem ready at this time to activate more reconnaissance flights over the Syrian border, in addition to (expanding the training of Iraqi army personnel).

"NATO, as an institution, will join the coalition, but without a ground intervention against a supporter," Western diplomatic sources said. "The question is whether this is just symbolic action in response to the United States." France and Germany believe that.

On the other hand, NATO intends to increase military expenditures, one of the main demands of Tramp, who has already taken the alliance that only five of all its members "spend what they have to spend," and called on allies to share security burdens with Washington.

Stoltenberg pointed out that the increase in the US military presence in Europe under the strain of Western relations with Russia "does not dispense with the need to raise the military spending of the European members of the alliance to 2% of gross domestic product is expected to accept NATO countries to increase purchases of weapons and military equipment , Which makes a large part of it in the United States.

In addition to participating in the NATO summit, Trump will meet in Brussels with European Council President Donald Tusk and European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, and is scheduled to meet with new French President Emmanuel Macaron.

The participation of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the NATO summit draws the attention of the observers, amid the worsening of Turkey's relations with Germany because of the dispute over the base "Inerglik" air. The Brussels police are also taking special security measures around the residence of the Turkish delegation in the Belgian capital, to ward off possible clashes between opponents of Erdogan and his supporters.

The Belgian capital yesterday saw a protest against the NATO summit and Trump's visit to the country under the slogan "Trump is not welcome here," attended by about 9 thousand people.



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