********* [Sabah] published the details of the battle of decisiveness in Mosul

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********* [Sabah] published the details of the battle of decisiveness in Mosul

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[Sabah] published the details of the battle of decisiveness in Mosul

28/5/2017 12:00 am

Our forces were launched from three axes using sophisticated weapons
مم Safe corridors to save civilians after providing the necessary supplies

توقعات Expectations near the declaration of Umm al-Rubaiein a city free of terrorism (urging)
Mosul / Sabah

Here are the heroes of our forces, fulfilling their promise, and they began to liberate the last life on the right side of the final victory of the Mother of the Spring.

According to private sources for the "morning", "the process of liberating the last neighborhoods of Mosul began at 5 am from the northern axis where the neighborhood is located, and the forces of the anti-terrorism forces succeeded in clearing 30 percent of it."

"The army forces stormed the Shifa neighborhood and the Republican Hospital adjacent to the Tigris river bank, while the federal police forces stormed the Zanjili neighborhood."

The plan calls for "encirclement" of the al-Dawash "in these neighborhoods where the forces will meet from all the attacking hubs."

"Our forces have succeeded in opening safe corridors to save civilians from terrorism," he said, adding that the security forces of all types received special training for this planned attack, which was supervised by the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, Dr. Haider al-Abadi, New to accelerate the resolution of the battle. "

According to a field commander for the "morning", the discount will be within 72 hours, and Mosul will announce a liberated city free of "dashing." In a related context, the commander of the counter-terrorism team, Gen. Abdul Ghani al-Asadi, said that Artal military units were all launched on three axes to complete the liberation of those neighborhoods, which hit the remnants of gangs "urged" collapse and will leave the terrorists choice only to kill or
to give in.

The commander of the federal police forces, Major General Raid Shaker Jawdat, said that during the first hours of the raid, they stormed the Zanjili neighborhood, crossed the Third Bridge Road from the north of the neighborhood and penetrated into the old Mosul.

He revealed that the units surrounding the old city, including the federal police forces stationed in the southern and northern axes of the city, launched intensive bombing and precision missiles and artillery and aircraft march targeted the headquarters of the defenses and their defenses in the door of bricks and a new door and Farouk and Znigeli in preparation for storming the old city in the coming hours and the mobilization of special forces keen To take responsibility for the evacuation of civilians and to assist them in getting out of areas of engagement.



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