Deputies: the next chapter will witness the resolution of important laws

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Deputies: the next chapter will witness the resolution of important laws

Post  Admin on Sat May 27, 2017 8:15 pm

28/5/2017 12:00 am

Baghdad / Shaima Rashid
The parliamentary legal committee revealed efforts to pass the most important laws during the next legislative term, including amending the general elections law and the federal court law as well as the provincial elections law.

The head of the committee MP Muhsen al-Saadoun said in remarks to «morning» that «there is a package of important laws prepared by the Committee to complete and put to the vote during the next semester», noting that «the last legislative term witnessed the vote on important legislation such as the amnesty law and the law of public prosecution and the law of the Council Supreme Judicial Council and the Labor Law of Advisers and Law on Disconnection of the Judicial Institute from the Judicial Council ».

The Saadoun «The law of provincial councils sent by the government, which includes reducing the number of members of the provincial councils, was the subject of a number of disputes on it, on the subject of Kirkuk».

He added that the committee has completed this law and raised to the presidency and they decide when to include the law on the agenda of implementation », expressing his hope that the Presidency of the Parliament will find a solution to this issue after meeting with the heads of blocs to be resolved and voting on the law.

The Chairman of the Committee «the existence of important laws also awaits the Legal Committee to approve in the next chapter, most notably the Federal Court and the Council of the Union are important laws that need to be resolved».

On the law of the elections of the House of Representatives for the 2013 amended, Saadoun pointed out «the existence of a number of proposals submitted by several parties on this law, and these proposals were discussed in the Legal Committee, and also been already sent the law of general elections from the Presidency and the withdrawal of the Council of Ministers».

He added that «there will be lengthy debates on this law during the next legislative term in the House of Representatives of its importance, being considered one of the important laws to develop the political map for the next phase of Iraq», noting that «these discussions will involve the United Nations, as well as civil society organizations .. There is an awareness of all those involved in political action on this law. "

The House of Representatives raised the 37th session of the current legislative term to the fourth of next July, at a time when the Speaker of Parliament announced the adoption of a new mechanism during the next legislative term to control the commitment of the deputies to attend the meetings will be canceled all the vacations and limited to only eight sessions.


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