Canceling the sites of alternate districts of Nineveh province and the Council will hold a meeting on Monday in Mosul

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Canceling the sites of alternate districts of Nineveh province and the Council will hold a meeting on Monday in Mosul

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NINEWA - A local official in Nineveh province announced that the Council of Ministers had canceled all the sites of the governorate's alternative departments, whether inside or outside it, at a time when the head of Nineveh Provincial Council held a meeting on Monday in the city of Mosul.

The local government in Nineveh was forced after the invasion of an organization calling for the city of Mosul in mid-2014 to the opening of alternative sites for its departments for the management of its government institutions and coordination with federal departments in Baghdad.

The source said that the Council of Ministers has canceled the sites of the departments of the province of Nineveh alternative all and stopped the financial expenses as of Sunday, 28/5/2014.

The source added that the cabinet formed a "big" committee to follow up the immediate return of those departments to the city of Mosul.

In turn, announced the President of the Nineveh Council, Bashar al-Kiki, that the provincial council will hold its regular session on Monday in the Council building in Mosul, explaining that the Council will discuss several topics, including the demand of the Minister of Interior to activate the law guards night.

"The council of Nineveh province will convene tomorrow (Monday), its regular session in the building of the provincial council in the city of Mosul," he said in a statement that "the agenda of the meeting includes the possibility of allocating the headquarters of the General Union of Writers and Writers Nineveh Branch."

He added that "the Council will cost during its meeting tomorrow, the governor, the Interior Minister to activate the law of night guards," pointing out that "the agenda also includes a discussion on the disengagement of the General Company for Northern Cement from the General Cement Company in Baghdad to be based in the city of Mosul exclusively and the allocation of piece Land for the union of businessmen ". Finished


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