****************** Photos: A conference for UNAMI in Baghdad on the future of Iraq in the next stage

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****************** Photos: A conference for UNAMI in Baghdad on the future of Iraq in the next stage

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Monday, May 29,
[ltr]The United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) held the final national conference "on the future of Iraq in the next phase" in the hall of the Rashid Hotel in Baghdad in the presence of representatives of the Iraqi parliament and the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and a number of members of the diplomatic corps and delegates from (13) Civil organizations and academic and scientific cadres and Iraqi tribes.

 In the beginning, the plenipotent plenipotentiary welcomed the opening ceremony by welcoming the participants to the conference. He explained that the recommendations that will be presented by the delegates will be presented to the Iraqi government and decision makers, after which he played the Iraqi Republican Peace. The commissioner then called on the audience to observe a minute of mourning for the martyrs of the Iraqi people.

 A number of speeches were delivered at the conference:
 - Address by Mr. Manoj Mathieu, Director of the Political Bureau of UNAMI.
 - Dr. Walid al-Khali, Advisor to the Prime Minister of Iraq.
 - Dr. Ahmed Rushdie, Advisor to the Iraqi Parliament for International Organizations Affairs.
 - Dr. Faleh al-Maliki representative of the National Reconciliation Commission in the Office of the Prime Minister of Iraq.

 The discussion was held on the six meetings held in the cities of Baghdad, Arbil, Basrah, Fallujah, Kirkuk and Karbala, with 112 participants. The participants were divided into four groups,
 - Political stability and decentralized governance.
 - Community coexistence and minority rights.
 - The regional and international role.
 - economical development.

 In the second group, the President of the Iraqi Human Rights Society in the United States, Hamid Murad, presented the proposals, ideas and views of this group for discussion by the participants and added recommendations. [/ltr]

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